A note about the arrests at Deer Creek summer 2000

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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:48:03 -0400
From: John Tringle John_Tringle@hotmail.com
To: dws@gadiel.com
Subject: How to stay out of JAIL!
This is in regards to arrests at Phish shows.
I will now give you all the magic formulas for avoiding contact with the
1. Do not buy or sell drugs around the venues. Do this at home...BEFORE you
enter an area crawling with cops.
2. The automobile is a CIVIL LIBERTIES TRAP. Once you enter an automoblie you
are effectively giving up some rights. Don't do things that will bring
attention to you......don't drink any alcohol in an automobile. Wear your
seabelts. Don't smoke pot in the car. Don't have anything exposed. If you
don't violate any laws in an automobile then you are not giving cops
"probable cause" for a search. Don't speed. Don't violate traffic laws. Don't
do ANYTHING that would get you pulled over. When you are in a car you should
come across as a drug-free law abiding citizen.
3. Let's all go back to joints instead of all these glass pipes (leave them
HOME).....very hard to pat down a couple of loose joints in your pocket,
isn't it?
4. I don't think a Phish concert is the ideal place to get absolutely
trashed.......if you drink 10 beers and pee on a tree...here comes the cop!
If you pass out, fall down, throw things, carry on.....all of this is like
flagging down a cop and saying "look at me."
5. Friendliness, respect, courtesy, kindness.......not confrontation,
anti-authority, anger, violence.
So now where do we stand after this? You are not buying or selling drugs
around the venues but in your homes........so that eliminates that problem.
You are wearing your seatbelts, following all traffic laws, speed limits,
etc, and you are SOBER...this eliminates a potential car search. You are
adjusting your behavior in the lots so as not to attract attention to
yourself and you are no longer bringing in anything bulky so your pat -downs
now go smoother. You are saying "thank you" and "sir" to cops so they might
have better respect for us.....
The way I see it......there should never be another arrest again......
I'm here to help.

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1980 20:41:19 -0400 From: Colleen1117 ColleenBartonAffinito@email.msn.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Deer Creek, etc. Dan, Have been checking out different Phish sites for more info on the police action at Deer Creek. My son was one of those arrested by narcs in a van who hauled him off to the Hamilton County Jail, along with hundreds of others. As a phan, and as a mom too, I have learned a lot about the lot, the vendors, the mind-set, the love, and the many ways to "free your mind" while enjoying the shows. I was you so long ago. Amid the jams, glow stix and grilled cheese sandwiches, I must ask you: Why are so many of you beautiful people risking your freedom? Some of the loving young people in the Hamilton County Jail had a $25,000 bail on their heads, with no one there to call or to help them out. Some will undoubtedly spend time in state prison. This is scary shit! My son could be one of them, and it was by the grace of Spirit, Phriends and Phamily that he is out on bail. He has never seen the inside of a jail before this week. I wasn't even sure we could raise the bail. His bail was set at $25,000 too, even though what he held was not even worth the paper the charges were written on. There was no rhyme or reason to who was busted and how their bail was determined. If it weren't for the loving friends in the holding cell helping each other through the whole ordeal, it would have been even worse. Now, our lives have been changed in so many ways. I am grateful that my son and I have a tight relationship, but if he had to go away, we'd both die. Doesn't anybody get it? The high might be great, and the love even greater, but the means are definitely not worth losing your freedom. Be careful! Life is beautiful and pure because YOU are beautiful and pure. You don't really need the extra shit...you have no idea until you face losing it just how awful it is. For those of you who know someone in the Hamilton County Jail, chip in and bail them out if you can. (My son's "friends" traded his Ohio tickets for the third set at Deer Creek, drove his car all around, took his sandals, and were going to leave him in jail with no word from them.) The Hamilton County Jail has been called "The Hilton" of jails, compared to others nearby and in other cities. Still, the head games to break you down continue. Please allow your own beauty to shine through without the drugs. They can be fun, no doubt, but you are worth so much more. And to those of you who are so amazingly intelligent as to be manufacturing and marketing, etc. -- the illusion that this is how life should be will shatter the moment you hear the door slam shut on someone you love. Just think about it. And send your love to everyone who needs help staying free. Thanks. replies welcome at: phoenix56@angelfire.com Peace.
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