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Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed First Phish show in Dayton. Heck, haven't even been in Dayton since I was very very young when my dad took me to a college basketball game. He's been gone now 20 years, so it was nice to reminisce about a time when he was around

I have a store in Columbus, so it's surprising I never made the trek in my adult life until now. Well worth the trip.

Tuesday perfect for this show. Small venue, smallest town on the tour. Peculiar instead of obvious always works under these circumstances.

Peaches. Oh delightful Peaches. So unassuming and yet delightful for those who appreciate it. Not the grittiest song in the Phish catalog but not everything can be steel cut oatmeal... Indeed

Up comes Free. We have liftoff! This was the most suitable choice for a payoff following the first 2 build up songs. Song selection is going very well thus far (a theme that would not cease as the night unfolds). Funkiness around 5 minutes in gives us some beautiful licks. I literally got lost in the funk section, in a groovy jive dancing kinda way. Always fun. This is my phavorite live Free and may be hard to top.

My first Roggae (and Peaches too, which is noteworthy but not as anticipated as getting a first Roggae). Phish continues on this unassuming road and letting the songs develop and transition naturally without any real start/stop. Roggae has a neat little exchange with Trey and Paige around the 6:30. By 7 minutes Mike joins the fun and we're all just locked in for the band showing how perfectly in sync they can be on this tune. A good version to call my first, and hoping for many more to come.

I laughed when they began Sugar Shack because I had a weird feeling it fit the neat funky vibe of this show. An underdog and not often appreciated because it really isn't the easiest song to play. And this is actually a well played version by and large. Some flubski's? Yes. Enough to castrate Troy and cut him from the Phish team? No.

Maze. My favorite show gave me my first Maze at Starlake 12. Kinda thought they might wait to play this tomorrow since it's the first show back in the burg area in 5 years since. Nonetheless, this is what this show needed to climb the glorious mountain. Like Free, this song gets a bit more interplay and stretching the atypical structure otherwise apparent in most renditions. Also my new phavorite Maze. It's worth multiple re listens and even gives Starlake 98 a run for its money.

Up next Horn. Like Sugar Shack, somewhat undervalued and oft criticized due to the difficult guitar technique and repeated key changes. I think Trey wanted to push through the song selection in set 1 rather than sufficing for safer material (Heavy Things comes to mind, which still has surprisingly not been played yet this tour). People will get down on the sour guitar spots. Not enough to kill the set nor the show.

Crazy Sometimes. Everybody gets a little Crazy Sometimes (I know.. I wake up everyday... Indeed). This is for everyone complaining that we're getting too many TAB songs this summer. HERE! A MIKE GORDON SONG! HAPPY?!? ::ahem:: .. particularly enjoy Fishman adding to the chorus with his raspy old man-esque quality. He's obviously good at getting a little Crazy Sometimes. Paige on the clav also is always welcome. The little jam from 6:10 thru the end is well done and adds to this nights fun eccentric mood.

46 Days was a welcome call here. I like this song near the end of the first set and this one delivers with a bit more S1 improv than usual. Called it within the first second of the guitar riff.

Jim in the S1 closer roll is a fine choice. This is my boss's phav Phish song. I had to text him to let him know I snagged it and thank him for having off the next day. :-)

Set 2 (as many others will attest), was fire blazing remarkableness... I'll take 6 songs and a Coil all day any day.

This DwD has been labeled by a few people as being a happy jam. And they're right!! I sure was happy with it! Did the 23 minutes seem fluffed or padded? Not one bit. Kuroda did much good things here and each member all had their chance to take charge and speak their mind. Worthy of many relistens this year or any.

Mountains in the M'fn Mist! I'm not trying to be overly positive with this review due to the attendance bias. Had I watched the "free" Webcast, I would've been just as pleased with the song selection. Crossed this one off my bucket list and can't hate on the beauty of this song. Again, underdog worthy of this spot and surrendered flow.

Waves was welcome. Nothing out of the ordinary and still well played. Not every waves is going to be the Limestone 03 version, but every Waves should either be monstrous or make way (or make waves for that matter) to welcome a > monster. In this case, the benefactor was...

GHOST. This version absolutely should not get lost behind the shows DwD or (eventual) Wombat. Ghost was not that happy kinda jam. It had sludge and grime and grit laden within. The beginning gives goosebumps and (again) doesn't take itself too serious to seem forced. The whole mood for this evening is abundantly clear by now. Explore > Marvel > WIN. (Side note: I've had 6 summers in a row with a Ghost. I like to think it's my dad giving me some peace in this hectic life. Someone I once knew and talk to, but whom I never boast.)

Wombat is hands down this songs best version. Vegas 14 version showed that this song could cash in on jam potential. This is the first one I know that went type 2 and gets a dose of frerociousness. 10 minutes in until the end is the real deal. I always scratched my head why people ever hated on Wombat. Hell, they've got Abe Vigoda in the lyrics for crying out loud. I'm hoping Wombat hating shall now cease. Thank you.

CDT brings this great set home in fine fashion not unlike Jim in set one. No mega jam here, but we had 3 this set already and it played its role well to remind us that Phish is Rock n Roll.

My first show (Blossom 10) had a Coil encore. I have not seen it since until Dayton, which is my 13th show. Lucky #13 the same year as BD. Paige playing the piano at the end was more than just the cherry on the top... we got sprinkles of love too.

This show was just what this tour needed it to be. Solid, unique and exploring new ground with a band ready to make a massive showing at MSG. The freebie Webcast was a good treat to encourage people to buy the Bakers Dozen value pack cast. Well worth it if you can't attend. I'd compare this show to Nashville 15. Tuesday/Webcast/under-the-radar/under promised and over delivered. On to Pittsburgh for more fun!!!!!


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