1-28-99 Higher Ground, Winnoski, Vermont mike with Max Creek

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Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 21:52:52 EST
From: Earthycrunchie@aol.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Cc: dws@gadiel.com
Subject: mike w. maxcreek
    I just wanted to send a late but quick review of the MAx creek show from
1-28-00 at the Higher Ground in Winooski, VT.  -  It seemed like a long trip
from Massachusetts that Friday night back in January.  I can remeber seeing
signs for Burlington that said "Burlington -35 miles" and thinking only
another half hour.  By the time we checked in and hit the Higher Ground it
was about 10:30 and we were ready to let it hang out.
    As soon as we walked in we saw many familiar faces from Creek shows past.
We said our hellos and began to wander around the bar.  We started dancing as
soon as the Creek opened with a sweet Secrets opener.  The first set was
absolutely beautiful with a fine mix of tunes including Big boat and Late in
the Evening.
    Set break found ourselves hanging out and waiting for the second set.
Mike Gordon was seen milling about and we knew that the second set was
guaranteed to be something special.  A nice introduction to Mike by Scott was
something I won't forget soon as me and Sandra both said Hello to Mike and
Priscilla.  Scott asked Mike if he was ready to go and they headed off for
the stage.
    The second set opens with a nice Love makes you lose your mind to a nice
I cant let go.  The sound was righteous.  Mike's tenor bass that he brought
along just made the rest of the band pick it up a notch.  The Cities version
is something worth checking out.  The grooves they hit on this tune is
something to hear.  I would recommend trying to find a copy of this show for
this song alone.
    Post show scene we found ourselves back in the Green room shooting the
breeze and having a few laughs.  Needless to say it was about 3 in the
afternoon when we could finally make it to Nectars for some burgers and fries
w. gravy...
Yeehaaaaww. Thanks for the mountains of VT, NH and Maine and the kind people
in the rest of New England.

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 16:49:47 -0500 From: Shane_Handler@bcgroup.com To: Daniel W. Schar dws@protos.lifesci.ucla.edu Subject: Re: Mike Gordon w/Max Creek on 1/28 All I can say is the second set was incredible, and you can tell Mike was having a great time, while smiling and laughing at various times. John Rider remained onstage for the second set so there were 2 bass players. Prior to the second set I was standing next to Scott Murawski of Creek who asked Mike, if he wanted to sing anything tonight and Mike just said, "No, I just want to play, are you sure that will be O.K. with John?" Meaning John Rider. He didn't play his Languedoc, it must have been a spare. The first song in the encore, "The Bug" had a heavy funk jam very similar to the jam in " Free" from Oswego. Due to the fact that I have only seen Creek a handful of times, I can not give in depth review on each song. I want to die easy was a slower blues song that evolved into a nice jam and a Low Spark of High Heeled tease prior to Cities, which Scott sang. The Cities version was more like the way the Talking Heads do it, rather than the slower Phish version. Mike was holding his end well and added a little of the Phish sound to his side, The first 2 song in the set was straight out rock song the first one being a Creek original. The Bug song is the encore is not the Phish song called " Bug". Mike held his end very well but you can tell he did not want to take over the spot light and steal the show due to the tremendout amout of respect he holds for these guys. I have read that he has always been a long time Max Creek fan. Therefore, he did not have any bass solos. Hope this helps, for other info check out Maxcreek.com and click on the forum section. Shane
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