Jam Chart for Harry Hood (105 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1985-10-30 Hood Burlington, VT 10:52 First known performance. Song structure today is remarkably similar to this initial version, but this one also has some added jamming before and during the "Mr. Minor" section. The main jam segment has the same melodic flow as today.
1987-08-21 Hood Hebron, NY 14:09 Strong early "Hood" includes a long, slow-tempo intro (to 3:50) with dogs barking in the background, and a soaring and unusually long (for this period) Trey-led jam, prompting Fishman to comment "that's why I'm in the band."
1987-11-19 Hood Burlington, VT 11:30 Exceptionally powerful early version with excellent Trey/Page interplay and a huge peak. A very moving "Hood."
1988-02-08 Hood Burlington, VT 13:55 Insane trilling from Machine Gun Trey as the jam reaches a peak, but also a very strong version all around.
1988-07-23 Hood Underhill, VT 13:32 Great version with strong communication and interplay among the four band mates. This one really lifts off after 10:30.
1989-11-10 Hood Clinton, NY 11:19 As a good bouncy jam builds, there are a few times when Trey sustains a single note, and Page and Mike fill in nicely.
1990-05-06 Hood New Haven, CT 12:23 Solid version all around, with good interplay, great Fish, and Machine Gun Trey makes a strong showing.
1990-05-10 Hood Northampton, MA 11:56 Big Red lulls us with some beautiful soloing, before training the machine gun at the audience and firing at will.
1990-11-04 Hood Fort Collins, CO 10:27 This is a terrific compact "Hood" with crisp, sharp playing, good interplay, and strong Trey. Great sbd recording too.
1991-07-14 Hood Townshend, VT 10:30 A little "Theme from Jeopardy" teasing kicks off a strong jam with creative playing by Trey and solid backing from Page and Mike.
1991-10-06 Hood St. Paul, MN 12:26 Nice bubbly flow to the beginning of the jam. Trey adds some great soloing, then the jam builds up to a solid peak.
1991-11-30 Hood Port Chester, NY 13:28 Great and playful intro. The jam is excellent and rocking, and Machine Gun Trey's playing is simply incredible.
1992-03-14 Hood New York, NY 13:18 Excellent intro to 4:24 with Page on the B-3 and strong Mike. The jam includes a sweet "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" tease and then builds up in a very rocking manner with solid playing by all four.
1992-04-18 Hood Palo Alto, CA 13:41 The famed "Linus and Lucy" version pays homage to the "Theme from Peanuts" during the jam.
1992-05-17 Hood Schenectady, NY 13:03 The jam has an unusual dark, minor mode section from 7:15 - 8:45, making it the first truly exploratory "Hood." From here, the jam builds to a strong, shred-filled peak.
1992-07-15 Hood Charlottesville, VA 12:12 The jam begins in an exhilarating and surprisingly gentle and graceful manner for '92, but consistent with the year, Trey kicks into high gear and rips the ending.
1993-02-12 Hood Poughkeepsie, NY 12:29 The jam starts with a really nice, swinging vibe. As it builds, Trey has some great soloing, topping it off with strong trilling.
1993-02-20 Hood Atlanta, GA 13:14 -> in from "HYHU." A cool and very improvisational jam, coming at the end of a historic show. Shredding, intense peak.
1993-03-21 Hood Ventura, CA 13:15 Beautiful, delicate playing at first. Then at 7:55, there's an incredible section where the power builds in a cool and very unusual way for "Hood." From here, there's a brief settle before launching into a blistering ending.
1993-08-08 Hood Cleveland, OH 13:57 First of several strong August '93 "Hoods." Improvisational and restrained playing by Trey shifts at 10:00 when Page plays some low register piano chords, and the power starts to surge upward. Fantastic "Hood."
1993-08-15 Hood Louisville, KY 13:29 The jam begins in a very delicate manner, then grows in power with sprinkles of improvisation. There's another great quieter section, and then at 10:40, it's all guns blazing for a full throttle finish.
1993-08-26 Hood Portland, OR 13:03 Enchanting and nimble early section is gradually overtaken by power, ending in a fierce and extremely tight peak.
1993-12-31 Hood Worcester, MA 13:20 The jam starts with an "Auld Lang Syne" tease and delicate soloing, which builds into a frenzied guitar-led jam.
1994-04-04 Hood Burlington, VT 11:21 Jam starts with a beautiful, flowing section with great Page and Mike. Then Trey and Fish kick things up several notches.
1994-04-08 Hood State College, PA 12:27 Begins with a nice bouncy groove, things settle into quiet, subtle playing, then Trey & Co. build to a textbook finale.
1994-04-10 Hood Buffalo, NY 12:06 A "Classic '94" jam begins with a great early section that has a good Fish-driven pulse, then Trey starts to add power with strummed chords. The intense peaking section concludes with really incredible trilling by Trey.
1994-04-30 Hood Orlando, FL 12:00 Jam opens with a great "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" tease followed by light, fluttery playing before a knockout punch ending.
1994-05-27 Hood San Francisco, CA 12:51 Mike gets into this really great groove starting at about 8:00 that everyone else plays off. Even as Fish, Trey and Page bring the heat, Mike keeps the licks of this groove rolling. And the ending section is just smoking hot.
1994-06-21 Hood Cincinnati, OH 13:01 The jam has spots of improvisational playing, including an unusual and dark section from 6:55 - 8:00, and a nicely trilling peak.
1994-07-01 Hood Philadelphia, PA 13:06 Cool, spacey beginning to the jam, great riffs from Trey, strong Fish, and a powerful finish with solid trilling = Great "Hood."
1994-07-16 Hood North Fayston, VT 15:58 Even for 1994, this "Hood" is a very intense one as Trey shreds like crazy in the climactic jam before the closing lyrics.
1994-10-20 Hood St. Petersburg, FL 19:48 The first seriously "Type II" "Hood" includes some very experimental jamming. Parts of this exploration are mildly dissonant and very un-"Hood"-like, while other sections are quite spectacular. The "Type I" ending is first rate.
1994-10-23 Hood Gainesville, FL 14:48 This "Hood" from A Live One seems to peak, then breaks at 11:25 into a section combining '94 space, moderate dissonance, and loads of tension. When this oblique resolves back to normal "Hood" at 13:30, it's pure '94 bliss.
1994-10-29 Hood Spartanburg, SC 14:04 One quality of many great '94 "Hoods" is their balance of grace and power. As the encore from a fantastic show, this "Hood" begins with some quiet and delicate playing, which pairs nicely with the raw energy and intensity of the finish.
1994-11-03 Hood Amherst, MA 14:49 The jam includes an unusual and very un-"Hood"-like section from 9:00 - 10:50. The build and peak sections that follow are strong '94 fare.
1994-11-12 Hood Kent, OH 15:01 Awesome version in which Trey brings the volume down close to zero, things start to rebuild, then from 10:50 - 11:30, there's this great section where you can feel the explosion coming before it arrives. And it does, BIG TIME.
1994-11-22 Hood Columbia, MO 12:46 Played by audience request, the jam features an improvisational early section, a fantastic build up, and wonderful peak.
1995-06-17 Hood Bristow, VA 14:22 Great summertime version includes some filthy, nasty Mike in the "Mr. Minor" section, Trey soloing by himself for several minutes, and a very powerful but non-shredding peak.
1995-06-24 Hood Philadelphia, PA 14:43 A really beautiful quiet section at first, then the power starts to build, but ever so gradually. False peak > Real peak ending.
1995-07-01 Hood Mansfield, MA 14:19 Great interplay between Page and Trey leads builds steadily and bursts into a soaring Trey solo and powerful peak.
1995-09-27 Hood Sacramento, CA 15:16 The jam veers into different territory at 8:45 as the customary "Hood" harmonics are upended by a shift to minor mode. Returns to normal "Hood" after 10:30, building to a nice peak which gradually fades with no closing refrain.
1995-10-07 Hood Spokane, WA 16:03 A heartfelt and moving version with beautiful soloing by Trey, who briefly plays without amplification. Then the jam builds to a powerful '95 peak, but is unfinished with a crazy crescendo of sound instead of the closing refrain.
1995-11-10 Hood Atlanta, GA 17:14 Outstanding version with a great intro. The jam begins with Trey soloing beautifully, and then he is joined quietly by Page and the others. The gradual but deliberate build up and glorious peak evince top level musicianship.
1995-11-30 Hood Dayton, OH 14:47 No bells or whistles on this "Hood." But the build and peak sections are simply gorgeous, even by '95 standards.
1995-12-05 Hood Amherst, MA 17:12 Multiple rolling peaks that get higher and higher, and the final few, which incorporate an "Entertainer" tease are just sweet.
1995-12-11 Hood Portland, ME 14:57 A good mix of quieter playing leads to anticipation as the build develops, then the peak delivers a celebratory release.
1995-12-17 Hood Lake Placid, NY 17:06 Another strong December '95 version. Fish is the star as he expertly intensifies the percussion as the jam progresses.
1995-12-30 Hood New York, NY 15:35 A magnificent jam in this version ends a stellar year for "Hood." Released on FTA Superball IX, Part 2.
1996-04-26 Hood New Orleans, LA 12:34 Good accented notes and riffs from Trey, but a well orchestrated build up is the strong point. Great Fish in the peak, too.
1996-08-10 Hood East Troy, WI 15:23 Jam includes a beautiful and tear jerking Page and Trey duet from 6:40 - 9:55. The rest is predictable but solid "Hood."
1996-08-16 Hood Plattsburgh, NY 13:39 Enchanting solo from Trey leads the band in a patient, beautiful build-up to a mighty peak that segues (literally) into fireworks.
1996-11-02 Hood West Palm Beach, FL 14:20 Karl Perazzo on percussion. Wonderfully celebratory "Hood" in which Trey hits on a cool riff at 9:45 and Page is rock solid.
1996-11-16 Hood Omaha, NE 15:55 Trey sustains a note for nearly 3 minutes letting Page and Fish shine. Altered lyrics referencing Leigh Fordham.
1996-11-23 Hood Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 15:07 A really excellent version that captures the sound of the band in Fall '96, including strong Page (who seems louder in the sound mix throughout much of '96), dynamic Fish, who increases the jam's intensity, and rocking Trey.
1996-12-06 Hood Las Vegas, NV 15:40 Top notch "Hood" follows a stellar "Simple" as the "meat" of a fantastic "Mike's Groove." The jamming highlights include cool percussion in the intro, super Page, lots of syncopation, great power rocking, and a terrific peak.
1997-02-18 Hood Paris, France 13:56 This is really an exceptionally strong "Hood" with great Page/Trey interplay, great melodies from Trey, super peak, etc. etc.
1997-03-18 Hood Burlington, VT 15:40 This majestic and graceful "Hood" is very powerful and moving, with soulful, delicate teaming by Trey and Page. The peak rises to lofty heights without ever losing its elegant beauty. Live Phish Archival Release.
1997-08-02 Hood George, WA 17:42 After Trey asks CK5 to kill the lights so fans can enjoy the Gorge starlight, a stunning and sublime jam ensues.
1997-08-10 Hood Noblesville, IN 14:35 Reaches a near-transcendent peak, and closes the first set in a brilliant fashion. Practically "HOSE." IT.
1997-08-17 Hood Limestone, ME 15:30 Inspired by the first ever "Hood" glowstick war, Trey leads this fan favorite melodic jam to a thrilling peak.
1997-11-16 Hood Denver, CO 17:55 A remarkable version in which the band repeatedly tests the "Type I" boundary after 12:30, with Page in particular altering the harmonic underpinning several times. Closes with a truly magnificent peak and > to "Izabella."
1997-11-22 Hood Hampton, VA 18:00 This patient "Hood" has an extended and very gradual build. The peaking section in the final few minutes is quite glorious.
1997-12-13 Hood Albany, NY 17:44 The jam drifts away from the typical "Hood" quiet section into an ambient sort of section at 8:45. At 12:15, an excellent, rocking, and non-"Hood" rhythm kicks in and continues until 13:40, when a huge traditional peak erupts.
1997-12-30 Hood New York, NY 19:57 With no final refrain, an atypically uptempo jam breaks into a rocking/bluesy groove at 16:45 and -> to "My Soul."
1998-07-15 Hood Portland, OR 13:23 Delicate, directed, and fantastic playing by Trey leads to a soaring peak. Mike and Page are great, too.
1998-08-08 Hood Columbia, MD 12:36 Very strong Page/Trey interplay, some good variation by Trey, and uniquely '98 sound combine for a quality '98 "Hood."
1998-10-15 Hood San Francisco, CA 16:53 The jam has a very gentle, ambient quality, and the build and peak sections veer away from the norm, at moments almost sounding like something other than "Hood."
1998-12-31 Hood New York, NY 17:55 An extended and very unique intro to 7:30. The delicate and spiraling jam foreshadows the sound and tone of '99.
1999-09-11 Hood George, WA 15:32 A really graceful, gentle jam develops with great interplay. Although it gains power, it never loses the blissful '99 sound.
2000-06-16 Hood Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan 17:42 Extended intro with awesome jazzy Mike and possibly a "Dog Log" tease. You might expect a really gentle, spacey jam given the year, but thanks to Fish, it has a really great pulse while also being delicate at first, swelling to nice peak.
2000-06-22 Hood Antioch, TN 2:32 Robbie McCoury on banjo, Ronnie McCoury on mandolin, and Sam Bush on fiddle. "Hood" intro -> "Dog Faced Boy" > "Hood." Unfortunately the AUD recording does not do justice to this cool instrumental arrangement. KS - Live Bait Vol. ?
2000-06-22 Hood Antioch, TN 13:57 > in from "Dog Faced Boy." This great "Hood" now launches, but the AUD recording does not do justice to the great and different instrumentation.
2003-02-15 Hood Las Vegas, NV 18:46 The jam seems to peak at about 13:00, then breaks into several minutes of angry and dissonant rocking before returning home.
2003-02-28 Hood Uniondale, NY 14:30 Great version that just keeps building and building, up and up. A BIG exclamation point to end Set II of a historic show.
2003-07-08 Hood Chula Vista, CA 18:11 "Type II" version leaves "Hood" at 9:25, breaks into a low-key groove that gets rocking, then dissonant, and heads home.
2003-07-18 Hood East Troy, WI 16:14 An excellent "Type II" section peels away from "Hood" at 7:30, continuing for a good 5 minutes before coming home.
2003-07-25 Hood Charlotte, NC 29:34 Spectacular, very "Type II" "Hood." Between this one and 7/31/03, the jam here gets a further removed from the norm, working through several exploratory sections before returning to close. > to an excellent "David Bowie."
2003-07-31 Hood Camden, NJ 23:42 Must-Hear "Type II" version. With a more melodic bent than 7/25/03, the jam seems to retain at least some vestiges of "Hood," while still ranging far. Returns home to conclude. One of the top "Type II" jams of '03 - '04.
2003-12-28 Hood Miami, FL 13:36 Jam has a nice rocking section beginning about 7:50, returns to "Hood" and peaks with great struming by Trey.
2004-04-16 Hood Las Vegas, NV 19:27 This "Hood" shifts to a rocking "Type II" groove at 8:45, briefly returns to "Hood," then departs into a dark, rhythmic minor mode section before finally coming home to close around 17:25.
2009-11-27 Hood Albany, NY 12:49 Sweet Mike action in the intro, then the jam has an excellent and measured build up in intensity, it peaks, and > to "Suzy."
2010-12-28 Hood Worcester, MA 16:39 Excellent 3.0 version with Trey picking staccato notes, Page matching him on clavinet, and Mike and Fish kicking in on this super and very unique rhythmic groove, before returning home for a more traditional "Hood" ending.
2011-05-28 Hood Bethel, NY 12:38 This "Hood" has a really nice jam that sounds similar to "Faht" at times. Returns to "Hood" to close.
2011-06-08 Hood Darien Center, NY 11:13 A very solid jam, building from start to end, and thus in good company with 5/6/90, 11/30/95, 2/18/97, 8/8/98, and 11/27/09.
2011-12-28 Hood New York, NY 13:03 Some really nice variation by Trey throughout the jam, plus a strong ending section distinguish this "Hood."
2012-07-08 Hood Saratoga Springs, NY 11:22 A very well played version overall, but the ending section in particular is extremely powerful.
2012-12-30 Hood New York, NY 12:01 Great interplay, but what really stands out is varied and well-executed soloing by Trey as this "Hood" builds up power.
2013-07-13 Hood Columbia, MD 12:30 This "Hood" is a very good one, with a strong building jam, great peak and good interplay by the band.
2013-08-05 Hood Hollywood, CA 22:32 Ground-breaking version that ushers in a new era of exploratory "Hoods." After some typical play, the jam turns rocking and percussive, including some "Woo" jamming. Things settle and the play becomes introspective and probing. Turning upbeat but with tension, the jam takes a final deep breath and returns to "Hood."
2013-10-23 Hood Glens Falls, NY 13:21 Early in the jam, the band pays homage to the great Worcester '10 version. After some quieter musing, the jam picks up a really great head of steam and peaks in an exultant and powerful manner.
2014-07-01 Hood Mansfield, MA 18:34 A thunderous, powerful, exploratory and very improvisational jam breaks almost from the get go. After landing in uncharacteristically darker terrain, the jam finds brighter ground, ventures further astray, and finally winds its way back to the land of "Hood."
2014-07-08 Hood Philadelphia, PA 13:08 This "Hood" has a really great early section, especially between 5:25 - 9:25, where Mike, Page and Trey have this wonderful 3-way musical conversation, while Fish scales the percussion down to a very subtle but key rhythmic foundation.
2014-07-12 Hood New York, NY 16:32 For the 2nd time in 2014, the band takes "Harry" for a ride into uncharted waters. This time, while Trey and Page alter the harmony away from the familiar, Fish keeps a steady hand on the rudder, eventually guiding the ship safely back to home port.
2014-07-19 Hood Chicago, IL 16:28 "Harry" once again proves to be the improbable choice for exploratory jamming. This time, the band begins the jam in minor mode, works up to a rocking fury, and finally settles back for a traditional "Hood" closing.
2014-07-26 Hood Columbia, MD 13:20 While not as exploratory as some from Summer '14, this "Hood" is by no means a typical. The jam includes great Trey licks, rocking chording, strong Mike and Page, and a solid peak.
2014-08-03 Hood Alpharetta, GA 14:18 The band has fun, as Trey plays duets with Mike, Fish, and Page. Then Mike plays the fight bell while Trey plays rhythm on the mike. Once fully back in "Hood," the jam breaks into minor mode, recalling the strong exploratory versions from earlier in the summer.
2014-10-24 Hood Inglewood, CA 14:14 Amidst of sea of exploratory '14 versions, this fine one is a welcome reminder that the plain old "Hood" jam, when well executed as it is here, is pretty damn good stuff. Fish and Page are key in bringing up the energy and adding great color to the jam.
2014-10-28 Hood San Francisco, CA 17:26 Strong jam starts in "Hood" mode, shifts to rocking minor mode at 7:25, settles briefly at 9:25 before becoming percussive and groovy, and jumps back to "Hood" proper at 11:52 with great "Type I" interplay, ending with an extended spacey phase-out.
2016-01-16 Hood Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 14:18 The early part of the jam includes great interplay and soloing by Trey. The gradual, but deliberate and well executed peak reminds us that a strong but plain ol' "Harry" is pretty spectacular in his own right.
2016-06-29 Hood Philadelphia, PA 14:21 After a couple of years of venturing abroad, "Harry Hood" proves that a more traditional, but extended trip is equally compelling. This fine encore version also includes a very powerful ending section.
2016-07-03 Hood Saratoga Springs, NY 11:00 Ever versatile, in the past few years, "Harry Hood" has spanned the range from a centerpiece improv-heavy jam to a lilting, polished encore. Here, after really cool, rarefied, and old-school stylings, Trey works this powerful classic to an archetypal peak.
2016-07-23 Hood Chula Vista, CA 12:46 Trey modifies his tone early on to great effect, and solos quite strikingly. As the power grows, Fish, Page and Mike serve to colorfully and dramatically paint a wonderful, Trey-penned sketch. The powerful peak leaves everyone feeling good, and underscores why we all love this band so much.
2016-10-19 Hood Nashville, TN 16:23 On the heels of a strong "Plasma," yet another wandering "Hood" serves to anchor a strong show. While the exploratory sections (5:00 - 12:30) offer some excellent playing, the return home leaves room for improvement.
2017-07-29 Hood New York, NY 16:05 Departing from the traditional jam, excellent Trey/Page interaction swirls atop dark, minimalist bass and percussion. Trey's well-placed and sustained "There is a Mountain" teasing functions almost as a cue, with the band transitioning from a dark, mysterious majesty, to "Hood's" characteristic build and euphoric release.
2018-08-31 Hood Commerce City, CO 13:13 Placed in the first set of a two-set show for the first time in 3.0, this jam combines an engaging "Type II" segment with a well-executed traditional build and soaring peak.
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