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Review by SunburntSatan2912

SunburntSatan2912 I am from a small suburb of Northern Chicago, a teenager, and an avid, obsessed fan. This was my first ever Phish show and although it maybe wasn't the greatest show, there was a good energy throughout, and did provide a great atmosphere, especially for a first show. This show explored what Phish is great for; providing many different types of music over the span of one set.

I had been looking forward to this show all year, finally seeing with my favorite band, but also getting to road trip up to New York City and see them at MSG with two of my best friends. We picked the 29th because we did our research, and in years past the 29th has been famously good compared to the other nights.

The road trip, although long and arduous, was a great experience, and when we finally pulled into NYC on the night of the 28th I couldn't have been happier.

Then after a day of traveling the city, doing regular things, we took the subway to MSG and walked in, finding our seats in section 101. People passing us definitely noticed our age and the comparison to the average age of a phan. But being the wonderful atmosphere that a show always is, people sought us out and were always nice to us, asking us questions about how many shows we've seen and how great this show was going to be.

Finally, after a mixture of Johnny Cash and other country greats pre-show music, the lights dimmed and the crowd screamed and yelled for the phab phour who were hitting the stage, prompting the first song.

CROWD CONTROL: although a dinky, poppy little four-chord ditty, the song invited all those in MSG that night in, asking them to "do something or we will," the crowd definitely asking them to be the ones who will.

MOUND: Man, I love this tune. Cactus, IMHO, is an amazing songwriter, and should write more. Starting with the famous seal-like clap and 6/8 blues sequence, it quickly translates into a wonderful lyrical song. Nothing too special about it, I just love the song for what it is.

AC/DC BAG: Good choice in the beginning/middle of the first set. Not too much outlandish jamming here, but provides a great segway into one of my favs.

ROCK AND ROLL: When they play this song it really gets my heart racing, because it is rare, but also such a wonderfully written songs. Definitely one of, if not my favorite, cover they do.

SUGAR SHACK: I didn't recognize the song until I left the show and checked the website, but I love this funky tune. They don't play it much, and it's a Joy track, but still nice to hear.

REBA: Is it just me or did this one seem a little slow? I don't know. Good orchestrated part. Nice tune to hear. Fish cut off jam too soon IMHO, it was going somewhere.

HALLEY'S COMET: Nice doo-wop-y tune, some nice jamming into LxL too.

LIMB BY LIMB: Love this song, one of the more stretched out in this light jamming show.

WADING IN THE VELVET SEA: Always an emotional one, Page's vocals sounding good.

BATHTUB GIN: A pretty good gin. Not rivaling let's say, Riverport or anything, but definitely one of the best jams of the show.

SET 1 HIGHLIGHTS: AC/DC Bag>Rock and Roll, Limb By Limb, Bathtub Gin

GOLDEN AGE: I think this one was the longest song in the show, but it was a rarity and a great jamming section, I loved it.

WAVES: I really love this song, but this was the low point of the show as others are saying, Trey cut this off way too soon, although I do like the whole Waves/Water theme.

PRINCE CASPIAN: Nice song, I mainly look down upon this one because it was the one that was used to cutoff Waves.

BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN: Great song to pick up the mood after the weird Waves saga. Love Mike's sound on this one.

SUZY GREENBERG: Such a crowd pleaser and, I must admit, a surprise to come straight out of Boogie On. Page's clav solos are sounding superb.

BUG: Bringing it down after such a high energy tune, Bug always makes the crowd silent in awe.

CAVERN: Cavern, man I love Cavern. A picture of nectar. That's all there is.

46 DAYS: Man I am such a sucker for 46 Days. Great rock riff and some good straight up jams at the end.

SET TWO HIGHLIGHTS: Golden Age, Boogie On Reggae Woman>Suzy Greenberg, 46 Days

THE SQUIRMING COIL: I love me some Coil! What a pretty song. This song makes me think everytime. One of Trey's most blissful compositions. Page encompasses all of MSG with the end of this one.

GRIND: Really surprised me when they all put down their instruments and went to the four-way mic. Such a cool little a capella tune.

FIRST TUBE: Man how crazy did that crowd go when Fish sat down behind the kit and kicked into the groove. It was an amazing moment. Great way to cap off my first show, even if it wasn't an AMAZING show.


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