Jam Chart for the Year 2019 (43 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
2019-02-21 I Always Wanted It This Way Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 20:22 Around 8:30, the music begins to peel away from the typical play, settling into pulsing, low-key groove. Page and Trey add color, giving the playing a warmer, upbeat sentiment, which gradually builds to a blissful peak. The playing settles back down to a funky, crunchy groove after 16:45, before further settling into transition space.
2019-02-21 2001 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 13:04 Gets the party going with some "Death Don't Hurt Very Long" teases, then as the jam continues the bottom drops out and Trey and Page whip up a dark ambient space. Fish comes back in and they go into the "chorus", only with the dark ambient space mixed in. A very unique experience. This ain't your average 3.0 "Also Sprach Zarathustra".
2019-02-22 Tube Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 8:59 A quality jam with an uncommonly subdued tone seems to momentarily wind down at 5:15 before launching into another round of synth-groove and builds to a rocking finale capped by strong Trey leads.
2019-02-22 Set Your Soul Free Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 25:53 Massive Set 2 opener. Pivots into a gritty and nasty jam at Mike's urging, which gets very heavy (and a tad flubby) as Trey takes control. A gnarled groove emerges, with Page laying on the electric piano extra thick, and then Trey pivots into major-key territory. The jam grows warm and pleasant as Mike moves into the lead, Page throwing in a carnivalesque ambiance, then Trey starts firing off some crunchy solos and we enter the wonderful land of hard rocking. A few "woos" are goosed, then Page hits on some ascending not unlike "Tweezer Reprise" and the jam peaks in wonderful fashion. > into an equally outstanding "Mercury".
2019-02-22 Mercury Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 22:05 Great Version. > from a huge "SYSF," play breaks free around 10:00, Trey's tone warm, rife with melody, floating atop waves of Page's now signature keys. With a series of licks Trey pushes play forward, the jam builds in energy, before a huge blast of sustain peels apart (with Page now on his piano) into one of "Mercury's" finer moments. Play rocks, with the band alighting upon a sudden, and infectious groove. Pretty cool. > "Slave."
2019-06-11 Stash St. Louis, MO 16:04 At around 8:00, the jam shifts away from the typical into a pleasant major mode section. From there, a synth/keyobard-led section morphs into cool, groovy music with nice Page/Trey interplay. The energy builds becoming more rocking, until finally returning to "Stash" proper.
2019-06-11 Tube St. Louis, MO 9:39 After an appropriately funky opening, things relax a bit with Mike making his presence known melodically and Page supplying the now-ubiquitous samples of "The Final Hurrah" while Trey lays back. Later Trey reasserts himself with some striking soloing as the energy picks up towards the jam's conclusion.
2019-06-12 Loving Cup St. Louis, MO 11:34 The longest "Loving Cup" to date is a clever - if not forced - nod to a Stanley Cup win for the St. Louis Blues minutes before this jam. A quiet bounce led by Page's piano and fast rotary tone from Trey explores quiet space at first. A rhythmic plinko jam follows, with Page on Wurlitzer and Fish's wood blocks providing occasional accent. At 7:15, Trey hints at a shift from minor to major key tonality, although the band winds back down into the patient rhythmic shuffle. Finally, at 8:45 Trey plays a few trills and Page switches to synthesizer, as a deserved - though again, if not forced - peak matches the elation of the city's first NHL championship. Whale call and twinkly Rhodes dominate the forefront of the peak, which winds down to > "Twist."
2019-06-19 BOAF Cuyahoga Falls, OH 23:30 Fan favorite from 2019. Immediately moves into a warm and soothing zone with Page's electric piano leading the way, then briefly picks up steam and lets Trey cook before sliding into a grimy synth-laden groove that Fish drives with some thunderous drumming. A nice semi-tropical jam emerges and gives way to a woo/sample-off, and then the band rebuilds the jam and pushes for a super peak. The nifty little post-peak groove they tack onto the end is just icing on the cake.
2019-06-19 CDT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:47 Amusing "BOAF"-inflected song portion (with an equally amusing botch). Briefly pops its head into the clouds for some major-key bliss at Trey's urging, Page flips his electric piano to the "calypso" setting to add some nice color to the jam. Trey hits on some neat repeating riffs as the jam builds up a nice low-key power, then gently steers the band into "Slave".
2019-06-21 Runaway Jim Charlotte, NC 18:39 A number of recent versions (see: 7/25/18 and 10/20/18) demonstrate the band's renewed interest in one of their finest compositions. Given your preference (the spirited first "half" of early-90's "Runaway Foams," or the crazed, free-form improvisation found within something like Shoreline 1997's II-opening jam), the band delivers an exciting amount of content, befitting triumphant "Funiculi Funicula" teasing. The entire ride is worthy of attention, but, true to 2019's style, Phish squeezes out an incredible amount of interesting improvisation, so remain tuned in to the outro, which doesn't so much fade as hint at a "DDLJ" before > "SaSS."
2019-06-21 ASIHTOS Charlotte, NC 10:06 Wastes no time moving to a warm major key jam (with charming "If I Only Had A Brain" teases) that picks up speed and gets almost tropical at Page's urging, before shifting to some tasty rocking out and letting Mike really shine. A lot of meat packed into a smaller frame.
2019-06-21 Possum Charlotte, NC 12:20 > from "20 Years Later." After a normal start to the song, at 5:50 the band shifts to a quiet, minimalist jam for about a minute. At this point, Trey starts singing the words to "Have Mercy" over the jam and the rest of the band follows suit. "Have Mercy" is sung over the jam for a moment, and then more typical "Possum" play until the song is brought to a rousing conclusion.
2019-06-22 Tube Columbia, MD 8:38 A smooth modulation to major around 4:30 paves the way for the band to ride a wave of feel-good vibes to a clean peak with Trey's ringing leads out front.
2019-06-22 Steam Columbia, MD 10:51 Features an unusual shift to upbeat major play at 5:45 and ventures further afield with some reggae grooving before returning home.
2019-06-22 NMINML Columbia, MD 10:12 Playful and plucky first-set play hearkens back to the "day," with Trey seamlessly blending "Blister In The Sun" into a fiery version which probably doesn't, but may, hint at "China Cat Sunflower" before the song's closing vocal refrain. > "The Horse."
2019-06-22 BDTNL Columbia, MD 8:03 While the jam section begins typically, Trey's confidence seems to grow as he proceeds, with fancy finger work and cohesive play leading to a rousing conclusion.
2019-06-23 Winterqueen Columbia, MD 8:29 > from "It's Ice." Mike has strong play from the start and Trey's play is airy and bouncy, as usual. Page mirrors Trey in a complementary fashion and Fish's delicate, driving drums keep the jam going. Strong play from the entire band in this version.
2019-06-23 C&P Columbia, MD 14:40 Pivots to a light and airy major key jam, upon which Trey steps into the spotlight and delivers some powerful and emotive soloing. Comes to a powerful close and > into an equally good "Everything's Right".
2019-06-23 Everything's Right Columbia, MD 15:52 Trey incites a terrific groove/theme right around 5:40, soon matched by Mike, and bass-heavy play dominates before Trey again steps to the fore, his soloing echoed by Page, great on acoustic and electric keys. Play then makes for a stark, ever-welcome minimalist milieu, not quite dark (but getting there) before Trey finds a lilting melody which like a wave the band rides before cresting to cool to a very cool and somewhat protracted passage of introspective improvisation. (Maybe block out the "still waiting" quotes and lock in on the splashing Fish towards the version's culmination.)
2019-06-23 Ruby Waves Columbia, MD 12:25 First improvisational version wastes no time delving into a dark swampy zone with Page's synths leading the way, Mike going to the envelope filter to add some extra filthiness. Fish picks up the pace and Trey moves to a nice low-key groove with some "Weekapaug"-y tones, with some "Crosseyed" quotes for funsies. The band gooses some woos, then finds a nice -> into "Twist".
2019-06-25 Gin Bangor, ME 14:12 Fish picks up the pace early with an insistent beat and the jam seems poised to peak around 8 minutes but instead enters a brief transitional period and then gets funky for a spell before wrapping typically.
2019-06-25 LxL Bangor, ME 10:21 The jam begins quietly, then drops into minor mode with more rocking play. The music quickly shifts back to inspired, soaring play which sounds similar but slightly different than "LxL" and concludes with a quality peak.
2019-06-25 DwD Bangor, ME 19:23 This version is Mike-led from the very beginning. He and Page take the reins early, creating a cool, textured sound. By the 9:00 mark, a full band jam has emerged, which morphs into a funky, dance-party jam. Fantastic play from Trey punctuates the jam as it > into "Play By Play."
2019-06-25 Simple Bangor, ME 19:32 The typical outro dissipates into spacious twilight and then very gradually heats up while retaining its late-night feel as Trey's riffs get more rocking en route to a peak. A funky staccato section caps the jam before > "Piper".
2019-06-26 KDF Bangor, ME 11:06 Fairly intense but inbounds playing continues until 6:45 brings a shift to a warmer, more relaxed zone which gives Page and Mike space to step up before Trey brings things back to a rocking finish.
2019-06-26 Fuego Bangor, ME 17:18 Sprite and airy play dominates until, following the 13:00 mark, the band revisits the song's primary melody (nice and growly) and descends into a welcome, if not quite warm, passage of controlled, near-chaotic play. Trey augments his tone and leans into his effects, with Mike sounding off (any number of possible teases) before the four, as if rehearsed, line up their -> into a world-class "Cities."
2019-06-26 Cities Bangor, ME 12:50 -> out of a superb "Fuego". Gets deliciously, almost heavy-metal sludgy dark right out of the gate, Mike and Fish really powering this gruesomeness. Fish snaps into a wickedly danceable beat which the band rides for all it's worth (nearly swerving into "Sand" at one point), before they swing into a new key and pull out a sick -> into "The Final Hurrah". A wonderful jam.
2019-06-28 Mercury Camden, NJ 20.40 Typically impressive play splits open and melts into one of the summer's more interesting extended improvisational passages. Around the 14:00 mark Mike works his effects and Trey follows suit, a bit of lead bass fronting a super bit of creativity which toys with the song's melodic variation, at times funky, at others maintaining a bit of delay-heavy darkness, before the jam, ultimately, moves from a carnival-vibe to become joyous. In other words: More Great Phish.
2019-06-28 NMINML Camden, NJ 11:09 Relatively short but very sweet. Around 4:30 in, the jam takes a turn to a driving groove in A, which the band weaves into darker territory. Dominated by swirls in the key of Mike and thick Clavinet work, the jam weaves back to a happier bliss key around 6 minutes in. Trey goes for swirly Leslie tone before a soaring bliss lead propels to the heavens on the back of Page's piano. Finally paying off with a big sustained note around 7 minutes in, celebratory and continued peaking winds back into the verse at 9:30.
2019-06-29 46 Days Camden, NJ 10:06 A thick churn of clav, filtered bass, and growling guitar suddenly morphs at 5:20 into a triumphant release with a powerful peak.
2019-06-29 Ruby Waves Camden, NJ 13:38 Smoothly pivots to a fuzzed-out and warm space, then grows darker and heavier with some real nice work from Mike in particular. Page flashes his stuff on the keys as the jam grows busier and more intense, and with a few strums of his guitar Trey moves the band into a quicksilver blissful upbeat hose jam. Things get murkier and heavier, a perfect setting for "DDHVL" to emerge.
2019-06-30 Twenty Years Later Camden, NJ 21:14 The band shows a willingness to let things develop slowly and organically at a level normally reserved for soundchecks in this relaxed, free-form exploration. Numerous styles and moods are employed with each movement given time to breathe before subtly transitioning to the next. From the initial grungy outro to floating bliss to the final funky riffing and everything in between, this jam covers a surprising amount of ground and does so without building to any singular peak.
2019-07-02 DwD Saratoga Springs, NY 20:30 > from "Cool Amber and Mercury." One week later, and another monster "Disease" is played. This is a multi-layered jam with multiple themes; if you don't like where the jam goes at one point, just wait three minutes and it will go off in another direction. Trey navigates and leads the band with the ease and confidence we've come to expect. > into a cool "Scents and Subtle Sounds."
2019-07-09 Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1 Uncasville, CT 16:54 An absolutely stunning piece of psychedelic music, almost akin to free jazz at times, that touches on nearly every mood imaginable in Phish's improvisation and a few not imaginable in Phish's improvisation. Exceptionally deep and must-hear.
2019-07-10 Stash Uncasville, CT 12:49 The jam breaks into a really cool, "Caravan"-like (Duke Ellington) or "Spanish" minor mode jam section at about 8:00, which continues for several minutes and grows increasingly intense and includes a fleeting "Manteca" tease by Trey as well. This tension-filled playing winds its way back to "Stash" proper by 11:30, concluding a terrific version.
2019-07-10 Wingsuit Uncasville, CT 10:48 "Wingsuit" is one of those songs where, when Trey's tone, texture, and phrasing align, there is no place you would rather be than somewhere upon this planet, listening to Phish. This is one such version. The band's accents are perfect, but Trey dominates, suspending animation and creating a sort of breathless relief, wonderful peaks punctuated by Fish's impeccable percussion.
2019-07-13 Runaway Jim East Troy, WI 11:01 > from "A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing." While not quite reaching the heights of the Charlotte version from earlier in the summer, this version certainly has merit. Atypical jamming for the song starts around 5:30 as Page begins playing some truly spooky sounds. Mike jumps in and together they create what sounds like the backing music to a scary movie. Trey and Fish eventually lead the band back to more familiar jamming and then a nifty segue -> "Undermind."
2019-07-13 BOTT East Troy, WI 9:03 The jam begins predictably enough, with quieter straightforward playing. But the locomotive on this train really builds up a head of stream, and by 6:00, it is rolling down the tracks and continuing to pick up speed, before finally easing the passengers safely into the station.
2019-07-14 Ruby Waves East Troy, WI 38:08 An unflagging improvisational behemoth that moves from moody rocking out to a low-simmering groove to a propulsive Trey-led anthemic rush to swampy blissfulness to reggae (!) to motorized power riffing with a thrilling peak to ambient space to a surprising and welcome effects-laden gallop into the unknown to a breathless and ferocious finale (and second ambient deep space segment, for good measure) with neither muss nor fuss. The longest modern era jam and seventh-longest ever to date, and not a second wasted on top. Listening to this masterpiece is non-negotiable.
2019-08-31 Ghost Commerce City, CO 16:15 Thumping electro-synth groove dominates this inventive jam full of fresh sounds and focused play.
2019-09-01 Wolfman's Commerce City, CO 14:22 Initially uncertain, the band practices prudence as myriad ideas (rhythmically, tonally, and texturally) are thrown into the fray without clear direction or heading. At 7:45, Page and Trey slide the jam cleanly into F, where a textured and detailed bliss jam oozes and bounces in dynamic. Trey fades a sustained note into foley so Page can step up to the organ (with the assistance of swirl and crunch) and remind us all of why he is the Chairman Of The Boards. Around the 11 minute mark, whale call Trey joins Mike and Fish's rhythmic bounce. Finally at 13:00, after just over 5 minutes of continued type II jamming, Trey winds the band back into the classic outro riff.
2019-09-01 Piper Commerce City, CO 15:32 Beginning with a slower tempo, this "Piper" gradually builds to normal speed. The jam peels away from customary, becoming mildly dissonant and atonal, before shifting to a warmer, more upbeat sentiment. The jam then becomes energized, pulsing, and rocking. Around 11:00 the music shifts again, with quieter musings and percussive drive which suggest a big peak, but > to "Tweezer" instead.
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