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Review by bigflopmoptop

bigflopmoptop oh. my. gawd. 2nd row. so what if it was behind the stage. trey took a longer than usual solo in cars trucks and buses, and faulty planned was a scorcher. great tight versions of ginseng, sparkle, walk away , divided sky and Julius. trey did a fun and funky lag on his " bro the her" just before the jam started, which was latched onto by fishman, making the jam start off extra funky. soam was a psychotic dance party, which wound down nicely into a delicate interplay, andwhile awaiting to see how they'd bring it back to its natural conclusion, Trey stats Julius. that was totally unexpected, slightly disappointing, but in the end, genius and perfect.

about 5 minutes into the disease jam - maybe even more - it seemed like a noodlefest going nowhere fast, and I found myself hoping the crimson dego would give up and abort it to find something more interesting to play. then something happened. the fire git lit, it gets quieter, then the roller coaster ride of where are we, are they playing a different song now , they're playing free, is this a dead song, sugar magnolia, I know this song moment that happens at every great show occurs. these we're the voices of my neighbors, not in my head. never heard anything like this from disease. truly awesome. taste was longer and funkier than usual, but I think trey pissed of page by signaling the end of page's solo before page was ready. trey held back on his solo, giving the taste jam a more open, dancy vibe than normal, then the old school conclusion and pretty tight ending. stop. this is the only stop.
I remember thinking during twenty years later, Shit, this may be the one that illustrates the potential of this song's dark, I saw it again type feel, then laughed to myself because I always think that and it never does. holy shit there it goes. the darkness somehow yields more funk with a free-like rhythm to it. and away it goes. then another great piper, again focusing more on fast tempoed rhythmic interplay than one man wailing. number line was appropriate but nothing too crazy. this set was super reflective and themed lyrically like a guy celebrating the highs and lows of a remarkable existence. then yem - absolutely nailed (almost - they actually got lost right before the spacey part), with a jam more unique than I may have ever seen. jam starts off with trey letting fishman be the focus, then mike comes a thumping. this set the stage for a very different style of jam than we are used to, and it was awesome. great vocal jam and fun grind.
then comes the encore. one of the best rebas I have seen - no mistakes. with a jam that, because this was the encore I guess, there seemed to be no rush at all to bring it to its conclusion. unbelievable 110th show, full of songs I've heard a million times, but NEVER quite like this.
snarky side notes for the otherwise awesome crowd - if you're gonna sneak down from your seat to get a better look and crowd the people down there, at least pay attention to the music instead of shouting to your friend and screwing around on your phone. and to the guy throwing glowsticks at the end from behind the stage , yes you hit a cymbal in perfect time and it was awesome, but you didn't need to try to recreate your glory by hitting fishman I'm the back like 8 times during the reba jam. I hope he finds you and throws crap at you while you are trying to do the hardest part of your job!


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