10-4-00 -- Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, California

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Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 10:46:15 -0700 From: the colfax Colfax@ampro.net Subject: Chula Review Well, I've really, REALLY been wanting to write a review for Vegas, but haven't yet had the time. So that comment should be some indication as to how much last night's show meant to me that I'm writing that review first. It should go without saying now that Chula Vista is the most laid back, cool arena ever. The California vibe ebbs and flows from everyone involved in that scene. Even the cops on the lot were chill. Overall, the night was musically flawless. Chris Kuroda continues to be the MVP of this tour. It has been many shows since he has captured me the way he has in the 4 shows I've just seen. First set Reba was everything I hope for in a Reba. Except I sortof like the whistling and this was an unfinished one. I'm going to skip right ahead to the end of set Antelope by merely saying that every song they played in the first set was exactly as it's supposed to sound. No flubs. Flawless playing and just straight out jamming. I'll only focus on the real gems. The Antelope was the most incredible Antelope I've heard. This one even rivals some of the "best of" antelopes that I've heard only on tape. That song rivaled it's predecessor, the BOOGIE ON RAGGAE WOMAN jam from Chula last year (9-18-99). I was unable to speak for the first few minutes of set break. 2nd Set opener, Rock and Roll was played well and jammed out nicely. This song never disappoints and this was no exception. 2001 was amazing. I was surprised to hear it again, but loved every second. Kuroda outdid himself on this one. This was even better than his 2001 at Vegas. Tons of fog again and he just lit that stuff up. Lots of spinning wheel type lights creating circles behind the boys. I was sitting pretty close for this one and I looked up at the mothership and it was just hovering above me. I swear I thought I'd be abducted. The rest of the set was REALLY solid. Including a nice Jibboo and a Bug which was really jammed out. It may be the best Bug I've heard. HOOD started up and I couldn't believe how nicely they tooled around with this one for awhile. I'm starting to have mixed feelings on the glowsticks. They're so much fun to watch, but quite distracting during one of Phish's best songs. I tried to keep focusing on the music, but can't wait to hear some sections from the tape again. Every change was hit. Every note was mastered. They were so tight tonight. Cavern and Loving Cup were straightforward and just rocked out. Everyone's voice sounded great tonight. No raspiness in Trey's voice (like on Leno). With the example of SAMPLE, I think the setlist was nicely placed too. And after like 3 seconds into Sample I didn't even mind the placement of it. It was just initially strange. I'm definitely putting this one up there as a favorite. I wish every show could be in Chula. Colfax
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 14:19:31 -0400 From: Larry Mecca LMecca@mathematica-mpr.com Subject: Review - 10/4/2000 - Chula Vista Review - 10/4/2000 - Chula Vista: Good time in the lots, nice mellow laid back feel hangin' in the desert. No charge for parking and security was almost nonexistent. Great place to see a show. Watching the sunset on the desert mountains off to the right and the half-moon come up over the stage while getting a wet ass sitting on the lawn. Moma Dance kicks things off very nicely and I start to twirl. My first It's Ice with a little ambient jamming thrown in giving the feeling of moving slowly throw the icy water where our doubles pulled us down. Bouncin', yeah I know, I like the vocals at the end, standard and it was over quick. Funky Bitch, great tune to shake your ass to and it got me groovin' again after the Boucin' interruption. Reba!! I absolutely love Reba and I was twirlin' all over to it, always lifts my spirits, nicely jammed but no whistling :(. Sweet soulful Dog Faced Boy nearly brings a tear to my eye. Antelope to close the set and what an Antelope it was, building to a maddening crescendo that had us panting for breath, Bob Weaver instead of Marco :), and a ripping close shifting to the high gear of our souls. Some deep rapping with my buddy Herb --that I traveled 3k from Jersey to hang with-- in between sets made the time go by quickly. I found the mud pit that I had churned up during the first set just in time for Rock & Roll!! I got this at PNC this summer coming out of that beautiful Drowned jam. I was praying for Sweet Jane, my other fav from the '98 musical costume, but I'm not gonna complain. You could feel Zarathustra coming and it's a cool tune to dance to although I don't like listening to it on tape for some reason. Sample, with a little ending solo that was nice. Gotta Jiboo baby! My first and it blew me away as it seemed to go on forever at the time in my altered state. Followed by a sweet Bug that was an eternity in itself, just beautiful, and a rippin' Hood with dem funky ass glow stix flying around to accent the light show. Cavern had me looking around for my sandals as it always does :) and the set was over and the boys were walking off the stage. Waiting impatiently for an encore hoping it was gonna be YEM (too much to hope for) but instead the opening notes from Page for Lovin' Cup! I seem to always get this tune but that's alright by me cuz it's great, it makes everyone happy and left us wanting more but we'd have to wait 'til tomorrow at Irvine for it. I left a 6'x6' patch of mud on the lawn in my wake. :) -Lazaryth
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:30:45 -0700 From: Matt O'Malley omallm7@earthlink.net Subject: 10/4 Coors Amphitheater Coors Amphitheater Chula Vista, CA 10/4/00 Vital Statistics: Set I Moma Dance (8:58) It's Ice (9:37) Bouncin' (3:36) Funky Bitch (7:31) Reba* (14:12) Dog Faced Boy (2:23) Antelope** (12:07) Total Time: 58:31 Set II Rock 'n Roll (9:16) Also Sprach Zarathustra (10:43) Sample (5:01) Gotta Jibboo (11:01) Bug (9:51) Harry Hood (12:30) Cavern (4:38) Total Time: 1:02:20 Encore Loving Cup (7:07) *w/o whistling ** Trey introduces Fish as "Bob Weaver" Onto the review... This was my 51st show and second at Coors Amphitheater. Coors is a pleasant pavilion/lawn style venue about 12 miles southeast of downtown San Diego. The Coors logo emblazoned all over the place is gaudy, but in general it's a solid venue. The absence of a roof over the pavilion helps the sound immensely. The rows in the pavilion are well-spaced with plenty of room to move. I have no comment on the lot scene other than it's half paved and half dirt. MOMA DANCE. Standard, excellent MOMA, but check out 7/6/00 Molson Center! Song works very well as an opener. A phunky groove on The ONE. The only time Trey employed the wah pedal on this night. Anyone know *for sure* what type of wah he uses? Teese Real McCoy, Clyde McCoy, Thomas Organ? It ain't no Dunlop, tha's for certain! Superb tone! IT'S ICE followed and the band took this early opportunity to display and sharpen their chops for the rest of the night. This is a welcome return to the rotation, though I admit I got a little tired of the song in '93-94. The improvised middle section of this ICE was weird. Mike kept repeating this VERY loud and deep note on his Modulus that had both my ears and my clothes shaking. It had an ambient feel to it and was frankly rather boring. Just as I was about to nod off, Fish snapped the snare and the song returned to its standard, snappy ending. The band's execution was tight and my grin was wide. BOUNCIN' came next. Standard. FUNKY BITCH: Energy level rose palpably with the opening notes to this song. It varies little, for sure, but it's a hell of blues number. Page took the first solo on the Grand and then Trey tore shit up. Above average version. REBA: I must've looked like a complete idiot jumping up and down (Sec. 103, row R) as Trey started the opening notes of this. The opening section was played a little quick and this made executing the amazingly complex instrumental section, post-lyrics, a difficult order chop-wise. The band held their own and only Trey was guilty of the occasional musical flub. Of course, for most veterans, this song "begins" after Fish's last drum fill (THE CHILL). The jam segment started beautifully (as always) with Trey patiently and mellifluosly soloing in the lower regions of the 'doc. I'd need to hear this again to give it a legitimate review. At times the jam seemed a little rudderless but the last 4 minutes or so were raging. Built to a typically excellent Reba climax. No whistling. DOG FACED BOY: Filler ANTELOPE: Perfect call to close out a solid set of Phish!!! Trey played the intro very true-to-Lawn Boy-form. He was getting excellent tone during the intro which had me very psyched for the Antelope jam. This one kicked my jaded old rear-end with a smoking jam reminiscent of 11/2/96 Coral Sky. Superb Antelope. Best song of the set in terms of its combination of jamming and excecution. Trey, in a light-hearted moment, introduced Fish as "Bob Weaver" during the "Marco Esquandolis" lyric, presumably to acknowledge the incredible display of drumming he put on in the last 3 or so minutes of the Antelope jam. Very satisfying first set in general. No secret what the highlights were. This will make a good car tape. Set II ROCK 'N ROLL: I was expecting Jibboo and was very pleasantly caught off guard by this call to open. After 10/31/98 I was thinking that if any "Loaded" song remains in the rotation it be this one. I'm very glad it did. A good deal of Page vocals tonight, always welcome!!! While nothing can compare the FEROCIOUS JAMMING of the Big Cypress R'nR (the musical highlight of that experience, for me) this one held its own. The jam reminded me at times of a typically-fiery Down w/ Disease jam. Rock star Trey, to be sure. ASZ/2001: Just heard it in Vegas, but this song never seems to bring a set down. Standard good 2001. SAMPLE: Not a personal favorite of mine, but Trey always manages to play one helluva teary-eyed solo at the end. Standard. GOTTA JIBBOO: I was expecting it first. It came fourth. Excellent version, though this song isn't really exploring much new ground at 11 minutes. I think Trey was on guitar for the whole version, which helped. His keyboard playing does nothing for me, or the jams particularly. Good dance song. BUG: I really enjoyed this song and this version in particular was the strongest I think I've heard. Soft and introspective in the beginning and the jam has really turned a corner. Trey in complete control with another half-Rock star/half Teary-eyed jam that was quite moving. Has anyone else noticed that the chord progession to this song is almost identical to Oh! Sweet Nuthin' from (V.U.'s) Loaded. Beautiful melody. HARRY HOOD: This Hood was a little shorter than average, rushed maybe? However, the early moments of the jam segment contained some of the most melodious and beautiful guitar work of the night though. Short, but mostly true-to form [read; excellent] Hood. The obligatory glow stick war during this song is *played* and please stop throwing them at the band for christ sake! I've come to terms with the fact that I'll probably never see another Hood like the version from 7/1/95 Great Woods. A non-tradtional (and spellbindingly gorgeous!) version for comparison. Just the same, the show could have ended here and I would have been sent home smiling. CAVERN: Standard. This helped my Phantasy Phish ranking as it's my set II closer pick. Encore: LOVING CUP: Always a welcome choice. I mean, anything but Fire, right? Nothing out of the ordinary, just great rocking fun w/ a solo that would make Ron Wood jealous. Had a great time and look forward to hearing the Antelope, Reba, Bug, Rock 'n Roll and Hood again sometime soon on CDR. See you tonight in Irvine where I bet it all true for you! ~Matt O'Malley omallm7@earthlink.net
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 09:28:52 -0700 From: Joe Johnson jopa@cts.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: 10-4-00 I: Moma Dance, It's Ice, Bouncin' Around the Room, Funky Bitch, Reba, Dog Faced Boy, Run Like an Antelope II: Rock and Roll, 2001 > Sample in a Jar, Gotta Jibboo, Bug, Harry Hood, Cavern E: Loving Cup This was my first west coast show. As a matter of fact it was the western most show I'd been to outside of Iowa. I'm a Chi-town phellow with a softer spot for the midwest shows, and I usually make it out to the east coast too. THis was #23 for me and I still have the next three farewell shows to go to. I had one more first last night as well, I decided to bring a newbie into our family. He is my cousin and he got me into great music when I was very young so I thought it only fair. He's your typical newbie, metalhead, and we got nicely inebriated (No alcohol) and made our way to the coors amphitheater. Moma: Great opener, This song has gotten progressively way more funked out and they raged at the end. All band members met their changes perfectly. Tight jamming. It's Ice: Phenomenal Ice with a light show that was so on it was spooky. Chula vista is this pirates of the Caribbean style beautiful sierra landscaped theater and the moon sits atop the stage the whole night with the mountains off in the background. Gorgeous. Bouncin': Perfect newbie material Funky Bitch: Trey brings the blues to the west coast, Being from the home of the blues, I LOVE IT. Reba: Great drawn out guitar licks with a raging end. These guys are so tight this tour it's scary. THis reba is worth getting the tapes for. No whistling. My cousin could not comprehend how they played all the changes in this song. At this point he was shitting himself, He made a perfect newbie. I think he's in love, We're finishing out the tour together, I flew out from Chicago and he's driving up the coast with me. I can't wait. Dog Faced Boy: Great song, Bad placement Antelope: Despite hearing it 5 times at very recent shows I enjoyed hearing this version due to the different approach trey took towards the climax at the end of the jam section. It was a Synergy of music and Vibe Long Trippy set break. Grate visuals. Rock and roll: A foreshadow in my opinion of what to expect in these last few TROPHY farewell shows. GONNA MISS YOU GUYS. 2001: My cousins a huge sci-fi freak so this was a great first timer. The light show was mind boggling as usual. Sample: sat down. This song just doesn't belong sometimes. Gotta Jiboo: HAD to piss, I heard enough jiboo's this summer. pretty average from what I heard. Bug: I was at Nashville this summer when they completely fucked this song up so to hear a version like they played tonight was really nice and redeeming. This version raged and is worth getting the tape for. As the cooked at the end, the clouds mysteriously cleared over the back of the stage and the stage looked like a big fireplace with clouds of smoke coming out of the back of it and heading into the mountains and Kuroda caught on this this and just left the red and orange fire lights on. Really trippy. Trey is losing his voice. Harry Hood: I always have a different feeling about this song each time they play it but last night I was soo happy to hear it. Decent glow sticks. They really dropped this one into the "Velvet Sea" liquid jam (that's what I call the middle spacey watery part of this song, the "Velvet Sea," you wade in it as they play) Then they just yank and pull you out and start raging the end and it was a beautifully executed hood. Cavern: Always Fun. I think that this was the planned encore but because of the fireplace effect, they had to play... ...Loving Cup: They came back on stage right away and played a beautiful cup. "I feel so humble with you tonite, just sitting beside fire." PERFECT. My cousin caught on and is presently at work ranting and raving to a bunch of his old dead head bosses. All in all a great show. Highlights were the moma dance, antelope, rock n roll and Hood. Others include the awesome weather and incredible venue and squishy blue stems and caps. Goodnight
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 01:29:39 -0700 (PDT) From: David W. Cooke To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 10-05-00 review Okay, no chit chat about venue, etc., just music... Set One: Moma Dance -- awesome opener. This one shed the normal Moma funk early and just purely rocked. I don't know the time exactly of this one, but it raged long enough for me. A definite set highlight. It's Ice -- A first for me, it was quite humorous to see Fish dancing on his seat. The falling beneath the ice (post-fight) section was extended a little bit further and darker, and reached some interesting "space." Other than that, not exceptional. Bouncing -- Um, it was bouncing. The only thing to add was this was the only Kuroda flub I've ever seen that was so noticeable, but when he was supposed to light up Trey during the vocals at the end, he lit up Page instead, then flicked it off and flicked on Trey's light -- it was amusing. Funky Bitch -- PAAAAAGE!!! This rocked. It got extremely down and dirty with a downright awesome solo by Page. Trey's solo was alright, nothing extreme or anything, but it rocked pretty well. However, it was definitely all about Page for this number. Reba -- Standard Reba. The last couple minutes were pretty good, but it just sort of stopped. Alas, no whistling. Dog-Faced Boy -- Amusing. Antelope -- First couple gears were fairly mellow, but then it started picking up and by the time they hit high gear I was on cloud nine. The crescendo was just maddening, with an intensity that just seemed to grow and grow and explode. Nice Bob Weaver reference, and Trey said "Been you to have any spliff (though he pronounced it very slowly as speleeeef), mon?" Short first set at right around an hour. Highlights were definitely the Moma opener and the Antelope closer, with a nice Funky Bitch by their side. Second set: Rock & Roll --> It was a nice, tight, rocking Rock & Roll. They play this cover quite well, and right as I thought they were about to take it out of its standard setting, they popped right back into the normal groove. Oh well. Out of the noisy ending came some feedback which turned into... Also Sprach Zarathustra --> I was totally predicting Twist, since they played it last night and hadn't played anything off of Farmhouse yet tonight. Alas, it was this. I love classical music, and I was quite happy that I finally got my 2001, but this version was extremely bland. Some standard bass grooves were at work, but the overtones from Trey just weren't adding much to the song. It seemed like the song went feedback --> chorus --> empty space --> chorus --> ending noise. The only thing that saved this rendition of the classic piece was Kuroda's lights -- they were phucking phenomenal. Sample in a Jar -- Wierd song to play after 2001 I thought, but it actually came out pretty well. It, too, was not a genuine segue but a case of the boys starting a new song out of the end of the previous one. Not a big fan of this song usually, I thoroughly enjoyed this version. Jiboo -- Okay, here was the second set jam I was looking for. And then, right as they were taking off, soaring, just about to exit Earth's atmosphere, Trey turns up the feedback and come looping back to the surface. Now don't get me wrong -- I actually liked this version, and thought it was solid and got out of some territory they too often fall into with this, but it never got out entirely. Oh well. Bug -- We needed a break, but this was a Caspian (not to rag on Caspian since I like it, but it totally kills momentum sometimes). My girlfriend really enjoyed this song, and it was okay I suppose. Surprisingly enough, Trey really wailed that last solo out a bit. Harry Hood -- I looked at my watch and saw 45 minutes into the set, and went "Oh shit, please don't end here." This was a VERY straightforward Hood with a minor glowstick war where (luckily) only a few landed on stage. I'll never understand that. The last two minutes of this Hood were quite nice, but so far this set had no real standout. Cavern -- Damn it. I'm beginning to detest this song. It's an OK song, I guess, but when you hear this start up it's quite depressing since you know it means the end of the set. Nothing different on this one. Short set clocking in at 63 minutes. Were we in for a big thunderous jam session for our encore? Maybe a YEM? Loving Cup -- Nope, it was _this_ song. Fortunately, this version was just unbelievable. Trey was all over the guitar solos in this song. When it kicked in I thought maybe we'd get a Squirming Coil paired with it, but alas it was not to be. Overall, the three aforementioned first set highlights belong on philler on some fall discs, but the second set was nothing out of the ordinary. Really, I wasn't as disappointed with the jamming (which actually rocked, though it stayed 99% in-bounds) so much as the short sets. Both sets were right an 1 hour -- that's just not that much music. Oh well, I'll see you all at Irvine and Shoreline.
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:23:32 -0700 From: Bob Shaddox bob@adventurebob.com Subject: 10-4-00 -- REVIEW 10-4-00 -- Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, California Phish and the Art of Nerd Zen Rock I've refrained from going to a show for over a year in an effort to lower my tolerance to Phish (kind of like coffee). Last night was a pleasure. My departure from their music definitely enhanced the experience. The lyrics to Foreigner's "Feels Like The First Time" come to mind. Jam brevity and Kuroda: The band emphasized song selection, rather than jam brevity. Because this is the only 2000 appearance of Phish that I will catch, I didn't mind the shortwinded improvisation. The sound was terrific (especially on the floor) and the lights were spellbinding. The band's lack of stage presence and physical action was totally compensated for by Chris Kuroda. Trey Anastasio's lack of performing with crazy hair, doing backflips and wearing tights was supplemented by Kuroda's fingers dancing and flipping at the controls of the lights. That's fine by me! This relationship between the band and Kuroda is very tasteful and never infringes upon or compensates the mood or quality of the music. Symbiosis. Harry Hood perfectly illustrated this (and the audience participation with the glow "rings" was a nice touch). My double wants to stub me down: Before the show started I was stubbed down (to the floor) by a daring friend. By the second song I was squirming about like a coil and had to leave the safety of the floor for the restroom (destroying my chance to get stubbed down again). I returned to my "real" seat as It's Ice was beginning. This is one of my all time favorite songs. The chasing instrumental section in the middle of the song ensued and I found myself moving in and out of twirling phans, drawn towards the lights and music. At the perimeter of each section within the amphitheater, stonefaced guards were posted (totally unaffected by the music and festivities). I passed two of these outposts unscathed and finally made it to the threshold of the final frontier -- the floor (which was heavily guarded with 4 or 5 agents of the venue). Bouncin' was driving the crowd mad at this point and folks were doing exactly as the refrain emphasizes. I watched several phans elude the careful watch of the security force and then followed suit, cascading over the rail into the floor section just in time for Reba. It was terrific fun. Phish's music was a perfect soundtrack for my mischievous adventure. It was so entertaining to watch the reactions of the security folks as Kuroda's lights flickered upon the faces of the crowd, illuminating the intensity and otherworldly mindset. Emotional phish: Most of the concert was goofy and lighthearted with song highlights like Moma Dance, Gotta Jibboo, Cavern and 2001. My favorite sentimental moments occurred in Bug and Dogfaced Boy. Bug could serve as the mantra of our generation. "It doesn't matter..." I looked around and saw people with their eyes closed swaying to the wave-like repetition of this chorus. Some were high, some rigidly sober and others just naturally buzzed. It's like the audience was connected, but individually everyone was wrapped up in their own little universe. Each one's special. Bug, to me, is a Zen Buddhist rock anthem. Dogfaced Boy was a sweet moment of relief after the nonsensical hysterics of Reba. I'd never seen it perfomed live and was delighted by the fresh sound of the band's harmonies (often this delicate vocal interplay is lost in the large sound of their other tunes). Of course, Lovin' Cup was the ultimate emotional high for the evening. "Oh what a beautiful buzz...." Page, leaning over his keys to belt out, "I feel so humble with you tonight just sitting in front of the fire...", is enough to make even the most androgenously stoned-out, rasta, trustfund mama swoon and vibrate with lust. A good time had by all. The future: Drifting home on the 805, after the show, I gazed out the window and saw folks from across the nation migrating north. I spied license plates from Vermont, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida... every state you can imagine. A homesick feeling, that I have not encountered since my first show at Red Rocks in '96, swept over me. It was a bittersweet moment that will not be soon forgotten. A boy passed us in his bus (windows clouded and tires low) bearing a few obscure stickers. "Play It Leo" was the most prominent one. I couldn't help but giggle to myself and ponder the absolute quirkiness of it all. Who would've guessed that it would turn out like this. Bob Shaddox www.adventurebob.com bob@adventurebob.com
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 07:43:41 EDT From: CJGSky@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review 10 - 04 - 00 Phish Tour emerging from the deserts realm to relax and recharge within the soothing tranquillness of Coastal Soul found in San Diego, CA... Welcome Phish friends to San Diego... and to a beautiful venue, mellow and relaxed lot scene, one of the smoothest found anywhere... Crowd happy and friendly. A warm fuzziness fills the air... A nice jammed out Drowned carried across the lots during soundcheck, seemingly an added bonus of ocean vibe reflecting upon the location. The show opens with a sweeping oceanic Moma Dance, strong and mesmerizing, into a deep transcending It's Ice... With a middle section that almost took off into an improvised jam. The elusive REBA was enticed from the depths of nearby ocean canyons... This Reba carried through wondurous journeys, as if traveling through the ocean waters and all her mysterious creatures, a pure goody... Dog Faced Boy added a cool touch to the first set, which was capped off by a magnificent Antelope that pranced through the shallow waters before being swept up by powerfull ocean currents that took the song up and down the coastline before washing up with the smooth soothing waves... An amazing, powerfull 1st set. A wondurous vibe was alive tonight, a vibe of warm fuzzzy gooo... The 2nd set carried the vibe with a surprise Rock-N-Roll which felt more than All Right. A fantastic 2001 danced and jammed within the crowd and band. Sample played out past all its might into the deeper parts of the night. Jibboo also played within the ocean waters full of warm fuzzy goo. A fuzzy gooey Bug found its way to the show tonight with a Hood taboot... You really can feel good about Hood.. Cavern reminded us when we slip into the night we will want something to drink, and tonight we all drank from a Loving Cup... Awesome night, awesome place, vibe, songs... Truely a warm fuzzzy gooey night of PHISH in West Coast Magic... Ohhh..... SHORELINE !!! psst... There was just something powerfully magical with how the moon sat up above the venue... PEACE
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