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Review by NigelTufnel

NigelTufnel This show, to my Phishy preference, is perfect: Dark, with excellent moments of the type II space. They totally jumped off the deep end this night, and while there aren't any marathon jams, the jams that do exist are sublime. All of them. Seriously.

To spare you time, I'll run through the Must-Hears of this show.

Bathtub Gin - Don't be fooled, folks. This one ain't like the rest. I would say this is perhaps the darkest Gin of 3.0. The song builds in typical Gin fashion, but Mike and Fish lead the charge into some frantic dark thump-space. Trey catches wind and feeds right into it, soloing with purpose that could only be described as fitting for what the foundation called for. Listen to this one.

JJLC - Great setlist call, and it happens to be on the rare side lately. Everyone shines, but Page and Trey the most. Great to see them channel some blues now and then.

Light - Here's where things get OUT THERE. The standard on/off key noodling by Trey into an on key landing pad carries the "type 1" segment of the jam. This goes on for a bit, but then out of the depths, a groove develops. It's like a slowed down plinko jam with hints of calypso but dominated by atmospheric space. It speaks right to the soul. This segment is absolutely beautiful. Then, with about a minute left in the jam, Trey has this soaring effect that reaffirms his touch with the Cosmic days of 1999, 2000-2004. A lot of love is given to the Lights from Berkeley and Manchester (fairly, I might add), but this Light, to me, has a stronger core and a better groove than the other two. It feels much more natural in its progression. But that's just one man's opinion. Either way, it deserves to be considered among the best. It flows seamlessly into...

TYL - not only do I love this song, but this is definitely the best version they've played. This includes an added jam segment that is, again, dark and soulful. It hints at the songs true jamming potential, some of it realized in this particular take. You'll just need to listen for yourself. Then, out of the jam comes...

FEFY - love it or hate it, this had absolutely perfect placement and, for me, caps off one of the best jamming sequences of not only the fall tour, but 2009 and 2010 combined. Light though FEFY is a Cosmic journey into the darker side of Phish that is so hard to come by for more than a song or two a night. And that's FOUR songs to this point, And we're not done. This FEFY features Trey with some very emotional soloing. Stunning.

And, finally, the Must-Hear of the Must-Hears of 10/19/10:

REBA - This IS the best version of 3.0 and perhaps the best since the Reba from IT 8 years ago. The composition is nailed (in the encore slot!!!), and the jam starts out in typical uplifting Reba fashion. But this wouldn't last. Page signals the turn and the band follows suit, into another dark and unexplored realm that Phish seemed to open many doors to this night. This is the band at their improvisational best. The whole thing is mesmerizing, and Fishman's Manteca quotes add a new layer to the already deep Reba cake that was being baked in front of our eyes (this is also the beginning of the band's teases of Manteca throughout the fall and NYE). If you haven't heard this yet, shame on you. Do it. Now! I said NOW!

Lots of people write this night off because of what happened the next night - but don't. Augusta and Utica are two of the best performances of 3.0. I will stand by that until the day I die. But they also can hold their own individually. Augusta doesn't mess around - and neither should you.


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