10-1-00 -- Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona

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Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 22:02:47 -0700
From: The Colfax colfax@ampro.net
Subject: Desert Sky Review
Having read the previous reviews, I tend to agree that this was a hit and
miss type show.  But it was exactly what Desert Sky needed to be after the
way the boys rocked Vegas.  It was a fundamentally sound show with very
melodic playing and nice long jams - which was in contrast to the relatively
short songs in Vegas.
That being said, there were some real highlights in this show that I don't
think the other reviewers necessarily conveyed so I thought I'd add my two
cents to this page.
Firstly, Kuroda was once again amazing on this Sunday night. Llama was
musically a really neat journey with Trey introducing the band (Page, Mike
(J)ordan, Bob Weaver and himself as the Skinny Guinea) as well as some
silliness.  All in the middle of the set. Kuroda was especially magical
during this Llama as he sparkled the lights in many different colors just
shooting lasers into my soul.
But the real treats to this show came in the second set.  Without a doubt,
the PIPER they played was the BEST PIPER they've EVER played. A truly
inspired jam that just weaved in and out of ups and downs and it just really
felt like the pressures of the atmosphere of Vegas had vanished and they just
settled into a groove.  In fact, they got so comfortable in what they were
doing that they burst into a GUY FORGET!  At the time I was unfamiliar with
this soundcheck song and it seemed like they were just making up a little
rift in the middle of Piper.  They were all smiles and bantering back and
forth as Trey and Fish alternated lyrics.  The arena seemed to have little
energy from the past weekend's events, but this PIPER>GUY FORGET really got
things going.  Get this set on tape.
The other major highlight of this show/set was the DAVID BOWIE.  I saw 3
BOWIEs this fall and this was clearly the best of the three.  I wish that I
could describe the various sections, but I saw too many shows and 2 more
Bowies after this one so until I get the tapes, I can't describe the jam.  I
remember just being in awe of it tho.  What really struck me was towards the
end of the jam, Trey really got going.  He was bouncing and grooving and
ready to reach into his bag of tricks.
I prefer to just call it his JEDI TRICK machine, rather then learn the
technical name for his machinery, but Trey flipped into Jedi mode towards the
end of the song.  Towards the high triplets section at the end of the song,
Trey would slowly raise his right hand over the Jedi machine creating an
ascending scale.  His hand would be well over his head and he'd slam it back
to his guitar to go back to the triplets.  It seems that they played this
section a few more times than usual as Trey played with the machine and
experimented with the sound. He was truly having a blast.  Finally, he went
for the gusto.  He slipped his guitar off and lowered it to the floor.  He
slowly raised it above his head and I feared he wouldn't get it back on in
time for those wonderful 3 high piercing notes that raise the hair on the
back of my neck.  In fact, while he was fooling around with his guitar off,
Page had to take over and play the triplet part.  But alas, just in the nick
of time, Trey had the guitar back on and nailed and sustained those notes
perfectly.  It was the ultimate build up to a huge BOWIE ending.  I was
gasping for air.
Finally, one other moment I remember from Desert Sky struck me as funny. On
9/30 in Vegas, Mike and Trey did that whole stage battle with their guitars
where they were putting them on the ground, waving them around recklessly and
even dropped them at times.  I'd never seen them so fast and loose with their
guitars.  At the end of this Bowie, Trey continued to fool around with the
Jedi machine and ended the song waving his guitar around and eventually
placing his guitar face down on its strings and walking off the stage.  It
made a really neat sound and was just sort of strange.  I wish that I had
been sitting closer for the show so that I could've seen his expressions, but
he seemed to be having the time of his life playing around.
So while not the stellar show that some of us had hoped for (considering the
post-Vegas 11-2-98 show), there were some really neat jams in this show and
the PIPER is a must have in your collection.  I was a little disappointed in
the song selection when they started PIPER but it ended up rivalring some of
the best jams I heard this year (Jim on 7/3, Gin on 9/29, Antelope on 10/4,
and Sand on 10/6).  I really think the BOWIE will translate well to tape
also.  I'm very anxious to hear both the BOWIE and the PIPER.

Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 19:54:15 -0700 From: Paul Raia paulraia@mail.mc.maricopa.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Phoenix Review From the opening beats of First Tube the dance was on! The vibe up on the lawn was very friendly...lots of little kids running around and phamily playing, twirling glow sticks on strings and juggling glowing balls. Stars overhead and cool breeze to relax us. ahhhh! We were treated to lots of funky grooves this evening and some very pretty ballads...Billy Breathes and Waste sounded great and I swear you could hear a pin drop when Trey began Driver. The entire first set had such a nice flow to it. I think last year in Tucson was a bit disjointed, even though we heard some great songs (I didn't know, Carini, Drowned, Reba) This year was smooth and cohesive in a way that is difficult to describe verbally, sonically it was heaven . The second set Roses are Free into Piper into Guy Forget was a personal highlight for me. The playing was very on tonight..loose, fun and a brilliant collage of techno sounds, loops and colors. The vocals were reflective, clear and harmonious. I was very excited to hear Camel Walk...the folks up on the lawn all seemed to enjoy more of the deep funk we were hearing. I was thinking Split Open and Melt after Driver, and the band took a little while before settling into David Bowie. This was a very fun version, Trey was having a blast at the end... Then came the must hear Waste. This is a show I know I will enjoy listening to again from start to finish. Thanks to everyone who made this hot starry night one to remember. Peace, Paul Raia Mesa, Arizona
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 01:43:48 EDT From: Izzwald@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net, rmp@archive.phish.net Subject: Review of 10.1.00 Phoenix, Az 10-1-2000 Desert Sky Pavillion Phoeniz, Az Coming in to this show I was pretty worried about how this show might be. I live in a crappy town in the Southwest where Phish never plays around and I'm a college student so this was my only show I could possibly go to. I was hoping that Vegas didn't wear out the phabulous foursome....I was right and I was wrong. Onto the show: Set 1:(out on the lawn for this one) First Tube: I love this song and I was happy to hear it but did anyone else just not feel it right away. It sort of sounded like they were tired from Vegas. They weren't exactly groovin but I did enjoy it anyhow. Wolfman's Brother: Not a personal choice of mind but I love to watch Mike bust out out which he did. Pretty fun but still just didn't feel it. Back On The Train: Groove started to get going here. I personaly think it's a fun song live and Trey was experimemting with some tremolo effects here. Kind of reminded me of "Money", when those first chords are played with that tremolo effect. Beauty of My Dreams: Yes! I love this song. Probably the only bluegrass song which I know the words to. Page was going off. Wish he could have gone longer. Vultures: Never really dug this song from the get go and this version surely didn't help it. It seemed like they had all forgotten how to play the composed pieces and it affected the jam. Never really went anywhere and it kind of brought my mood down. Inlaw Josie Wales: Cool song. Love to see Trey play this one. Billy Breathes: Ahhhh! Sing softly. Really dig this song. Gave them some time to make up for the Vultures by playing a simple little tune with beautiful Trey soloing. Then..... Llama: Yes! They were back. I love it when Fish starts out the song with the drumbeat! They were into this. Page started to jam the first time and I saw Trey was about to sing the verse again but Page kept on going so they all started to just jam like hell. Trey introduced the band as Page the same, but Mike as "Michael Jordon", Fish as "Bob Weaver", and himself as the "Skinny Ginny." He started to mock the "rock and roll" image by telling people to clap along and sing, but he was clapping totally off beat and he was just having fun! Then he told everyone to slap themselves then the person next to them. I love it! Lawn BoY!: Perfect placement. I love this song. Pgae is da Man! Introduces Mike as Michael Jordon once agin and Mike has a little fun soloing. Runaway Jim: Great way to end the set. Nothing special, just a good clean version. Felt that it was going to end but knew second set was going to be awesome. Set II (made my way to the front! Ha Ha security!) Roses Are Free: Big fan of this Ween song. Didn't jam it, went straight into... Piper: And oh what a piper. They started getting into a sick jam and Trey just starts sing some lines and messes with the keys, long jam into... Guy Forget?: Never heard this before. Didn't know whether it was a song or just them screwing around. More keys by Trey. Then into..... Circus: What can I say about this song. It has sentimental value for me. I was at that show with my best friend who I just saw for the first time since he moved away. It meant something to me. Camel Walk!: Never even heard it before. I had heard of it but never got a show with it so I was pretty pumped. Trey kept on wailing and the fans around me loved it. Driver: A good surprise. Wanted to hear it with Trey on electric so I loved it. Just a prelude to...... David Bowie: What a sick David Bowie. My personal highlight of the show. It got so intense towards the end and when Trey busted out the triplets at the end I was jumping 35 feet in the air. I swear he looked right at me the first time he did his triplets. I loved the way Trey was telling them during the buildups to bring it down and then bring it up. Just totally Trey having a blast. Then they end the set with Trey raising his guitar in the air and making it sound like an airplane landing as he lowered it to the stage floor! Encore: (I really wanted a Hood. Mike came out wearing a cardboard box on his head.) Waste: Surprised me but I loved it. Trey is the man on guitar. Still was hoping for the Hood after since it was a pretty short show but maybe next time. Overall I had a blast. The setlist might not look good but it was a fun show. They were having a blast but you can tell they wanted their couple of days to relax. A very fun show and I'll talk to you guys later. Peace, Izzy "If I could be like Mike!"
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 19:22:14 -0700 (PDT) From: Johnston Brandon bisq1@yahoo.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 10-1-00 Phoenix Az Review 10-1-00 Phoenix Arizona ... Desert Sky Pavillion If you wonder what desert sky is like, think deer creek. Except the pavillion may be a little bigger and the lawn a little smaller. Same big screens... We had reserved toward the back straight in the middle. We abandoned them for the aile in set II however Set I: After getting home and looking at the first set setlist, I thought... "Wow that looks like a pretty boring first set". However during the show, I was just loving it. Maybe that is the goal to have at any show, have the music take you away so you don't notice some of your normal dislikes or negative thoughts. 1st tube: Actually, this is the first time I've ever seen this live. I liked it, lots of energy at the end. Maybe not more than usual, but it seemed like it. Maybe it was the fact that it was live Wolfmans: This was pretty good... Had a nice jam, better then some short standard ones they've played lately. It was still somewhat short and the theme reprised at the end, but I was happy to hear some funky jamming GBOTT: This song sounds like it's benefitted from many plays. Even though it didn't really jam out, I think the fact that it has recently affected the jam somewhat. Trey was using a cool echo effect that I liked... kind of like what moe. does at the beginning of some jams... It reminds me of a curtain opening or something.... Beauty--- I was in such a good mood I was dancin and singing to this one. And I usually don't like it much at all... Standard rendition Vultures--- Dark thick jam like usual. Don't remember too much from this. Inlaw Josie Wales --- I liked this it was a nice little breather although the set was getting to be kind of mellow all ready Billy Breathes --- OK now this wasn't the best selection at this point imho. Trey sounded great and Rachel really got into this but I don't always like it when they follow one slow tune with another... I was ready to dance. Llama--- While the band was tuning up someone yelled "Play something fast dammit!!!!!" I guess this satisfied that guy. Really crazy high tempo jam (as usual) when Trey started talking to the crowd. Now usually Trey will wait for a quiet part but not this time, he just started talking over the fast llama jam .. He introduced the band.. Micheal Jordon on bass, Bob Weaver on drums... I can't remember what he said about himself... He then told everybody to clap along with him but instead of clapping at some even tempo, he was speeding up, slowing down, and starting to clap and then stopping. He was trying to screw with the crowd big time. He then said "Now everybody smack yourself like this" and he proceeded to smack himself on the face. Then he said "Now everyone smack your neighbor" and I think he might have pretended to smack Mike or something. Not much crowd reaction... Then he said "Now everybody make passionate love to the person next to you". That was pretty funny, although no one I saw took him up on that. Then they ended the song and Trey said something like " I guess we weren't ready for the passionate lovemaking part yet...Maybe later in the show" Lawn Boy --- Don't remember too much from this one. It was pretty standard I believe Runaway Jim --- Kind of short with a nice climax at the end. Then instead of ending the song like normal, trey led them off into another uptempo jam. Trey explored some nice themes and was pretty much wailing by the end. It was only about an extra 3 minutes or so and it made you feel like the band was just giving you a taste of what it had to offer... I was psyched for set II INTERMISSION: On the way back from the bathroom I saw some guy with a sign that said something like "The Helping Phrendly book is the bible" (something like that) and on the other side it said "Phish is God!". I overheard him talking to some girl saying "...it's this really cool book y'know...and it's Friendly!!!" He sounded like some new age preacher or something, hilarious!! Set II: Roses Are Free---Cool song to open with. I don't think it was too jammed out but I was enjoying it Piper---Nice mellow jam into piper. They really did a good job building this one up. THe jam rocked along for a while before they even sang the lyrics. I could tell really early that this was going to be a really cool jam. After some quality jamming I was starting to think that this might be the best jam of my 3 show minitour when they started singing... At first it was just like "whoaaa" "whooaaa" type sounds, no decipherable lyrics. I thought it was just part of the jam but after quite a while, trey began to sing more lyrics and I knew we had a new song... Guy Forget--- This, along with the preceeding piper jam, was definitely the highlight of the show.I recognized it and most of all I recognized that name... I couldn't figure out from where. I guess it had kind of been played during recent catapults so maybe that is where I heard it. I guess Guy Forget is some tennis player... Anyway, Trey was on Keys for some of the jamming and guitar some of the time too. We were all dancing and staring in amazement of what the band would do next. Really groovy jam, great dancing music. When trey went to keys he started making sounds like that video game "Arkanoid" if you know what I'm talking about. At some points it was rather rapid and really tripped out. I guess you'll just have to hear it for yourselves, it's already starting to fade from memory but I know that I was just loving it. It eventually segued perfectly into circus after a nice jam... Circus---More mellowness. Lots of mellow interludes at this show, I have a feeling some people will probably bitch about that. Still I liked it... Camel Walk---NIIICCCEE!! More tight funky jamming, I was thinking about how they are so together during the starts and stops in this, even though they don't play it very often. This one was kept very breif, just a standard version Driver --- Yet another mellow interlude. I like this song but was starting to feel some energy dip out of the crowd. No problem though because next was... Bowie --- Great song and I really got into this more then I have lately. I'm not sure if it was THAT tremendous of a version, but I'd definitely say it was above average. I was really enjoying it anyway... At the end trey was working hard to get crazy feedback on his guitar. I was sad to see the set was over already. I guess one hour second sets are the norm this tour. Nevertheless, I was confident a good encore was coming Waste--- The first thing I thought was that we had to pay a penance for the great jamming that just occured. It was a wonderful rendition but it left us wanting more. I guess the band was just in the mood for slow tunes tonight.... Well I hope you enjoyed my review...I certainly enjoyed seeing this, my 38th show in my hometown. Although I'm sure that vegas will overshadow this show, I think I enjoyed the piper->guy forget as much as anything I heard in all 3 shows. It's fun to hear new tunes, especially when they come out of a jam and have a nice jam of their own. The segue from piper to guy was unnoticeable. By the time they started singing I realized that they had been playing it for quite a few minutes..All in all a great run of shows, I hope it's not too long before I can see phish again peace, Brandon
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 11:12:32 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Wayne tj_wayne@yahoo.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review 10/1/00 I read your review of the Dessert Sky pavilion show on 10/1. I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you regarding your opinion on "Piper". It came out of the gates as strongly as I ever heard it. I believe that, as this song develops, Fishman has shifted his focus off of the high hats and has been delivering more meat through his snare attack. He is more agressive on the beginning of the song thus creating a heartier expression and stronger platform from which Mike, Trey and Page can build from. The result is staggering. cheers, -Phoenix
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 17:26:50 -0700 From: huong pulvino huong.pulvino@prodigy.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review of Oct 1, '00 show. Ah well, decided I'd add my impressions of the show to the growing list. As this was only my second show I'll keep my impressions pretty general. In general, I'd agree with the first review, the first two songs really didn't captivate me, the band felt tired and not quited fired up about playing, was almost predictable to me at that point. But then just as soon as I started thinking, oh no, I hope this show doesn't stay too predictable, we took a turn. Third song starts rolling it was more or less surprise after surprise, with a lot of songs I hadn't heard (which I guess isn't that hard considering my show going experience). For me, the show was really intruguing, and well, introspective. Found myself really impressed with the range of styles the band was able to pull off with such aplomb, especially in the face of thinking I had somewhat of an understanding of their music, I guess that's part of what keeps people coming back for more. Rock, bluegrass, loungy stuff (lawn boy cracked me up), fusion jazz esque, well it was all there. Specifically, Beauty of my Dreams, ya real nice solos by both Page and Trey; Page was all over the place and couldn't hit a wrong note, while Trey was flying too and fro with just the right touch, emphasizing only so many notes in each run, just the right ones ya know; really liked the Roses are free song; and David Bowie was spectacular, really liked the multiple turned off record player style endings. Not to say that I didn't like the other songs, just these ones stick out more in my mind. In general, I thought this show was more about the band as a whole, not so much a guitar fronted engagement; heard a lot of guitar solo kind of stuff, but maybe it was the mix, as the guitar level was not really out front, and the guitar lines were more a part of the blend than the flavor over the top. Really noted how good everybody in the band was, and how well the band knows/plays with one another. Another random idea was picturing Trey not as a guitar player, but a musician who has decided to pick up the guitar to express with (a subtlety I guess). So, ya I'll probably look for the tape, but more so I can continue to get a better handle on the music and shows Phish can do than anything. In closing, the show was enjoyable, this show just resonated with me in a different way than the previous and only other show I'd seen (9-11-99, at the gorge). To more good times, salud! Peace and chicken grease. Derek
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 17:23:27 -0700 From: eli eli@iaccess.org To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Phoenix I have been catching Phish since they graced us with their presence on the West Coast in 1992. I love the mix of the old and the new on this tour, and I was quite pleased with my Vegas viewing of the band. In fact I am surprised at the level of griping over minutia in the previous reviews, but I guess that is why we listen so closely. The fact that he flubbed the end of Esther or missed a segment of "Mockingbird" is irrelevant. The guys are not Cyborgs, man! It's live music!!!!!!! Well, we made the drive across the desert heat, and being hung over after Vegas, in a hurry and none too happy to get stuck in readicculus traffic at Hoover Dam... And the question the whole time was, "Will it be worth it, or will the band be spent after raging in Vegas?" The answer: Mixed bag. Though I am generally a big fan of indoor shows, I was excited to get the outdoors vibe after being trapped in thick, stale cigarette smoke for three days in Vegas. (I live in Cali and we don't have to deal with second hand smoke anymore...) First Tube was cool, I kept thinking about that crazy animated short video! Good and funky and Gordon brought in the funk, which he continued with Wolfman's - Gordo was the highlight of that tune! Get Back on the Train was a fun little butt shaker, and then Beauty was a welcomed change of vibe - the first bluegrassy tune on this run of shows. I like Vultures alot, so there. Acoustic tune was fine, and Billy Breathes was gorgeous - really magical little ballad there, well placed and augmented by Kuroda! Then Llama - never seen that tune get so dark and tripped out! Killer jam, great swirling and mayhem - then the lounge tune, and a great closer with Runaway Jim, which sent the dancers among us into a frenzy. Phish is definitely taking some healthy setbreaks on this tour! Second set was good fun! I was psyched to hear all of these songs! Been seeing Camel Walk on setlists for years and never heard it live, so that was a treat. And from all the music played at Big Cypress, Piper has been the most haunting tune for me, so it was fantastic to see them shred it again (in the desert this time)! When the Circus Comes was well played and emotional - I love the ballads, man. This tune reminds me of Jerry singing "All Over Now Baby Blue" - great, goosebumps kind of stuff. And the encore was sufficient, though I prefer the upbeat endings... Probably not a recording to look all over the place for, but I was glad to see it. - Fleethound
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 20:18:42 EDT From: Bjrobe72@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: review of PHX Desert Sky was my 16th show, this makes my first review. The first set was very solid. There is nothing too special to report about the first few songs, they were great as always. Beauty of my Dreams was an excellent choice, with its country/blues feel. Vultures was incredible, the vocals work at the end of the song was particularly awesome, with Mike and Trey singing the chorus and Page crooning along the word "in" at the "circling in" phrase. It's the little things like that about Phish I love. The Inlaw Josie Wales was beautiful and a little longer than I remembered it. Trey did some very intricate picking on that number. A very beautiful version of Billy Breathes followed, than Llama kicked in. Llama definitely took the energy level up a few notches. During the song Trey clapped his hands over his head twice to get the audience to clap along, then he started clapping intermittently and out of time with the song. Some people up in front tried to clap along with him, and looked silly trying to do it. Then Trey took his hand and faked a slap across his face, then he urged everybody to slap the person next to them. He was laughing by the time he finished the statement. Either Trey's busting out a wicked sense of humor for his last few shows before the hiatus or he's testing his influence over his phans. Up next was a Lawn Boy, perhaps the band missed Las Vegas and all its cheesy glitz. Page played the role of lounge lizard very well. Vegas will beckon come his golden years. The set closed with Runaway Jim, with a wicked, wicked jam at the end. The band really kicked it in and funked it up, I thought the were going to segue into another tune, but they stayed home and finished the set in about an hour and a quarter. The second set opened up with Roses Are Free, which featured much sing along from the audience, and got everybody fired up again. Next came Piper, which I've seen quite a lot recently, but the segue into Guy Forget was unlike anything else I've seen, at least in terms of Piper. The band cut a very funky, danceable tempo, and then Trey started doing some "ooo-oooohs" so I new something was up. Unfortunately, I really couldn't hear the lyrics except for Trey's "gi FOR-zhay" line, but that's okay, the music was the important thing. I would like to see that one again sometime, I think it had a good reception from the crowd. When The Circus Comes To Town was beautiful as always, then Trey dropped the opening chords of Camel Walk on the crowd, much to everyone's delight. This was my first Camel Walk, to be honest, I had heard it on tape and didn't care for it much. Hearing it live is a whole different dimension. What a treat that was, the band cutting funk of incredible quality. Driver was a fun tune to hear, then the band closed with Bowie, which made the crowd go nuts. They did multiple false endings before returning to the end jam each time. Bowie isn't one of my favorite tunes, but I really got into it. The band closed with a very touching Waste. It was actually a great choice, Trey seemed to be in a deep state of introspection. Definitly seemed like a message to the crowd that break time is at hand. All in all, it was a great, great, show, despite the absence of any big phan faves (you know, the songs some people are just praying to hear). Phish mixed a delightful blend of old and new, a really wonderful show. To be honest, I liked this one much better than the second Vegas show, but that's a different story. Enjoy your year, folks. I'm getting my teaching certificate so I can do this every summer. Peace, BR
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 00:59:22 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon Stine chefbigjon@yahoo.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review of Phoenix Show Well I just got back from the show and would like to write my review while the stuff is fresh in my head. Got my tickets day of sale, front row Trey side, needless to say I was stoked. The lot was kind of boring today, not very much food and only a tiny drum circle. The thing that was nice was the presence of no uniformed police officers strolling the grounds, although you could sure tell the undercovers that were out there. Had some big cocktails and beers in the lot and then made our way in pretty quickly, no pat downs either this year, a nice touch. First Set (1:12) First Tube> Wolfman's Brother, Back on the Train, Beauty of my Dreams, Vultures, The Inlaw Josie Wales,Billy Breathes(not Prince Caspian), Llama, Lawn Boy, Runaway Jim First Tube- Very nice opener, they came out smilin and talked a little bit before starting this one, a little funkier than normal, got us dancin Wolfman's Brother- This was played tight with Page really sounding good, he got off to a very nice start. Back on The Train- A repeat from Tucson last year, really short and uninspired. Beauty of my Dreams- I liked this tonight, was quick though Vultures- Another repeat from Tucson last year, not nearly as cool, but maybe it's because I wasn't dosing this year Inlaw Josie Wales-wanted Albequerque oh well. Billy Breathes- Funny moment from my stand point during this one. I'm not a very big fan of this song so I was a little bummed. Guy to the right of me said it was his favorite song and thenyelled Billy Beathes only to have this jerk in the front say "Dude this song sucks..." keep your opinions to yourself. Llama- not a big fan of this one before I saw it live, no I like it. Very good energy, the only crowd interaction of the night came during this one. Trey said to slap your self, the slap the person next to you the he said to make love to the person next to you(I would've), fun stuff. Lawn Boy - very pleased to see this.. Page deserved to have this one, he sounded great tonight Runaway Jim- not a very big fan of this one although the really ripped the hell out of it, you just knew intermission was coming after this one. First Set overall about 5 out of ten, got us thinking the 2nd set would kick ass though 2nd Set (0:58) Roses are Free, Piper, Guy Forget, When the circus comes>Camel Walk, Driver David Bowie.. E: (0:06) Waste Roses are Free- surprised to see this open the 2ns set although it was a nice, standard version. Piper- This might of been the highlight of the show to me, very high energy Trey was just absolutley going off during this. Guy Forget- had no idea what they were playing but I loved it. Trey was playing his little keyboard and The only thing I can say was that they sounded a hell of a lot like Tortoise during this one. Very spacey and just reall a kick ass tune, would like to hear it again. When the Circus Comes- Boring, should have kept the energy up was hoping for a 2001 that never came... Camel Walk- not familiar with this tune, ok I guess. Driver- thought he would pull out the acoustic for this one but instead was played plugged in, nice a short David Bowie- Just about one of the fattest versions of this song I have heard, the last part was played over and over again more than usual, you could tell the whole band was enjoying this one, very good crowd feedback as well. E:Waste- definately not my first choice but my friend was happy. Over all the 2ndset had it's moments, would have liked another song or two and would rate it a 6 just because that song Guy Forget was sweet. Overall, not one of the better shows I have seen, not as good as last years Tuscon show or Phoenix the year before that but still fun. Being that close was an amazing experience itself. Can't wait to see what direction they go in after the break.. To all the Phans, hope the rest of the tour is sweet, be nice to each other, and will see you hopefully by next summer.. JON
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