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Review by Hose_jam

Hose_jam Review of GHOST jam

2:22 Break into outro of song
3:00 Lift off, Mike slapping, Page on Clav, Trey with dirty tone
4:10 Trey on Wah, page to synth. Mike drives the jam, alternating three deep notes with accompanying slaps. Page lays the synth over the jam as Fishman is his usual backbeat.
5:35 Trey backs off wah effect a bit, Page goes back to clav.
6:10 Fishman goes to ride cymbal, switches back to hi-hat when Trey comes in with melody…>
6:25 Trey starts to jam a melody. At this point Mike has shifted his tempo but still throws in the empathetic slap.
7:21 Page comes back in with the synth, alternating with the clav. Trey finds a nice slow riff and the band builds on it.
8:08 Trey starts to two note rhythm and Mike picks up the slapping.
8:40 Trey starts jamming melody, Page has nice lick here on the grand piano. He plays some nice fills with different keyboards in this segment.
8:56 Fishman switches to hi hat. Jam builds a nice rhythm.
9:30 Trey focuses back on a melody. Page plays some nice lines on the grand piano over him. Trey sticks to a nice melody, going up an octave and laying some nice licks over it.
11:04 Fishman starts to play the bell of his ride cymbal. Trey starts a nice two note vamp, rhythm gets cranked up a notch.
11:36 Trey cranks up the effects, gets some wah and sets himself up…
11:50 Band is locked in. Trey vamps, Page plays a nice riff over Trey, Gordo goes ablaze on the beat. Fishman throws in the splash on fills before switching over to the blocks.
12:00 Fish to wood block. Yes Please.
12:22 Trey inverts his chords, 7th out funked style. At the same time Page pulls the synth out and plays some lines that just bring the fucking house down. When it explodes at 12:38 you can feel the energy through your speakers. Fishman does some nice things with his fills and beats in this segment.
13:25 Page goes to the grand piano and synth simultaneously.
13:41 Now Page goes to the organ and synth.
13:56 Trey comes off his chords vamp and switches to some a two note vamp with effect. Fishman goes to the ride cymbal and back again.
14:25 Fishman finds his way back to the wood block. Mike is doing some showing off here.
15:00 Trey flexes the wah a bit and Page once again starts to drive the jam with his lines on the grand piano, alternating them with the organ.
15:40 Page jumps an octave on the organ with the same riff. Band synchs together for a nice run at 15:50 where the band syncs.
16:24 Band brings the energy up though Trey is preferring to vamp on a few notes or chords than follow Page or Mike. As a result band kind of lulls here for some measures but they’re setting themselves up.
17:10 Trey unleashes with Fishman. The two play off each other here extremely well. Band cranks it up a few notches with great energy.
18:00 Fishman plays his snare on the 2 and 4, all while Trey builds up the melody with Page and Mike. It’s hose time.
18:40 Mega peak.
18:56 Still trying to push it. Fishman goes into that mode where he just plays so many fills that there isn’t even a beat. 19:06 Page plays a nice line on the high octave of the grand.
19:40 Band brings it down a notch. Mike plays a nice line and Fishman follows suit,
19:54 Mike and Fishman just take over, totally changing the jam.
20:00 Crowd yelling now, trying to rinse off a bit from the hosing, nice mellow groove has arrived.
20:30 Fishman mellowing out on the ride cymbal, Page, Trey and Mike just playing slow funky lines over each other.
21:00 They being this slow walkdown jam. Page on the clav, Trey with a nice funky very ’97 tone. Fishman has some great fills in this segment on the toms.
21:40 Crowd is soaking it up.
22:ish Trey playing lines high up on his guitar, nice noodly spacey but melodic lines.
22:25 Fishman puts some rimshots in his beat. Page and Trey are really playing well of each other with Gordon tastefully walking down the bassline.
23:30 Band continues walkdown jam.
23:50 Trey starts to overlay some feedback over the walkdown. Establishes a crunchier tone
24:15 Trey fully enters with a crunchier rock and roll tone and Page immediately answers, switching over to the grand piano.
25:00 Trey plays “around” the walk down for a bit, seemed like things were gonna get interesting for a bit there but they are playing it safe from here.
25:38 Trey goes into full feedback mode, everyone follows suit.


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