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Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj Webcasted again. Let's go through it all.

Set I: Starts off with Jim, which is one of my favorite songs. I had pretty high expectations as Jim was kinda coming back over the summer, but the version was short. It didn't disappoint me at all, I just wished it was longer. Oh well, great way to start the show anyway. Next is Cities, which I always love. The jam was really nice and could've maybe gone somewhere, but, in my opinion a slight ripcord from Trey cut if off. No matter, because he started up Divided Sky! I love this song so very much. It has a special place in my heart as it was the very first Phish song I ever listened to, and what caused me to listen to more. In my opinion a very well played version. Although there were maybe some flubs at the beginning, the climactic part was really well played. Also, this had a really good peak at the end which is always nice in a Divided. Next is Back on the Train, which was a really ripping version. Ride Captain Ride is also very good, of course dominated by Page. Ocelot starts, and I get really excited. I love this song very much. And it didn't disappoint. The groove they got onto was fantastic. Cue the opening chords to Ya Mar, and I get super, duper excited. I love this song even more than Ocelot. The Page solo is ripping, the Mike solo is ripping, the Trey solo... eh. Wasn't really a ballsy solo at all and could've been much better. Overall well played, but I wish it was longer. Horn is a song that I don't listen to very much but when I do, I always like it. Very well performed. My Friend, My Friend was good, but it certainly could've been better. They ditched the end and let Trey start up Antelope, which is always fantastic. I was really hoping that this Antelope would go so crazy (see LivePhish 2 version), but it wasn't up to that level. Still, Antelope is always a raging song, and I loved it, especially closing set 1.

Overall, a good set. Had a lot of songs that I really, really love, but they weren't jammed as much as I would've liked. Still, the set was thoroughly enjoyable and had some great moments. 3.5/5

Set II: My friend and I were guessing what the opener would be. I jokingly guessed YEM, knowing that would never happen. He guessed Down with Disease, and sure enough, the rumbled (coming from that weird new bass!) began. A well played composed part, as always. I really love that written Trey solo. Enter the jam. Oh. My. God. I was listening, and I almost couldn't believe my ears. It was happening, it really was! THE HOSE!!!!! This DWD is a must hear. I'm not sure which was better, this DWD or the 28th's Tweezer. Obviously very different songs, and I can't decide. Both are must hears. I was overjoyed listening to this. After last night's lack of serious jamming, it was just so great to hear that the band wasn't letting the absence of jamming become a pattern. Anyway, Twenty Years Later brings us back to Earth. A well played version, but nothing special. But the next song certainly was. Just as 20YL brought us back to Earth, Carini took us back into the land of the jam. Very dark and ambient and very wonderful. Listening to this second set was just making me so happy! Backwards Down the Number Line again brings us down to Earth, but its a very great earth. Trey delivers a really nice solo in this song. Maybe slightly out of place as has been said, but still good. Julius begins. I love this song as well. A super-fun version, extremely raging. This leads us to Slave to the Traffic Light, another favorite of mine (I know, I have a lot of favorites). The jam is fantastic, at least for me. Very beautiful as they mostly are, with some really nice Little Drummer Boy teases from Page. A great closer to a great set.

Overall, for me, this set was just sublime. Honestly, if you haven't, go listen to the DWD immediately, and while you're at it, listen to the Carine. While you're at that, listen to the entire set! This set, especially under the circumstances with the lack of jamming last night, was so refreshing, and hopefully proves that last night was just a minor (again, albeit fun) speed bump. 5/5

Encore: I really wasn't expecting the Hood. I was so happy when I heard it. Well played composed section, not the best though. In my opinion, a very nice jam. Very pretty. Next comes Show of Life. Well, this had to come at some point. Not a huge fan of this song, but I guess it's a fitting end, although I would've been satisfied with just the Hood. 3.5/5

Final Remarks: A good first set, with a few very good moments. Nothing outta this world though. For me, a fantastic second set. Again, the DWD is a MUST MUST MUST hear, especially for 2012, and the Carini is absolutely magnificent as well. Those are just the high points. The whole set was really great and extremely jammy. So happy to see that back! See you tomorrow for the last night of the Couchtour!
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