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Review by Egeffy

Egeffy Well, night two of this great run felt different to me than night one on several levels, first of all, I was sick as hell so I was soo grateful that I had a slab of concrete where I could leave my seat and actually return to it, unlike the prior night. Also, the crowd around me were really really kynd, it had that old time family dead feeling to me. The pre-show (again with these damn GA shows you have to get there really early and it was again hard to actually get inside the venue) was great because at the end of the waiting what comes over the PA? Talking Heads.. Psycho killer. Well, that had nearly everyone singing along and set the stage for the cities jam.
I felt that this show seemed kind of darker, almost scary sounding for some reason. That was my experience at the time but I did not hear it as much on the downloaded show. Chalk Dust was a nice opener and seemed to say this show is going to be a bit more hard rockin than fun and light like night 1. Again, as I mentioned in my review of night one, I have not listened to enough shows where I can say, oh this version was better than than most...or just average. But this Chalk Dust sounded good. It is amazing how vastly different the experience of being there is and the difference between listening to a aud tape and a SB tape is. Really, I dont think the SB records can replace the aud ones, perhaps a bit more of a matrix approach would be good on the liveshows download?

Anyways back to the review: I had never heard Guyute before live and have not listened to the studio in years... It is a GREAT song, I love it !!!
It does not at all surprise me that it was written at the same time as my friend, another favorite... I really love this tune !!!! But again, it kind of gets dark in the middle of being light.. wow what a difficult thing for a band to change moods like that from a joyous whistling to an evil wahwahish guitar explosion. This is really classic prog rock in someways and one of the many songs that remind me of early Gabriel genesis or King Crimson.

I am thinking that the Ocelot is actually a premiere of being played on Trey's new Ocelot guitar, I think he was using it all weekend, right? Its Ice did not stand out for me all that much, I might need to play it again but both of these songs were good to hear.

Cities> Moma WOW this just was GREAT !!! I loved it and it stands up well on the replay. It was just a blast live, and bathtub was perfect way to keep the shows flow going strong.

Stealing time is also one of those songs that sound dark to me, I connect to it big time, wasting life on a bad path, whatever it might be.. I guess I have heard a few versions of this now and this one was rockin but standard.

Now for set 2
I had to play this one several times it just needed to really listened to it: Rock and roll starts out of the gate with a statement of WE ARE HERE TO KICK SOME ASS !!
Ghost was also good, I am not in the camp that feels the transition was "blown" I would love to ask the band how if they felt it was blown. I listened to it many times, it was sudden, it was abrupt, it was a bit jarring but who is to say that is not the way it should be? why does every transition need to flow? Why can't it be that the song ends when the ideas are expressed? We might think a song should sound a certain way based on how it was played yesterday but perhaps it is no longer like that ? I say this because the Mike's song that followed was rock and roll bliss. There was a lot to say and it was just blistering. Why can we think of the "blown transition" as Trey had an explosion that was unable to be contained. Sure it too the band a second to catch up but that was all... just a thought...

Simple was also on fire and I like how backwards down the number line brings me to think about old friends some of whom I need to call. Backwards into show of life is really a beautiful reflection of existence, these two songs placed together is a statement. I am guessing that the band really thought about that pairing and I would not be surprised to see them together more often.

7 below and weekapaug - sadly I was kind of sick during the show and missed most of this but it sounds great on the live download and is perfect for my workout..

YEM was also really dark sounding to me esp the vocal jam 'no' part.. oh I am glad I was not trippin on psychedelics for that one and the good times/bad times encore I think also fits with this shows vibe...to me, the show seemed to speak a lot about life... from trying to find a place to live in, to wasting time on the wrong roads, relationships come and gone, the dead ghosts in our lives, the good times and hard ones..

Thanks Phish, this was just a great ride


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