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Review by Potato_Sacks

Potato_Sacks Set 1: Before Golgi starts and Trey counts it off, you can hear him just beat-boxing, thought that was funny. But the unexpectedly-quickly played Golgi sets a solid pace for this set, Which is also flawlessly played with Page casually tearing it up, Piano tickles everywhere. As soon as the Golgi ends, the band quickly picks up on "Rift", an again quick tempo. 3:04 seconds into it, Pages keyboard jam starts, and its your average Rift jam, nothing too out of the usual. Trey, alone, starts Guelah Papyrus, with an unusual lick at the beginning before the lyrics come in. I always love a good guelah, I feel like they get so into it, with the step dance at the end and a reggae-ish theme to it. A perfectly executed Asse Festival interlude in the middle, tight ending. Audience clapping for a short period of time with the intro of Maze with Fishmans Rim Clicks. Space harmonics from trey before actual Maze theme kicks in. Now they are starting to Rage, After the first "You'll Never Get Out Of This Maze" segment trey has a fire solo, leading right into a build up solo from Page on the organ, very fast playing. Leading back into the jam when they Peak the song, a little short for my liking, but the playing makes up for it 10-fold. Trey shredding every right note makes a Maze jam what it should be. At about the 7 minute point the band is incredibly locked in, Phish is sending off crazy energy I bet you could have felt in 100% of that building that night. After the Maze ends Trey takes a quick second to say Thank You to the audience then Fish quickly starts up Bouncing, I personally love bouncing, you can't go wrong with such a happy song with a positive beat and lyrical compilation, not really a Jam within any bouncing. But it definitely adds light to the set. After the Short-Lived bouncing, Trey quickly starts up one of my personal favorites; IT'S ICE! Nothing way out of the ordinary with this one, very high energy, but what else would you expect with 1993 Phish? After this the band decides to play Sparkle, not really up there on my list of Phish songs, but you gotta respect it. Only a 3 and a half minute song so what damage does it do adding to a set, none, similar to adding a MMGAMOIO. Right before the "Laugh and Laugh and Fall Apart" section Page adds nice little piano lick. Now time for a nice relaxing PYITE, with a slopped intro, but hey, it's one of the early PYITE's so don't get all aggravated. Page pushing the tempo the whole songs is what makes it a gnarly song. I feel like I haven't showed Gordo enough love in this review, that's just because is pretty quiet unfortunately, I personally like gordo playing loudly, just enough so that what he plays is blatantly obvious. When the PYITE is over, Trey takes a second to note how they have played 5 gigs in Florida, and that was the first one there, so he thanks the audience for welcoming them, and what better way to follow up a warm welcoming then with a Lawn Boy. Page's voice in this song really gives me goosebumps. After several times of saying Old Factory Hues, with no high note, the band softly ends the song and goes into what you most likely could have predicted, but not complained about to end the set, Antelope! A spaced out intro with several unusual licks by everyone, into the high energy intro to the Jam, this is my favorite Antelope from this year I think personally, so much energy and they are locked in 100% of the way, equaling bringing it up for a face melting, mind raging end to the first set. All you have to do is Run Like An Antelope, out of control (:


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