10-5-00 -- Irvine Meadows, Irvine, California

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...another great show!!! hell of a good time...dan

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 14:28:00 -0700 From: John Erganian jkerganian@earthlink.net Reply-To: John Erganian jkerganian@pickboydston.com To: dws@gadiel.com, Justin Mandelbaum justin@garageband.com Subject: 10/5 Although it's been 3 weeks, the impact of this show has not diminished for me. First, let me say that L.A. heads (and that includes me) do go crazy for Phish. There was last year's stage dive and the large, nekked, ranting, sweating crazy guy. This year, Trey was hugged on stage, and I saw the guy in front of me lose it and pass out during Guyute--the second song, for Pete's sake! Anybody have any guesses why this is? Anyway, on to the show: Tight, but unspectactular versions of CDT, Guyute, Wolfman's, with a noticeable increase in tightness during Sneaking Sally. Limb By had a loose-but-tight (if that makes any sense) jam that my friend, a seasoned Deadhead, said reminded him in a good way of Crazy Fingers. That is an astute description of this jam. New cover Let's Go Downtown was fun, and the crowd certainly enjoyed the cops shining lights in your eyes, etc lyrics. Beauty was uneventful, but sung well by Trey. Axilla was slow, but fast (if that makes any sense). I guess restrained is a better word. I always love Horn, and I always think Trey's guitar is out of tune and he spends the whole song futzing with his sound. This one was no exception, and I loved it just the same. Possum rocked, in a more straight ahead fashion than did, say, the encore at the Greek Theater in '98, which was funkier and had stop-start jamming. All told, a solid, workmanlike first set which gave little if no indication of what was to come. Second Set: Do What You Can To Get Tapes Of This I saw both Vegas and both Shoreline shows, and I think this is the best set, due to inspired song selection combined with the leadership of one Mike Gordon, who got the rest of the boys to rise to the occasion with him. Even though I've been listening to and following Phish since 1993, my love affair with Mike really began in Vancouver last year and exploded the following show at the Gorge, as I listened to my dream that he could achieve a full, driving sound at all times come true. Drowned to open! This version easily topped the Big Cypress one, as it raged out of control, led by Mike's devastating bass. My friend and I found ourselves staring at each other in disbelief as the jam spiraled further and further out of control while still being anchored by Mike and Fish. Mike was John Entwistle's most talented apostle this night. Although I go on and on about Mike, the entire band was tight beyond belief, achieving a unified sound that I can't describe with words. They weren't four, they were one. And yes, I was sober. As Drowned wound down, I eagerly anticipated a segue that would maintain the awesome, set-making energy just displayed, and there it was, NICU, which both cooled things down and showed that the boys were really going for it song selection-wise. This was a strong version, benefitting from the momentum of Drowned as Mike and Fish kept thumping, Trey drew out the signature notes, and even exhorted Page to "Play it, Leo," which he certainly did. What next? Would they go big? Some sonic grumbling and rumbling and then the high hat--Bowie. Believe the hype friends, this was the best these ears have heard, slightly edging the one two nights later in Shoreline, as I prefer over-the- top peaks to a perfectly executed arranged section (but that's just me). They drove the peaks so high, the tension was unbelievable. The band was tight and the sound was dense, overwhelming. And by sound, I mean the music. Again, disbelief. How can they play this hard, this fast, and this in sync with each other? Now, I love 12/28/94, and I love the Bowie/ Halley's combo so much I sometimes just naturally associate the two. Well, Mike was feelin' it too, and they dropped a funky, unhurried Comet on us. From what I could see, Mike relished his goofy scat counterpoint to the singing of the lyrics. When the Trey solo finally came, Trey delivered, and the band built a jam that rode on the set's momentum, and seemed effortless. You could see that the band enjoyed the jam and didn't mind not knowing where it would go until it morphed into Walk Away, another reminder of a '94 jam, the extraordinary Bomb Factory set 2. Seems to me, this song pops up when they are jamming hard and having fun. Page songs are a rare commodity these days, and Page delivered like he knows this, too. Well done, boys. This Piper was red hot and it let Trey take center stage, as he led the jam into crazy places. I've noticed that Phish, especially during Piper, but in other songs as well, can begin a jam that has the crowd grooving with them, and then take the jam into places so intense that the audience just stands still and has to withstand the onslaught, as the beat gets lost but the jam gets no less intense. Is this Type II jamming? Anyway, this Piper was one of those. In short, the crowd got its ass kicked. And we loved it. Character Zero closes sets, and so did this one. Usually, the high points in this one are Trey's solos, but Mike was Trey's equal here, and the jam turned into Trey staring at Mike, admiring the smooth, hard sound Mike had been working on all night as it came to fruition right in front of him. This prompted Trey to start breaking the song down and chanting, not really singing, "Fast enough for you" (sounding nothing like the song of the same name). Also, let me say that Fish was right with Mike every step of the way, and it was actually the two of them that drove this set to success. A very weird ending, but it was indicative of the out-of the ordinary nature of this set. Encore: WMGGW. Average, at best, but then I've never heard one that stood out. I just don't think Phish does anything special with this song. Maybe Trey felt he didn't solo enough in the second set, which is fair enough. I'll soften my criticism of this song by saying that I think Phish often has a tough time with encores after hot sets, as the momentum that is so important is often lost. Props, though, to Trey, for taking a moment to give props to L.A.. and the L.A. fans That was special, as we here feel like the red-headed step-child in the Phish universe sometimes (we show the least amount of interest which results in them playing the smallest venues[which is a bonus!], we're tagged as the opposite of both the East Coast and of hippie values). Extra special was Trey's name-check of three L.A. rock titans, behind whom Phish placed themselves: Tenacious D, Frank Zappa, and Van Halen. Hell Yeah. I'm out.
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:48:09 -0500 From: Justin Metz jusitnm@mem.net Reply-To: justinm@mem.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 10.5.00 review 10/5/00 Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA I want to preface this review by saying that this was my first and only show in the beautiful state of California, and I feel extremely lucky to have been there. I hadn^t ever even been west of Texas before 10/4/00 (though i had been to most of the midwest, the east coast, mexico and europe). Also very important to me is the fact that I have just welcomed my second son, Taylor, to the world in late April. Because of this I had not planned on seeing any shows on this fall 2000 tour. I had seen 4 on the summer 2000, and have planned a break from touring to be with my family (phish^s break comes at the right time for me :). There was also only one show within reaching distance of memphis (my home), without missing work, and that was second night chicago - a big drive for just one show. I Did that drive for Alpine only 2 months prior and the Alpine show, while good, didn^t live up to Alpine standards. Plus having the new baby, I just didn^t want to go to Chicago. However, I jumped at the oppurtunity when my business offered to fly my wife and I out to Palm Springs, CA. My stay was the evening of the 4th through the 8th, and this was business. My Company kicked down close to 3 grand to get me out there and for me to learn while I was there. I was tied up all week and was unable to attend any other show than 10/5, which was a mere 2 hours drive from my hotel (peanuts to this kid from memphish who is used to at least 6 or 8 hours minimum). So I got my tickets, flew to the Desert on 10/4 , and was smiling when I got off the plane. Part of my smile was from seeing Phish do Twist on Leno the night before, which, imo, was the sickest TV appearance since Farmhouse on 11/7/97 Conan (which remains the best TV appearance, imo). It was also quite pleasing to visit the west coast for the first time in my life. And knowing I would see Phish the next night really put me in high spirits for this trip. I had one wish at this show: Sneakin Sally Through The Alley. I wanted some funkdown!! I was waiting for it for 31 shows (this was my 32nd), but it had always remained ellusive. In 3 cases I missed it by just ONE show (most recent being when they played it in Bama 99, I saw New Orleans and Memphis - The shows before and after that. That really Hurts...) Onto the show... ChalkDust Torture - Tight!! TIGHT!!! TIGHT!!!!!! (did i mention this is TIGHT)!! Very tight opener, contained some familiar CDT riffs from Trey and great interaction from everyone. Great Lift off for this crowd and this show!! Guyute - Frankly, I^m sick of this song. Don^t get me wrong, this is still a great song, I still get into it at shows (this was no exception), and I like it even more on tape. But this was the 11th Guyute for me in my last 22 shows. For you non-math people that^s EVERY OTHER SHOW. Enough is enough. This Version did however feature and extremely dark and evil part (more so than most) in the first 4 lines of the second verse. I was disappointed however, when Trey copped out and took the short ending (the ending on ^ghost^) b/c his solo at the end is one of the few moments of this song that I still LOVE to hear at a show. Wolfman^s Brother - Yet another song I hear frequently as I^m sure you all do. I^ve seen some exceptional versions of this song and to tell you the truth, the last few have disappointed me some. The reason for my dissapointment is b/c they go into some good territory, then just end it. They still jam it, but to me, this is a SEGUE song. The funk is so conducive to launching into just about anything that I get disappointed when it lacks a segue. THIS JAM WAS FIERCE AND FUNKY!! Trey was rippin^, steppin back and funkin^, and getting very spacy at points. MIKE JUST FUNKED IT OUT! After a nice funky/space mix (not exceptionally long, but exceptionally tight), Trey walked over to Mike and said something. I said out Loud ^Please segue into something.^ There is no way I could^ve called Sneakin Sally Through They Alley - Holy SHIT! The only fucking song I wanted to see at Irvine!! I wasn^t even expecting it and told myself not to, because it has been SO ELLUSIVE FOR ME!! MY FIRST!! This was only the second Sally in 2000. Very funky. Not jammed out, but I didn^t Care. Wolfman^s>>Sally is a jam IN and OF ITSELF! And I Finally Got my Sally!! Limb by Limb - Good, Great Mid-Section. Very nice work from Trey and MIke. The most memorable point was near the end where Trey really starts to rip. Some chic ran up onstage and Kissed Trey on the mouth. He leaned over, Kissed her, and continued to rip (not missing a note) while she kissed him. They finally pulled her off him and he was still Jamming!!! Very Cool/Funny!! Come On Baby Let^s Go Downtown - No different than Trey Tour. I find it funny that most of Trey tour has come out in Phish. I saw the St. Louis Trey show and it was incredible. This version was no different than any Trey Version. And by that I mean, I couldn^t really hear what Page was doing. Still a good song. Second Ever by Phish. Beauty of my Dreams - I^m Getting tired of this tune also (poor heart is better!), but CACTUS took a solo, as he did at Antioch earlier this year. It Made it good! Axilla 1 - PURE ONE! No Ending. Great, NO flubs!! ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! Horn - Yet another song that has elluded me. Another first for me. Great!! not much to this song though!! still good to hear. This was turning into a fine show! Possum - Good version. Most of the work came from Page as Trey told Page (via the green mug) to run with it. Trey got in at the end, but only for a short time. Page really got down though. It Didn^t peak as high as I^m used to, but Page^s solo really made this stand out. And that was set 1. It was a Great set, but you could throw the whole fucking thing away and leave Wolfman^s>>Sally and I^d still call this a great set. Overall, very solid playing from everybody. They were tight throughout the entire 70 minutes they were onstage. And I didn^t notice any of the ^tiredness^ that people have said they have been showing on this tour. However, if you want to talk about TRULY GREAT SETS, Those sets that are just so fiery that your energy is spent from dancing long before the set closer LOOK NO FURTHER THAN 10/5/00 SET 2. So the only song I wanted/needed to hear was Sneakin Sally Through The Alley. And four songs in, my need was fulfilled. The rest of what they played could^ve been your average run-of-the-mill phish for all I cared, because the only thing I could think about all setbreak was Wolfmans>Sally... That was until they opened the second set with... DROWNED- HELL YES! Another first for me! I wasn^t really expecting a Drowned at all b/c 2 had allready been played on the tour (Darien and Cincinnatti), so this was a huge surprise! Very Well Done! This is such a Raging Tune!! This one had some great jamming from everyone, especially Trey and Mike. It lasted about 15 minutes before it segued into the reggaeish chords of NICU - Started out slower than most versions, with Trey almost speaking the lyrics. Page took an extra long solo. Good Version. When it ended they immediately launched into an ambient jam, or at least what I thought would be an ambient jam. It lasted for about three minutes and was dominated by light and airy playing from both Trey and MIke. It was absolutely beatiful, and I thought it would just unfold into a huge ambient jam until I heard the Hi-Hat intro kick in... David Bowie - THIS IS BY FAR THE SICKEST DAVID BOWIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! And Bowie is the tune I^ve seen more than any other phish song. I could probably write a review of this Bowie as long as this reviewt, that^s how incredible it was, but I will keep this as short as I can. As I said this really began with an Ambient Jam that was about 3 minutes in length. At about the 3 minute mark Fishman came in with the Hi Hat intro. My response to this was ^Oh shit!^ Partly b/c I was thinking ^another Bowie^ and partly because I reallly expected the Ambience to become a huge jam. The Ambience continued throught the Hi Hat intro, and Fishman only maintained the Hi-Hat for a few beats, mostly he was giving really good fills with the drums. Then BAM, Bowie kicked in. The psyechedelic composed section of the song was pulled off well. I did notice Trey lose it for a few seconds after the ub40 verse, but he quickly caught back up to the rest of the band and played it perfectly into the jam. The Jam was a work of art and a MUST HEAR! Great Bowie Licks pervaded this jam, and Trey was really dominating it. Mike and Page and Fish were all getting in great fills with, But this was mostly Trey. Then about 6 or 8 minutes into the jam, the entire band just changed Key and took this jam off into completely NON-BOWIE territory. This part of the jam was Truly Brilliant and Beautiful. It was completely different than the dark evil jam of Bowie. They jammed this out for at least 5 minutes and I thought we were leaving David Bowie altogether. They continued jamming and brought it slowly back around to the original Bowie jam. Then they proceded to just plain RAGE! This Peaked so fucking hard that I cannot describe it with words. It was The Highest peak I have ever heard in David Bowie, and perfectly segued into the closing segment of the song. All In All this Bowie was UNREAL, and by far **THE PEAK MOMENT** of this show. Halley^s Comet - Yet another First For me. I^ve been waiting 32 shows and 5 years for this tune. I had to travel 3,000 miles to see it! Well Done. It was a great way to follow up that insane Bowie. I was hoping for a funk jam to develop out of it, but it was jammed in the original style, which was fine with me. Not a long jam, but that didn^t matter because it segued perfectly into Walk Away - Hell Yea! 3rd time I^ve seen this in just 2 years. Actually this makes 2 shows in a row that I^ve seen this tune (alpine 00, Irvine 00). This version was 10 times better than Alpine! Probably the best version I have ever heard them play. It was just so Clean and Page was so On Top of It! Piper - I saw this at Alpine this year as well (as well as every 3 shows i^ve seen since 97). And I must say, this song gets better and better every time they play it. The Alpine Version Raged, but this plain blew it away. It only had one Verse, as The Rage Section of the Tune went on extra long, then just developed into a huge jam. About half way through the jam, Trey started in with Crosseyed and Painless chords. I was saying ^please segue into this^ as I have yet to hear Crosseyed. That would have been Icing on the Cake for me, as this show was full of tunes I was waiting to hear. Alas, C+P never developed beyond those chords, but this jam was VERY INTENSE!! It finally wound down into Character Zero - I won^t say this is the best version I have seen, but it was by far the most different. It never Truly peaked, and Trey^s solo wasn^t as Rip-Roaring as most of the Zero^s I have seen. After only a few minutes, Trey and Mike just dropped into this slow, dark little jam, and Trey started saying ^fast enough for you^ over the jam. He said it maybe 6 or 8 times and then they just ended it. It was kind of odd, but for the sake of doing things differently it was good!! THIS WAS SUCH AN INSANE SET!! IT WAS FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!! FROM DROWNED THROUGH ZERO, THIS SET IS A MUST HEAR! Encore: While My Guitar Gently Weeps - I was hoping for A Cities or a Boogie on Encore, but this was good, as I had never seen it before. Trey took an exceptionally long and beatiful solo, longer than any I have ever heard. I^m not really sure if it was after this song or after Zero, but he did his Jedi Tricks with his guitar, then raised it up in the air like a light saber as the lights turned extremely bright. He seems to do this alot now, but I don^t mind, It Kicks ass when he does that! Overall, this was an INCREDIBLE SHOW! The best I have seen out of the 5 I^ve seen this year, and the best I^ve seen since 7/25/99. It was especially nice to see all those songs for the first time. After 30 shows, I^m used to 1 or 2 (if any) new songs per show, but I got 6 which blew me away!! Highlights were Wolfman^s Funkdown>>Sally, Drowned>>NICU, DAVID FUCKING BOWIE, Halley^s>>Walk Away and Piper. If anything, do your best to hear the Bowie from this show. It^ll make you crave to see Bowie at every show. peace out kids justin from memphish. justinm@mem.net
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 16:59:12 -0400 From: Larry Mecca LMecca@mathematica-mpr.com Subject: Review - 10/5/2000 - Irvine Review - 10/5/2000 - Irvine: L.A. Traffic sucked coming from Simi Valley so we got there, parked, and went in. Made that cruel climb up to the lawn and carved out a spot. I usually like the lawn better than seats because there is more room to groove but this lawn was pretty bad with a huge slant and the sound wasn't so hot. Of course none of it mattered once our boys came on to play. Chalkdust opener, got things going and everyone dancing, livin' while we're young. Guyute, very nice, this is a great tune and I always enjoy hearing it and this one had an extremely creepy "new born elf" section. Wolfman's > Sally was a show highlight, they really got down and grooved with these two and I was wearing a big ass grin and dancin' away. Limb by Limb was as wonderful as ever and I really caught a groove and got out there on this one. Didn't see Let's Go Downtown coming at all and it was kinda cool but there is not much they can do with it. Beauty, normally a "take a leak" song but I was sweating so much from dancing that I didn't have to go, it was standard fare. Axilla!, nice and rockin' and always too short. Horn, I always like this tune and it's classic rock feel but if I didn't get a jam soon I was gonna explode after four shorties in a row. oooohhh Possum your the end of the set! Nicely done and always a good closer, I thought I heard the fall down signal but I coulda been flashing back to 12/11/99. Hung out talking to my friend Dawn and her new boyfriend Hugh, catching up with her and getting to know him made the break go quickly. Drowned! great way to open the second set, jammed to within and inch of it's life and it got us all groovin' with a seamless segue into NICU. Huh?!?! NICU?, yup you heard me right. Very unexpected and good to hear although it was a standard rendition. I started talkin' to a girl trough it about the Vegas shows and Kid Rock but she really had to go to the bathroom and I never saw her again and never caught her name. If you see this e-mail me. Bowie! made me forget about her for awhile :) This Bowie is a must hear at all costs and may be one of the all time greats. They ate my mind on this one, it was like I was standing on a mountain, so high it was in the first reaches of space and there were stars swirling all around me. And standing around me were the boys larger than life, three times my size, and Trey reaches down with a silly (puny human) grin on his face and flips the top of my head open and they all reach in and grab an handful and start munching and laughing. Totally blown away by this Bowie and my soul felt cleansed afterwards. I love meatballs so you better get ready for Halley's Comet. I wasn't sure any tune could follow the Bowie mindfuck but Halley's seemed to fit the bill and it was happy and nonsensical and flowed in to Walk Away. I knew this was coming a few minutes before the opening cords and kinda said so a little too loudly, it was like they left a little note in my empty skull after they sucked out my mind saying "We're gonna play "Walk Away" after Halley's. -Phish". It was rockin' and very cool, I guess you could say I called it but it was more of one of those phreaky moments of clairvoyance with the band. Piper!, this built up to it's normal hectic pace and never quit and dancing on the slant was killing my calves but I couldn't stop. It didn't have it's normal release ending but rather went in to this odd little jam that was pretty good. Closing the set was Character Zero which I think everyone in the joint knew was coming. It seemed to follow along normally but towards the end ... what the hell is Trey chanting? ... mumble, mumble ... Fast Enough for You, over and over about half a dozen times or so. It was a droning chant over the ending jam of Zero, nothing like they sing it in the song. They break off the jam and Trey thanx the L.A. crowd and makes a mention of them being the 4th greatest rock bad or something like that then they drop right back in where they left off the ending crescendo and Trey starts a loop and starts waving his guitar around like at Vegas and I thought him and Mike were going to do a guitar duel again but no deals. Wow! what a set, I had know idea what to expect for an encore after that show. I couldn't even begin to hazard a guess and I'm not sure they knew until they came out and started playing. But they played the sweetest While My Guitar Gently Weeps I've ever heard and the guitar solo was full of Trey's soul, pouring out on to us in wails and moans. Fabulous! .. and then it was over and I was full of happiness, I may not have been going to Shoreline but it was alright by me. See y'all out there! -Lazaryth
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 19:48:14 MDT From: Mike Fitzsimmons bucketofthoughts@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Cc: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Irvine Meadows Review Gadiel- I only hit 5 shows this tour. I hit Denver, and all of Cali. Irvine was clearly my favorite show. Chula had to have been one of the weakest shows I have seen in a while, but anyways. On to the Irvine review. Chalkdust: BAM! Got us going right from the start. An above average Chalkdust. It was nothing compared to the Chalkdust with Bobby Weir :), but what is? Guyute: Really stoked to hear this gem. Trey had funkier than usuall vocal effects going on. Wish I could offer more detail, but it was really a nice just long enough Guyute. Kept me smile'n. Wolfman's: Not a favorite of mine, but damn! Kuroda was on, Trey was again the star of this song. Trey seemed to be making up for Chula during Irvine. Sneaking!!!!: This came out of no where!! So pumped to hear a Sneaking. Trey had several bust out solos and again shinned bright. At this point I am rating the show one of the best performances I have seen out of Trey in my last 20 or so shows. LimbXLimb: Yet another repeat from Denver, but one of my favorite songs. During this tune I was kind of focusing on the kid tripping WAY TOO hard behind me, but it still held the show up. Fishman was the standout as usuall in LimbXLimb. Come On Baby: I called this! SO I was fucking pumped! Ok... I know this review is a bit weak... it is just my personal experience... after 57 shows I am writing my first review ever so bare with me. Beauty Of My Dreams: Yet another Denver tune... the boys have been all about the repeats for this tour. But... it was perfectly done and the show kept getting better! Axilla: Haven't heard this in a while so I has stoked. It was a highlight of the first set. Just in FIRE! That is all I can say. Horn: Trey showing his skill like no other! Probably the best Horn I have seen, without a doubt. Possum: More energy than a lighting bolt! Great way to end the first set. Set Break: WAY too much odd shit to mention. Kid behind me kept getting worse. I won't bore you with the rest. Drowned: Easily best Drowned I have seen. Extremely jammed out. They took this jam all over the place just in time to bring it into... NICU: Great place for a NICU. After all that jamming it was good to get some fast dancing in. Great tune as usuall Bowie: Not the longest Bowie ever, but real tight. REAL TIGHT! The jamming madness continued in Bowie and really worked well after NICU. Halley's: Good to calm us down... but not really! We were flipping out over Halley's. We needed this sweet gem after our car trouble in Cali. WALK AWAY: This just oozed out of Halley's no one saw it coming. Really tight tune. Again... not the longest ever, but it never is. now..... PIPER!!: Sick Piper. Yet another repeat from Denver. Just when I thought Denver had the best Piper... the boys came through with this masterpiece!! Character 0: Ok... so I am never really stoked for a Char0, but... DAMN! This was a well down Char0. It does belong as a set closer, but not every damn show. It did belong at this show! Trey was chanting "fast enough for you" during the song. Guitar war after the song. Trey thanking god and everybody. He was proclaiming Phish the 4th greatest band ever behind ?, Frank Zappa, Van Halen. This was a sick zero. While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Such a Sweet Trey song!! This was Trey's night. This was a perfect encore... not to mention that I called it! This is up there on my list of favorite shows. And to think that I almost didn't go in so that I could get to Shoreline early. Shoreline was dank... but I choose to ad my two cents about this show because it really made my week. Thanks guys :) Looking forward to the next Europe tour :) I have never been to Europe.. but I have done the US tour thing enough now. Well until next time. Ride Those Donkies Safely- Mike P.S. Hope to see more Bob Weir (but probably won't :( )
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 08:53:23 PDT From: Chuck Man ghostlymanik@hotmail.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Review: Irvine 10/5/2000 I loved this show! This was my first show in just over a year, so I was far from jaded, and everything was fresh, new and exciting for me. The weather in the afternoon was southern California warm and sunny beautiful. My seat (not that any sitting was done) was *perfect* ^ I was dead center in the back of the orchestra section, smack in front of Chris and the light board. Paul and the soundboard were probably 20 feet straight behind (in the very front of the Loge section). The sound mix was perfect, and the view of the lights was spectacular. On to random thoughts about the music: Chalkdust: They walked out and ripped right into this one without any hesitation or wasted time. One of my favorite phish ^rock^ tunes. ^Can^t this wait til I^m old^ indeed! Not sure this was anything above and beyond any other version played lately, but it was enjoyable. Guyute: Never much liked this song ^ til last night! I do wish the ending bit was more engaging. The jam was standard Guyute to my reckoning. Early in the first set is a good location for Guyute. Wolfman^s: My 4 year old son^s favorite song. He has me play the SS&P version regularly. I like it too. This was great, with our first taste of a jam that was not ^by-the-book just like every other time^. Mike shined here as expected. Segues into^ Sneakin Sally: My first time live. You think Trey^s wife likes this song (it^s got that lyric about marriage I never noticed until last night)? I enjoyed it. Limb x Limb: After hearing that the Denver version was a smoker, I was pleased to hear this one start up in hopes they would continue to build this song. I love fishman on this tune, and he didn^t disappoint. I don^t have sufficient perspective to compare this to other versions, but from the viewpoint of a big fan who doesn^t see many shows,^ it was a smoker. Someone hopped up on stage during this song, and was promptly removed (by Carini I presume). This seemed to energize the crowd for some reason ^ I missed most of it, since I had my eyes closed at the time ^ and prompted Chris to light up the audience a bit (or does he always do that at that part of the song?). Come On Baby Let^s Go Downtown: I know it^s a Crazy Horse tune, but I still think of it as Neil^s for some reason. Again, Chris would shine the lights in everyone^s eyes during that main chorus to the effect of ^a cop shining his light your eyes^ ^ a lyric which I never noticed until now. First time live for me, and I was really diggin^ this set. Beauty of My Dreams: Nice to get some bluegrass. What attracted me to phish originally (1992) was the strong diversity of styles ^ bluegrass, jazz, barbershop quartet, psychedelia, rock&roll, world, etc. I don^t perceive that same diversity of style is presented at shows today to the same degree. Axilla: Heavy metal rock & roll! Horn: A beautiful chill-out song that I enjoyed very much, and provided a nice counter-point to the previous Axilla . Possum: One of my favorite Phish songs. Not the best version I^ve ever heard, but I loved it. You gotta love the intro build into this song, and it was well done here! On to Set 2, where I was really hoping for a Ghost! Drowned: I^ve seen this three of my last six shows (7/20/98; 11/2/98, and 10/5/00). This is the version that grabbed me most, although it may not be the best of those three. Atmosphere, state-of-mind, attitude, life events, day of the week ^ so many things impact the enjoyment of a song beyond just the performance of the song for me. This version had a great jam which segued into^ NICU: don^t have much to say about this one for some reason, other than I enjoyed it. David Bowie: Two major jam vehicles in the first three songs. I love the opening spacey intro to Bowie, although this one was not very long. The jam in the middle was great, and I love the closing section which builds and builds, and then stops on a dime after those final four rapid beats. This was a beauty. Halley^s Comet: Another jam vehicle! The last time I saw this was at Ventura when Trey walked off mid-song. This time, a jam that didn^t disappoint. Mike really holds together that bass vocal piece quite well. Segues into^ Walk Away: Again, Fishman shined (wearing the mumu). Nice power chords from Trey. I am loving this set. Piper: Starts with very soft noodling, and builds and builds until the vocal piece, where the words are basically unintelligible, unless you know what they are, such that the vocals are really just another instrument to contribute to the chaos that is the peak of Piper, and this was no exception. Ambient Jam: As labeled from the set list. I just remember segueing into some beautiful jamming, although I didn^t think of it as Ambient jam at the time that would get separate listing on a setlist. I glance at my watch, realizing it's approaching 11pm, and wondering how are they gonna rap this baby up? Character Zero: This was to me a very bizarre Zero, with the jam section played slowly. I remember thinking of Trey^s solo as either ^chewy^ or ^like walking through deep thick mud that sucks your feet up and doesn^t want to let go.^ There was this tension in Trey^s solo where you wanted him to break free and shred guitar hero style, but it stayed slow and restrained (and strangely quite appealing). And then for he closing section, they just kept slowing it down (hence Trey (and other band members) repeating ^fast enough for you^ through the closing section), until it died. Then Trey^s interesting ^thanks for coming we had a lot of fun^ statement, including thanking L.A. for making phish its 4th favorite band. I^ll have to hear this again to understand the sarcasm better. Encore: While My Guitar Gently Weeps: It was less than five minutes to curfew, so I expected some short rocking # (and was fearing ^highway to hell^ for some reason). What we got was beautiful, and carried past 11pm by several minutes, such that during Trey^s solo you could see the back curtain being pulled open and shut a few times. A very nice song with a beautiful solo. I loved this show. I^m anxious to hear other^s comments (and to hear the tapes), to see if my sentiments were purely based on the fact that I^ve been so deprived of live Phish for the past year, or if it^s because there was a lot of quality jamming within the show. Let^s recap: Wolfman^s -> Sally; Possum; Drowned; Bowie; Halley^s; Piper; a strange Zero and WMGGW = awesome show! I^m gonna miss these guys. Chuck
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2000 14:12:12 EDT From: Seth Eisenstein setheisenstein@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Verizon Wireless Review Ok...to cut to the chase...my 26th show, 2nd West coast, and after the somewhat lackluster short show last night night at Chula, I was counting on the boys to raise the bar a little bit. And they did NOT disappoint. I met some fellas in the lot who were nice enough to get me down into the loge (right behind the orchestra) and the seats were very nice. Boys take the stage about 7:45ish and cut into CHALKDUST: A nice kick in the ass and an excellent rockin dust. I've probably seen it 12-15 times but no problem with this! GUYUTE: First for me since afternoon set on dec 31st. Very well executed, but I'm itching for some real jamming now. and... WOLFMANS: Yes!! go mike, go mike, its ya birthday. But then they drifted into a nice funk jam, and then...was it??? ---> SNEAKIN SALLY: oh my god. such a groovy segue and the funkalicious playing continues. I'm really happy w/the song selection at this point. Boys wait a moment and then Trey leads into LIMB X LIMB: Very well played. Trey caught some beautiful melodic lines here and as he's really kicking the jam, a girlie runs on stage and gives Trey a big hug. How he managed to keep playing and stay focused at that moment was pretty amazing. naturally carini or someone dragged her off Trey so they could finish up an amazing Limb. I guess Trey liked what he saw cuz next up was COME ON BABY LET"S GO DOWNTOWN: I argue that he played this one for his new "friend." Short but nice. then I heard the opening licks of BEAUTY and ran for the pisser. I got there as this song was ending (the aisles were packed, security was nonexistent), then from the bathroom I heard them start into AXILLA 1: damn. oh well. It could have been AC/DC or something and then I would have been really pissed. Managed to hustle back to my section just in time for CAR HORN: nice. felt like good timing to me. they then closed it out nicely w/ POSSUM: YEEEHAW!!! page takes a nice solo, followed by Trey absolutely shredding the song. it was nice to hear both piano and guitar solos on this one, most of the possums i've heard are strictly Trey, but we get some proper Leo tonight. Good set, longer then either one last night and I enjoyed the thick funk of wolfmans-->sneaking and limb by limb as the tops. Set II began about 9:35 with DROWNED: awww yeah. unlike rock and roll last night, this got jammed out extensively, I would say for 15 min or so and smoothed its way into NICU: big surprise, it was quite an interesting segue, and once again PLAY IT LEO!!!! now we get da party started, folks. DAVID BOWIE: pretty minimal on the intro space, but once they kicked into the song, it was AWESOME. about maybe 8 min in, the jam turned gorgeous with a key change a la, say, 12/3/97 bowie (great spectrum show, BTW). And the glowsticks start a-flyin. Chris did an excellent job with the lights on this song, really added to a tremendous buildup. I was happy to see that most folks were NOT throwing sticks at the band. It felt like they did the ending Trey speed lick an extra couple times. Sick sick bowie, hear it at all costs. HALLEY'S was a little slow tempo wise, but very funky and sung well...and another stage jumper, then once again some dope jamming, into...uh uh, no freaking way.. WALK AWAY!!!! no comment needed. thanks boys. My first live. Page's vocals sounded great here and I loved it. PIPER was terrific for about 90% of the song. Trey kept rocking it and rockin it and refused to let it die. great lights again from CK5...towards the end it got kinda odd, like it was fizzling to death, but I can't bitch too much...and another segue (although pretty rough) into CHARACTER 0: plenty fun. Trey started jamming it like normal, then he and mike started crunching these low chords for like 2 min, and instead of the "ahhhhh-ah" ending, Trey started singing, very low and freakily, "ooo, fast enough for you." very creative and for that purpose alone I make it the best Character zero that I've heard. ENC: Trey thanks the L.A. crowd (I would like to thank you guys too, it's a very different scene from the tense feeling I encountered at Camden this summer and I think the west coast phans are great) and goes into some nonsense about how Phish is the 4th greatest band of all time behind tenacious D, Frank Zappa, and Van Halen. I don't know what he was smoking tonight. WMGGW was nice, a good encore on this night..the old fella next to seemed to really enjoy it. trey went zonko with the feedback after this song, waving his Doc all around. All in all a great show with some SERIOUS jamming in set II. they took it right up to 11 PM and just gave the crowd a whole lot more then last night. Shoreline will be crazy, no doubt about it... peace, Seth
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 00:54:04 -0400 From: nikkiwagner ldjn100@impop.bellatlantic.net Reply-To: nikkiwagner ldjn100@bellatlantic.net i felt my bowels mone in between piper and and zero other than that i felt like i was an ewok
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 02:35:32 -0700 (PDT) From: David W. Cooke dcooke@odin.ac.hmc.edu Subject: Irvine Meadows (Verizon Amphitheater) review No scene nonsense, just the facts... First Set: Chalkdust -- Very proud to say I called this. Got fairly bluesy -- nice, energetic opener. Guyute -- Not a personal favorite by any means, but Kuroda definitely has got the lights nailed down for this one. Lots of space before final vocal segment. Wolfman's Brother -> My friend turned to me midway through this and said, now this is why I come to see Phish -- I could not have agreed with him more. Extremely funky rendition with a VERY nice groove, felt it going somewhere, and nowhere more perfect than... Sneaking Sally -- Complemented Wolfman's funk with this super-sweet down-and-dirty number. Very deep, and kept the groove going well. Limb by Limb -- I never noticed how incredible the work is between Mike and Trey on this with the two of them in different time signatures, and then there was Fishman, who managed to perfection to keep the inhuman beat that is Limb by Limb. Let's Go Downtown -- I had no idea what this song was until I heard the lyrics. I must say I was happy that this clocked in no more than 3.5 minutes. Beauty -- Fun little number. We had had some funk, some rock, now we get our country. Axilla -- Awww yeah. A very energetic number, so it got the crowd somewhat back into it. Nothing good or bad with this one -- it's just Axilla. Unfortunately, it's quite short, which made three in a row. Horn -- What?!? Four shorties in a row? Wierd. This is a song I could take or leave, so I really can't comment on how good/bad it was. Seemed standard to me. Possum -- Nice drawn out beginning, with a lot less country-rock sound and more of the bluesy funk that had been prominent in the set. Overall, the set clocked in at 68 minutes. The Wolfman's -> Sally jam was a definite highlight, with a really tight Limb by Limb and a nice phat Possum closer coming up right behind. Second Set Drowned -> Was surprised to hear this after the Rock and Roll opener last night -- it seems they alternate nights which ones get played. I really dug the jam that sprung out of this, but wasn't expecting at all what came out of it which was... NICU -- Like the Sample from last night, this was a really wierd segue, but it flowed seamlessly and sounded so right at the time. A standard but it flowed seamlessly and sounded so right at the time. A standard NICU, the feedback led into... David Bowie -- This Bowie was really bizarre in that it basically didn't have a hi-hat section. They played with the space that was NICU's feedback for three minutes, with Fishman barely touching his set -- it was mostly Mike and Trey at this point. There were two very minor hi-hat teases amongst this space, one smack in the middle and the other right at three minutes which then popped into the vocal section. After the UB40 vocals, this song really took off. This was clearly the jam of the night. I can't explain at all the levels this jam had, but it flowed like water, and I bathed in the madness. It was fucking beautiful. Definitely get the tapes of this. Halley's Comet -> I love the vocals in this, and overall the song is just very bouncy. But after the last section of lyrics, the song turned hard rock and stayed in that jam for a few minutes, before it began to evolve. I had no idea where the jam was going, but it was quite clear it was headed somewhere, which became... Walkaway -- This was standard, but formed so well out of the Halley's, and is just an exceptionally nice cover to play. Very nice, boys. Piper -- This was a very strange Piper. They started a feedback jam out of nowhere (it wasn't out of Walkaway), and then at about two or more minutes I realized it was Piper, and then at three minutes the vocals started. There was extremely little build-up, and the way the jam started, I thought it was going to peak extremely quickly. Actually, though, it did begin to peak right under 6 minutes, after which I had the most happy moment at a Phish concert ever. I had the hugest smile on my face and was dancing like a madman, tingling with delight. They peaked this jam, and then brought it down a couple notches before trying to peak in the same style again. They didn't quite nail it as well this time, but then it settled into this groove that I swore was going to be a segue because it seemed to have some form, but it never did. Out of this groove, Trey said something to Mike, and they both stepped forward for what looked like a serious groove session, but as Trey totally flubbed and way overdid the feedback, the jam flopped on its face and died. They ended the song very shortly after that. Character Zero -- There was basically no time between Piper and this, but it certainly wasn't a segue. I knew it was the set closer, so I was a little disappointed. Right where there would normally be a hard rock, Hendrix-style Trey session, however, they took it to a very dark, funky level (there's that theme again). All of a sudden it totally lost the Zero feel and then Trey said something barely audible (I later realized he said "Fast Enough"), and then the song slowed down immensely and he and Mike stood up to the mics while deep in this funky groove (~6 minutes in) and began singing the words "Fast Enough for You" over the funk. It was very odd, and most enjoyable. The boys get two thumbs up for whatever they were trying to pull here -- it was very cool and brought a huge smile to my face. Shortly after this, the song came to a complete stop right before there would be the feedback ending, but Trey held off to say a few words, something close to this: "We've had a great time playing here for you, in LA, a really great time, I mean it. And we're very proud to be the fourth greatest rock and roll band ever to play here behind Frank Zappa, Tenacious D, and Van Halen." This had me in hysterics. I have no idea where he pulled this from, but when I wake up tomorrow it'll be one of the first things I find out. Then they ended with feedback hysteria, the set coming in at over 73 minutes. Encore: While My Guitar Gently Weeps -- I am definitely not a very big fan of Phish doing this song. In fact, I wish they wouldn't. That said, it sounded like it always does, a little bit off-something, but the crowd seemed into it. Trey and Mike both did some funky things at the end -- Mike was hitting some bell with his foot (this isn't the infamous fight bell, is it?), and Trey was flailing his guitar around like he was an 80's hairband guitarist, 'til finally he almost smashed it on the ground and the song ended. Overall, this show was tons better than last night. The segues were flawless, and the groove was heavy. The entire second set is worth hearing, but if you hear nothing else, listen to the 18-minute Bowie -- it was magnificent. The Piper was quite strong as well, and the Wolfman's -> Sally I already said was a great funk jamfest.
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 14:26:54 -0700 From: "Sarkin, Michael" MSARKIN@Orrick.com Subject: More Info. Dear Dan: With respect to the Phish show last week at Verizon Amphitheater (formerly Irvine Meadows), I though it would be worth noting on your phish.net tour page that at the conclusion of "Charater Zero", Trey made a rather humorous point to the affect that "Phish is honored to be considered the 4th greatest band in the world, behind the likes of Tenacious D, Frank Zappa and Van Halen." This was really classic. If you're not sure, Tenacious D is a "spinal tapish" group from LA, founded by actor Jack Black (Enemy of the State, Hi Fidelity) and I am sure they were hanging out with the boys of Phish backstage. Thanks very much. I hope this makes it onto your website. Michael Sarkin For confirmation of the above, you can email the following: cliffsarkin@aol.com msbowen@ucsd.edu lappelba@uci.edu deanl@quantumts.com
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