6-22-00 -- Amsouth Amphitheatre - Antioch, Tennessee

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Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 09:37:46 -0500
From: "Hanby, Tim" Tim.Hanby@tbe.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: Antioch review

Phish  6/22/00   Amsouth Amp. Antioch TN.
Great lot seen as summer 2000 gets into full gear.  Beautiful weather got
everyone ready for this long awaited repeat at this venue. Now as you
remember, last year got cut short due to massive storms but this year looked
perfect and the setlist tells it all. 8 pm they take the stage.
First Tube- becoming a classic opener. Mike was having  major problems with
his bass throughout this entire song. They ended up switching basses and got
him hooked up and Mike was in full mode ready to attack.
Wolfmans Brother- Solid version with heavy funk from mike. A top notch version
that fit great right at the shows beginning. It ended with some "Smoke on the
water" riffs. Nice touch!
Beauty of  my Dreams- Standered. Very quick. Nashville all the way.
Golgi- smoking. Very high energy. They were back and ready to fire it up!
Limbxlimb-very nice jam sequence. Took some nice paths and explored it very
well ending with fishman doing the inhuman drum beat.
Bug- Played  nice and slow. They really took their time on this one and came
off with a fantastic version of this ditti.
Roggae- Another slow tune keeping this first set mellow. Didn’t top last years
version here. Missing that fiddle, mandoline and dobro but they would take
care of that in the second set.
Chalkdust- The  heavy set closer with lots of energy. Really picked the crowd
up and ended the set nicely.

Overall a standered first set with few highlights but some damn good tunes.
Its all about the second set. When you go to these shows you always hope the
second set with blow you away. People, tonight was the night.

Gotta Jiboo> Unbelievable jam section in this song. The band was totally
hooked up and feeling the need to explore. This took Jiboo places I thought it
would never go. This is why Phish continues to amaze me. A pretty wild
Glowstick war insued on the lawn.
2001> This was Memphis 99 revisited. The same second set opener into 2001.
Lots of fog, wonderful delay loops, and staight up energy got this crowd lit
up. Chris on the lights was fantastic. Not topping the Pyramid version but
still exactly what I go to see.
SAND!> Highlight of the night hands down. The exploration that went into this
song was unlike anything I have seen Phish do. I have seen about 30 shows and
I was so happy to see them  take chances. After the verses, trey just stepped
back and seemed to challenge one of the other members to step up. So they laid
the usuall heavy beat while trey just looked and waited. Finally fish took the
challege and started laying down some amazing stuff. Get the tape of this set
. I was just so proud to see Phish taking risk. This song takes so many
directions, you just got to hear it.
Harry> Again, they are really taking chances and mixing it up. The opening to
Hood they play the little riff like 5 times, doing various loops and delays.
Really exploring it. Then BAM….
Dog Faced Boy> crowd goes ape shit. Totally out of left field. We were all
ready to start chanting Hood but trey snuck this cool little country ditti in
out of nowwhere. It worked so well. I was just stunned. Then….
HOOD> bam…back into the hood opening one time around then they insue with the
rest of the song. It was just a really cool moment and I was so happy to see
them taking chances and mixing it up. Then as the beautiful hood jam came, Del
McCoury came out with his crew to play fiddle, mandoline and banjo during the
Hood jam. It sounded sooooo good. Words don’t do it justice.
Blue and Lonesome- Anybody know when this one was last played. Seems like 95
or 96. Awesome!
Coming home- Ricky Scaggs came out  for this tune along with more folks. There
must have been 8 more musicians on the stage. The band was absolutely having a
Uncle Penn-  Ricky scaggs belted out the lyrics to this number. His strong
country voice filled the Tennessee night.
FreeBird- Winona Judd….you gotta be kidding me. No way. But it was her. She
said it was the anniversary of her divorce and that this song was for her and
all her sisters. They played it very well. She was totally into it and I think
she has got it for Trey. She was all over him. It was a very long version
jammed to the extreme. Ms. Judd pulled a fan up onto the stage and they
danced. It was hilarious. That dude will have that story to tell for years to
come. The end was just smoking as trey could not be stopped.

Encore: YEM- what more do you want from an  encore. 15 minutes and funked so
far out. Was very close to the version they pulled of last year there during
the storm.  Page talked about how they had a great tiime playing in Nashville.
If this is a sign of things to come this tour it should be their most
exploritory tour in years and that’s music to my ears as they seem to be
focusing on mixing things up. Get the second set to this show and pay close
attention to the Jiboo, Sand, HooD>DogfacedBoy>Hood, …oh hell get the whole
set! See you cats in ATLANTA!!!

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:29:42 -0400 From: Ben Meyer benji7@prodigy.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Just got home It's taken me awhile to get my thoughts together after this show but I think I have everything in order. I mean what a mindfuck the boys pulled off in TN! I drove all the way from Chicago on a suspended licence by myself because I had 10th row PAV. and I wasn't going to miss the tour opener. So I sucked it up and thanked my lucky stars when I got home but it was soooo worth it. This was my 12th show and I must say I think that it is the most night and day 1st set/2nd set difference I've ever seen at a show. SONG BY SONG First tube: I've been calling this as the summer opener since New Years Eve. No suprises here except that the sound guys botched the setup and tottaly screwed mike's usually very cool groove. This was a shame but the boys made a comeback and the ending was hot. Wolfman's: I forgot to pee before the show so I went here and didn't miss much. A mellow version with a very cool inna gadda davita tease to close it. Pretty standard so far for the summer opener. Waiting for something killer and then... BOMD: Okay, don't get me wrong, I love this song and all but so far a sleeper and this BOMD was standard. Golgi: There it is! Yeah! Perfectly played version. perfect placement get the tapes for this one this song gets better every time I hear it. Alot like the Big Cypress version. Limb by Limb: To all you that love this song this was a great version and kinda made me see it in a new light, but oh god I've seen this at probably 7 of my last 8 shows. Bug: horrible!! Trey and mike totally fucked it up both times right before the refrain and it just killed what was one of my new favorite songs Poor Heart: awesome!! I was totally hiped for some straight hillbilly shit tonite and this was right on. An instant classic. The beast heart that I have heard. Roggae: I love this song, I loved this version, this was right on in every way made up for the squashed bug. CHALKDUST: a long teasing pause between songs and then boom! And you knew it was going to be sick. The real turning point in the show. As good as Alpine last year except Trey stayed on his feet this time. Blistering guitar and piano. Get the tapes. Setbreak LOOOONNNGGG! Jiboo: I couldn't wait to hear this one after I heard it at New Years and for good reason. The funk factor in this song was so rich and you knew at this point that the boys had gotten back on the train and left that wreck of a first set behind them. 2001: Sick lights, Sick funk and an all around awesome version of ASZ. CK5 debuted his summer show and let me tell you, if you haven't seen them yet get ready. INTO Sand: without a doubt the highlight of the whole show. I knew they would play it i knew I would love it, but I had no idea at the amount of crazy space and funk and groove that could be put into this song. All four of the guys were at their peak of musical creativity and they created a synergy a beautiful meritage that was... the sickest ever sand, and one of the best songs I've ever heard the band play. What could possibly insue? I was scared to find out. Harry Hood: I came to this show not wanting to hear this song because like limb by limb I've heard to much. I left this show saying that I hope they open Atlanta tommoro with this song because they took it to the next level and it was pure phishy enjoyment. Into DFB after the intro and then back into "HARRY"..."HOOD" Jaw dropper. Sick. Then out comes sam bush ricky scaggs and the del mccoury band. WHAT? That was out of right field and all the musicians fit into this all to phishy jam very well. Blue and Lonesome: Very neat Hold whatcha got: Also a good foot tapper Uncle Pen: Saw this coming and was very happy to hear my first pen after I got to the Ill St.Univ. Show late and missed it. Freebird: beyond words. Winona Judd, phans holding their heads, slack-jawed in amazement at this incredible display of an American rock classic. Trey tore it up did the song justice and put the badass back into nashville. Way out there. incredible. How could they follow this up? YEM: The exclamation point on what must have been 1 of my top two best second sets ever. Full tramps and awesome vocal jam with light solo. Get the tapes, woo-hoo Summer 2000! Good night.
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 04:34:17 -0700 From: Greg Peeler harpua13@theglobe.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: review Antioch Hi everyone, Words of the day "Wynnona Fucking Judd??!?!?!?" I was able to see the first four shows so far. I havn't gotten a chance to popst anything on them yet so I thought Id throw this out for public consumption before I leave for Camden. Antioch- Hot as hell with a broiling sun. Peaceful, happy lot scene with the "Just glad to be here" vibe. Toughest patdown I've ever seen in a venue thats not DC (of course the disco ball rules all) and at 8:10 the boys hit the stage. Once Mike got his Bass fixed, the first set was pretty damn good. The In a Gadda Da Vida jam at the end of the funky ass Wolfies was really nice (would you believe one of my buds called it on the way in?????) as was the midset Golgi. I have a feeling that by Polaris Bug is gonna become a major fucking annoyance ("overrated..." please dont write anymore dull songs with ridiculously bad lyrics) but that will hardly kill a good time (more on that at Walnut). Lots of bluegrass, and so it was that this was the bluegrass part of the tour, enough so that I heard four Uncle Pens before a damn Mikes Song. Anyway, a couple doobies and set 2 (anyone notice that over the past 2 years setbreaks have increased by 20-25 min?) is upon us. Good solid Jiboo opener got the groove going fine and a short but solid 2001 kicked it up a notch. Into a Sand that was only OK. They screwed around the jam for a few minutes and then got completely lost, and not in a good way. Trey it seemed had no clue what to do with the song for about 5 minutes before bringing it back down cleanly so they salvage something no complaints, just not an award winning Sand (actuallly, they need to find out what to do with this song, it seems as if it just runs in place into the ground for 20 minutes). Well, then they played Harry Hood and the whole night changed. As they are going through the intro, pretty good one too, they suddenly stop (planned?) and break into...Dog Faced Boy????? Whoa, THAT was weird. I really got off on this havn't seen DFB since Philly 97 (i think...was that the last one?) and after a very pretty DFB...WHAM back into Harry without missing a single BEAT!!! The crowd is having a communal orgasm at this point, me included. A gorgeous Harry is supplimented with the Del McCrory Band for a swinging bluegrass take. This led into more guest stars being added through the old BG standards (including a really good Uncle Pen that they could have not reprised in NC) till there was like no room at all onstage. Then some big woman appears making the stage even more crowded. Turns out it was Wynnona Judd and she was in a great old mood. Turns out that this was the first anniversary of her divorce. Now whatever I thought was going to happen, I sure as hell did not expect a full on version of Free Bird (last done with instruments sometime in early 87...WOW) with a kick ass full bore Jam with Wynnona all over Trey and Jon. Amazing stuff. I couldn't stop laughing, cheering and grooving the whole time. What a way to end the show. I expected a Cavern quickie for the encore after that, but Trey walks out, says how much fun they have had and they launch into...YEM?!?!?! Damn Sam, so a nice old funky 20 minute YEM closes it out. A worthy show indeed, and an awesome way to start what seems to be the most solid tour they've done in awhile. theglobe.com Your friendly full-service integrated online community. http://www.theglobe.com
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 08:42:22 -0500 From: John Mohs TheDedHed@home.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: TN Oh brotha, here we go again. Another year of great music from the boys up north. Traffic was terrible due to road work but it made the suspence of seeing the faces of friends and the sights of the lots worth it. I ended up seeing no one I knew from back home until I got inside but then they came out of the wood work. I jumped the rail when the house lights went down and landed in First Tube. No warm up at all...just move into high gear and get down. One word to describe the first jam of the season -- Intense. Wolfman's or any other common thrown in next was great, gave me time to find rythm and really feel good moving with the music. The In-a-gadda-da-vida ending tagged on there made me jump for me setlist to write it down. Unexpected. From here on it was smooth sailing, nothign to fast nothign tooooo slow. They threw in a limb/limb, bug (one of my more favorite new songs in the mix) took me awhile to get used to, etc etc. Chalkdust good set closer, don't pull out all the stops at once. First set was relaxing in my opinion, the songs off the new album as expected, oldies but goodies, and new improvisations. Phish doing what is does best. The feeling was kinda odd and brought a smile to my face when I sat down during set break and glanced over the songs. It seemed like mid-tour caliber stuff, but for any new fan would blow thier mind, as mine was my first show. This is the tour opener...somethings gonna give. And it did... Once again, the lights go down, phish comes up. What a gift from the guys this was, Gotta Jiboo. Everyones on thier feet dancing up a storm. I mean people who weren't getting down first set must have had some sort of vision cause they were machines when phish started playing to open the second. Brought a smile to everyones face and geared us up fot what was in store. 2001, I haven't heard this song enough and I don't think I actually could. I love to dance to this song, and I'll prove it to any non-believers. Sand, more new stuff but thats fine with me, live is always better than studio in my opinion, the free form jams are priceless and they really took off with this song. Turning up the tempo they start up Hood jam (Glad to hear it, I could rule it out as an encore) While awaiting the culminary chanting of Hood, Phish takes us all on a ride, brings us to a screaching Hood halt into a DogfacedBoy mellow movement. I couldnt move! I didnt dare reach for my pen to write anything down, this could. It was something to be heard for yourself, my thoughts on it can't be put into words. ----> harry HOOD! harry HOOD! and eventually the glowsticks filled the sky. Up next... a bunch bluegrass/country influence. mandolins, banjos, fiddles, more bass, and guitar. I loooove the mandolin and banjo. I'm not too big on country BUT it is TN and the music was great. Up next...and I kid you not. I heard people calling Freebird a good 1-2 songs before winona came out and belted this one out. Who tipped these people off? I didnt hear them calling a Judd sister to sing it tho! Ah Ha! And correct me if I'm wrong but she was over interested in trey. (shurg, you be the judge) People yelling "play some skynard" was randomly shouted hear and there. Amusing. Last summers' Tue. Gone was much better, but this show was more than i could of already asked for. Finally the end drew near and it was time for an encore... YEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should of known, loooong jam to end the night, very "positive" vibe from this song. I left satisfied, but wanting more. Is there such thing as too much live phish??? Skewl sucks, keeping me off the tour, see you in Deer Creek! THEDEDHED
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:58:20 EDT From: I9651995@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6/22/00 Nashville Review. What a Tour Opener! Got to the lot around 5:30, wasn't really that active, so we decided to go ahead on in and grab a good spot on the lawn. The boys finally came on and busted out First Tube, it was beautiful, allthough Mike was having problems with his bass the whole song. Then I hear leo start up Wolfman's and I was very delighted, this song was a great version, Not as Funked out as some in the past, but still good. Beauty of my Dreams was great to hear, kinda got me all pumped up to be in Nashville
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 10:34:16 -0700 From: Andrew Wynn awynn@icx.net Reply-To: support@icx.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Antioch Fun Oh My God.... As a long time Phish fan, I must say that I was blown away by the performance in Nashville. What could they possibly have left up their sleeves after this one? Wynona Judd singing freebird? The whole McCoury band? AMAZING... The first set was sooo danceable, I didn't sit till the set-break...and a long set-break it was!! It's all good cause I bet they were just practicing with the troop of bluegrass stars they were hiding behind the stage. We had an idea that they were going to bring out Ron or Rob McCoury but Ricky Skaggs and Del McCoury? Wynona Judd? As Trey said "the gangs all here" They were all having fun, trading licks, and sharing in the groove!!!!!!! What a set-list, from one jammin tune to the next Phish was smokin' all night. Tube, Wolfman, Beauty, Golgi, Limb, Bug, Poor Heart, Roggea, Chalkdust... I haven't heard Chalkdust or Poor Heart in quite a while, quite nice... the first set was awesome but nothing compared to the surprises and energy of the second set ... GottaJibboo, Sand, HarryHood > DogfacedBoy > HarryHood, Blue and Lonesome, ComingHome, UnclePen, Freebird ... where do they get this stuff from?? amazing.... Looking forward to more of this Nashville tradition, last year they were headed for this, but mother nature cut us all off, this time nothing was stopping the congregation of masterful musicianship!!! I have always been a bluegrass fan and a Phish phan, but to see my heroes of both worlds collide and play out a now fabled Jam for all to participate in was nearly more than I could handle. Thanks Phish et. all LoL Andrew Wynn
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 01:16:28 EDT From: Kevin Janes makisupa36@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6/22/00 review hey now~ this was by far the best show I have ever seen (number 7 for me). I won't go into setlists too much, but the first set was solid, cool Golgi and Chalkdust, but the second set, WOW!!! Jibboo>2001>Sand, Hood>Dog-Faced>Hood, what an amazing sequence of music. they were really stretching the boundaries there, taking the jams to a whole new, beautiful level. and the guests, Sam Bush is my hero!!! I only wished to see Sam out there, but when he walked on stage, I flipped out!!! and Wynonna Judd, what??? that was pretty random, but cool. she was really working the crowd and having a blast, too bad Ashley didn't show up! YEM, YEM, YEM!!! If I never hear any Phish song but this one ever again, I won't complain. lots of energy this time and beautiful vocal jam. thanks boys for a marvelous opening night! I'm glad to see they've been mixing up the sets this summer so far (about 106 different songs in 12 shows). it's great to be alive! peace... Kevin Janes
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 13:15:28 -0500 From: Portis Tanner ptanner@curb.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Special Guests The guests were: Hood-Sam Bush-fiddle, Ronnie-mandolin & Rob McCoury-banjo- then the rest of the Del Mcoury band came out, which includes Ronnie & Rob, Del-Guitar Vocals-Mike Bubb-upright bass, jason carter-fiddle, and also Rickey Skaggs on mandolin/vocals. And of course Wynona Judd, Ha! What a laugh I got
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 11:22:56 -0400 From: Andrew_Asbill/JBG@jbg.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Last night's set Hi! Just a quick note...the bass player's name is Mike Bubb and the fiddle player's name is Jason Carter, both of the Del McCoury Band...thanks!
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 09:29:14 -0500 From: john doe joynny@aol.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Antioch What a show! Great way to kick off the summer tour. the boys were really on tonight, and feeding off of great vibes from the crowd. Wynona Judd was a definite surprise, still not sure what to think of her. Anyway, I give it an "A" and look forward to the rest of a great tour. Steve Shaw ShawNug420@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 15:32:56 EDT From: Gspreuss@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: the truth about Winona Judd Just want everyone to know that Winona Judd is no more her name than Coolio is the real name of Calvin Broaduss or Hulk Hogan is the real name of Terry Benet. Her real name is Christina Simonella (unsure about spelling). I know a friend of the family that gave Christina her first guitar lesson. Her last name is Italian. She was actually born in a quite wealthy family and is well-educated. The folks of Nashville decided it would sell more records if they made up a typical rags to riches story. I also know someone that met Ashley Simonella in a Lexington bar one night and had the pleasure of banging her but that's another story. Captain Bringdown
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