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Review by GratephulPhan

GratephulPhan I was sitting Page side, Section 114 about 15 rows back for this show.

Set I:

Runaway Jim was a nice start to this show given that the past two nights had been pretty fun and raging and opened with "less" energetic songs. This Jim was not anything out of the ordinary but it got the Garden rocking and the band ready to jump into things. I think the Cities > Divided Sky was placed well here and as always, Cities was a nice chill funky groove; pretty standard here. Divided Sky was standard. Back on The Train got the funk going again and got Page rockin the whole place. Ride Captain Ride was a first for me and one that I had been chasing, it didn't really get into any jamming, but was a lot of fun; great song! Ocelot was good and really peaked towards the end. Ya Mar was another first (finally!) for me and was just awesome to see! Page... *cough* Leo... killed it on his solo and the rest of the song just grooved away! Horn, another first!, was great to see and a pretty standard version. MFMF was a surprise and the whole intro was tight to say the least. When the intro dropped into the verse the Garden went nuts. The rest of the song was standard, nothing out of the ordinary, but it really got the crowd raging for the Antelope that followed. I really enjoy a set closing Antelope and this one brought back the energy that the set opened with. The jamming was sick and Trey did tease something that sounded like Shakedown Street in the jam before the lyrics segment. The band was really tight during this and really killed it to end the set!

Set II:

Holy shit did they bring the heat!! I turned to the kid next to me (his 1st show) and jokingly said DWD opener, well the kid lost it and couldn't believe it once the bass wobbling had ended and he realized what song it was. Once the jam got started things immediately took off and there was some fast interplay between everybody. Things then slowed down and I remember Trey locking on to page and jamming chords along with Page. The tempo still remained slow for a bit and then things started to get dark and weird!! So much interplay between all of the band members here! Things then slowed back down again, but remained dark. After a little while, Cactus threw down some thunderous bass and the tempo picked back up for some stellar jamming. I actually really liked the segue into Twenty Years Later, it was a very nice fit IMO. It was standard, but it cooled things down for a minute before Carini blew the roof off! Man, Carini is such an amazing song and really gets things raging, this one is no exception folks. This song gives Mike a chance to use his envelope and meatball filters and really shake things up; what am I saying haha Page, Fish and Trey also KILL it in this. The jam segment is similar to DWD in that it starts out raging and then steps back and slows down. This slow part is when things start getting even darker yet! The end of Carini just unleashes the beast and the boys slay it a must listen! BDTNL takes that darkness and shattered it with light and happy notes. I really enjoy this song even though the lyrics at times are strange to me, the jamming always leaves me impressed; again, this one was no exception. Julius is always a crowd pleaser and this one kept the energy super high from the previous songs. Each chorus section got progressively more energetic and intense than the last and the jam at the end was great! Enter Slave, I knew this would be the last song of the set and this was the perfect way to end it. They really had this slave dialed in. I thought I was making stuff up in my head about hearing the LDB tease from Page until I looked it up on here haha. Simply an incredible set!


I was pleasantly surprised hearing Fish hammer those opening notes to HOOD! Hood as an encore is a huge treat and this one did not disappoint! I thought that Show of Life was a good choice to cap off this raging night of music and set the stage for the next night!


Ya Mar, DWD, Carini (must listen), Julius > Slave


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