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Review by Wombat_en_Fuego

Wombat_en_Fuego First show. First concert in my life. First time I ever drank Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I was only 17 and stoked my mom let me go with some buddies to see a band she had never heard of. Why did I go? A Live One, particularly Stash, Gumbo, and Bouncin'. Honestly, I never listened to music before that album. I just didn't care for music that much as nothing intrigued me or kept my interest. So when I listened to my buddy's A Live One several times while playing basketball and actually craved it myself, I couldn't say no when he asked if we should get tickets. And boy, it just shows you how one small decision can completely change a person's life!

I listen to this show at least a couple times a year just to relive that day. Theme was the first song I ever heard live and I just remember thinking about how sublime and pure it seemed. "Don't you see anything that you'd like to try?" Well, all be! Yes, I do! And I'm here for it! And the last 3-4 minutes, I didn't know a band could play that fast. Woah. At that point, I assumed it was just a song to get everyone to stand up and then we would all sit down? (Note, I haven't sat since.)

PYITE really got my blood pumping. I didn't know how to dance at this point (wife would argue I still don't). I know I just stood there for Theme. But I know I started bopping my head during PYITE. Why are these people yelling "hey!" though? Hmm, seems to be part of the song.

Ghost --> Taste, well, I may have left a puddle underneath me. A puddle made of my sweat, the beer I remember spilling (that some dude bought us underagers due to our begging), and maybe some white sticky stuff came down my shorts leg. It was this moment that I knew I loved Phish. And I really had to pee, so I missed Dog Stole Things.

Reba, hilarity. I worked at a grocery store while in high school, so it seemed pretty fitting because I spent a lot of time bagging (not tagging). I had no idea that songs could be different each time played. So at this point, I was amazed they remembered all the notes. It seemed awesome at the time, but obviously much awesomer down the road once I realized the improvisation of this version. Still one of my favorite Rebas to this day, even if slightly biased.

Lawn Boy, ok I suppose. Kind of weird at the time. Crossroads, first song I recognized slightly. Later I figured out why.

Wilson, another song with fans shouting? Do they do this with every first song of a set? (At that time, I remembered PYITE being first and the yelling.)

Foam, weird. Kind of long and goofy and I need another pee break. Liked it, but nothing too awesome until the build-up that I still remember to this day, wide-eyed and swaying.

Ain't Love Funny, I don't know why this song didn't stick around. I loved it and forgot about it for years until I found a tape of the show. I still wish it would come back.

Simple, other than Reba, is probably the song I remember the most lyrically after the show. Something about the repetition of the lyrics hooked me and we were singing it on the way home. If there was a song I first fell in love with, it's probably Simple. It's the one I could still envision after laying down for bed that night.

Honestly, I don't remember as much about the rest. I recall one of the gals that came with talking about how bored and tired she was. I feel like we left at that point, yet I also feel like I remember Rocky Top. But maybe it's because we could here it from the lot, not sure. I was definitely disappointed to leave early, but I honestly didn't know concerts lasted that long and we had a two hour drive back home. So, I don't think I pushed the issue.

Do you remember your first love? You know, the one that just seemed to get you. The one that wasn't annoying. The one that seemed to touch you in all the right places. It was the day I met my first love and I can't wait to see them again at Alpine this weekend!


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