6-29-00 -- PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, New Jersey

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Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 20:40:11 -0400
From: levine levine26@optonline.net
Subject: 6/29/00

    I know it has been a LONG time since this show, but it has deffinetly not gotten the
attention it diserves! It was a great show, and although the tapes that are going around
are not the best quality ever, it's still a great show whether you went there or not.
1: Funky Bitch>Wilson, Limb By Limb, Drowned>Rock & Roll
        Funky Bitch-Ok, you could not ask for a better opener of Funky Bitch (besides
Punch You In The Eye). As soon as it started, the crowd just went right to work, by
dancing their asses off!
        Wilson-Where in god's name did this come from?!? But hey, I'm not complaining! I
love this song, and this was a great version. Trey was getting into it, and when Trey's
into it, you know it's gonna be a great show.
        Limb By Limb-Called it! I knew they had to mellow it down some how! But a GREAT
jam, very under rated! I hate when people compare Phish to The Dead, but this jam proved
why....If you closed your eyes, you would of thought that you were at a Dead concert.
        Drowned- Nice! Nice! Nice! What a great place for this song! This song gets
everyone happy, and the jamming was above satisfactory. The jam was obviously soaring 
another song, but I had no idea. I kind of thought either Walk Away, Sneaking Sally, or
Roses Are Free, or maybe even Ghost. But instead, they rocked their asses off into....
        Rock & Roll-Who could complain about this? Drowned into Rock & Roll?!? Standard
version, jamming wasn't as long as was hoped for.
INTERMISSION?!?!?-What a short set! 55 min. I thought maybe they were doing this to get
ready for a great second set, and whether I was right or not, it sure seemed that 
Birds Of A Feather-Ok, ok, could of had something better, but jam was VERY nice.....
Catapult-Oh my god! Haven't heard this yet! Souded very good.....
Heavy Things-Called it! I just LOVE this song, great jam too!
Sand-Haven't heard it live before! SICK jam! Amazing!!!
Meatstick-I was dieing for them to play this! Loved how Trey talked through the whole
thing! Monumental! And I loved how it went right into........
Cities-Wasn't expecting this, allthough you never do, it just comes out of nowhere. I 
loved how it very quickly went into.....
Walk Away-This got me pumped! And I was really curious about what else they could play to
make this even better......
Antelope-What?!?What?!?What?!?, Great jam! Crowd went nuts! As it allways does during
Antelope!! And then......
Frankenstein-NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE! They've done this once before, but who cares! How
many times has Dead done Cina Cat>Rider?!? I also like the Wolfman's>Sneaking Sally
I though it was over now, but.....more couldn't hurt......
Velvet Sea....Very nice! But, very sad! Got me depressed that it was over, but happy that
it was a great show!
Encore: I was guessing-Divided Sky, Possum, or I had a crazy idea of even Fluffhead, but
instead I got.....
Character Zero-Now, I won't complain over this, but after playing the great show, they 
to end with a great encore, but whatever, it was a good standard jam, that did not upset!
Thanks Phish for a great show....GET THE TAPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT

Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:42:32 EST From: SHELeo819@aol.com To: dan@archive.phish.net Subject: June 29, 2000 Story you might want to add to the hpb Hey. I don't know if you've heard the show, but just before the second set, as the band is taking the stage, you hear six airhorn blasts; three, then three. Then you can hear part of the crowd trying to chant something. My friends engineered all that. The idea was to get the band to play Destiny Unbound; we handed out flyers and they posted to as many message boards as they could to try and get it done. We worked really hard, and I can swear that you can hear it on the show. You can also tell because the crowd goes almost silent when they break into BOAF. The band takes a while to start, and I distinctly recall them talking and looking out at the audience as though they could tell we were trying to say something. Of course, they probably did, and Mike probably made them do BOAF instead. But I thought it was a good story, worth adding to the review and setlist. -Sarah
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 06:46:19 GMT From: g mcg a420hit@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 6-29-00 review Hey all, Its been awhile since this show but it is still fresh in my mind. And I had to write something about it. Anyway PNC second night, first night was insane, personally my first show of the tour so I was more than happy. Found my miracle a generous phan sold me a pavillion seat, 10th row trey side for not much more than face value, plus I was able to get my friend down as well, so we were both in for a great night. Security was a little shitty, and I was already about out of money, but the venue was gorgeous and phish was taking the stage.... Funky Bitch-Very sweet opener, the energy in the place was very nice tonight, we all danced like the rythm challenged honkeys we are but it was a blast, very funky...-> Wilson-Nice, wasnt expecting it but was glad to hear the band playing so well, lots of energy, crowd chant was intense and trey really played well. Limb by Limb-Cool little kind of breather, Ghost is an incredible album and this is one of the reasons why. Very groove based and melodic jam, nice way to chill and sway in the seats even if I could sit down at the time I wouldnt have Drowned-Here we go I was expecting a large jam, and this delivered. The whole vibe of the concert now was insanity, we all were grooving to this song. It changed patterns and rearange several times exploding back into fervish improv when it got repetitive suddenly flowing seamlessly into.-> Rock and Roll-Cool song great energy flowing from Drowned, the only thing that got me was it that this ended the set. I was not dissapointed, it was an insane jam lasted up near 30 minutes...but I had hoped for more The set break gave us time to sit and relax and make our 2nd set predictions, none of which really happened. Met some new friends snuck in a spliff while security looked on, then the insanity started BOAF-wow, another great Ghost song, very fast and nice love to hear it live the dismension is so altered from the studio cut, its a pleasure, especially when they twist spacy funk jams out of it like they did tonight lasting 15 minutes than making its way into-> Catapault-very nice to hear out of BOAF well played, a little standard but nice and short than unknowingly trey hit the first few chords of...-> Heavy Things-Its a cool shorter song, they could do more with it but thats ok, actually the jam seemed rather scorching tonight, trey seemed really pumped and the audience was feeding off it, nice guitar licks Sand-Cool shit. Nicely played, when the jam started getting spacy and more spacy, beginning to sound very dark and moody. Cool to hear phish experiment, sounded very good. Meatstick- shaping up to be a crzy set also we were hoping it to be a long one. This is an especially catchy and fun song. The band was really enjoying it, as was the audience not misssing a step. Sofi came out to lead the dance, and was followed by Trey saying the meatstick was a dance craze in Japan, some funny shit. Mike and Trey started singing the meatstick in Japanese sounded good and was pretty damn funny to boot fading out when suddenly-> Cities-what can i say, i love this song and this was my first live one, very happy I made it in tonight the place was grooving and feeding off the energy, the whole night fishman was keeping steady hard rythms, mike was dropping bombs, page was grooving rythmically filling in perfectly and trey was playing ferociously. It was great when he made the Tokyo references Walk Away-We wanted to hear another cool cover and this was it perfect, everyone really getting into it having a great time. standard end going right into..-> Antelope-wow this was intense, everyone was moving and shaking like crazy the band was really on point and this antelope was incredibly nice, just an insane se that we thought would end here but they stopped we all applauded than Frankenstien-Sick this is such a cool instrumental and it really gives that 70's rock vibe, everyone was jamming and dancing and the band finished up in grand style we all thought it was over as did the rest of Phish, except trey who told everyone to go back to their instuments...could it be Destiny Unbound, the audience was trying to get the chant going during setbreak, I didnt think we'd see it, maybe a harpua, now thatd make this a set of historic proportions Wading in the Velvet Sea-Well I like this song and it gave me the chance to rest, which is what I really needed, I was hoping for something else but this set was varied, long jamming, and full of energy, probably one of the best sets Ive seen, I really liked it, a lot. Encore Character Zer0-Cool song once again the band was really on point, trey really going off on his guitar part. Not as good as the First Tube Loving Cup encore of the second night, but the perfect way to end this show. Overall I enjoyed my stay in holmdel this year immensly they always put on great shows in this venue and tonight was not an exception. Definitly get the tapes, I thought this was one of my best shows ever for the originality, creativity and overally joyous vibe of all involved. Questions, comments, thoughts, email me at a420hit@hotmail.com or if you have these shows email cause I want to trade Greg
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 11:32:00 EDT From: OoALBACOREoO@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: my review on 6/29/00-PNC first off, I have to say that it was a great show! I was a little pissed that the 1st set was so short, but whatever. I was with my brother and a couple of his friends, & we all got great seats on the lawn. I was so excited for this show, because i haven't see Phish in a while. So they came on, & I can garuntee you that no one knew what they were going to open up with...... Funk Bitch: I did say that they were going to play it tonight, but no one guessed this as an opener. In the beggining of the song, they kind of started it out weird, so it sounded like Moma Dance. But the song was great! the jam was awesome, & it was a great place to start the night off. Wilson: another weird spot for this song, expecially right after Funky Bitch. But this was a really good Wilson. Trey's soloing in this song was great! Limb By Limb: I knew after Funky, & Wilson, that they were going to slow down, but I really didn't want them to play like Dirt or something like that. So instead they just melowed it down w/ Limb. This was an amazing jam! You can tell that Phish has gotten better, because each part of the jam was played w/ perfection, & it wasn't one of those pointless jams that don't go anywhere. Drowned: At this point, I was looking for Y.E.M., but I will settle for Drowned anytime. This is such a good song, & Mike got really into it, & it was a graet jam. I thought the jam was going into Roses Are Free, but instead it went into.... Rock & Roll: This song just makes everyone happy. Trey was dancin' on stage during this one. It was a really good jam, & great way to end of the set. Intermission: durring intermission, I felt so dead, that i wanted to die. I was lieing on the ground, & I just wanted to get the hell out of there. But when they came back on for the second set, I just suddenly started feeling better. And they started the 2nd set w/ another song that no one probally guessed.... Birds Of A Feather: I never heard this live, & I never really wanted to, because I never heard live from tapes or anything, & I didnt think that this was gonna be good, but trust me, this jam was so funky and amazing! I loved it, & I'm dieing to get the tapes for this show, just to listen to this song! This jam was pretty long, & it was obvious this was going into something, but I didnt know what.... Catapult: There's not much to say about this song, it was like 3 minutes long, but at the end of it, Trey started making that sound w/ his pettle (do do do do do do do do), & that's when I knew what was next.... Heavy Things: What a great place for this song! A lot of people don't like this song, & whenever I ask them why, they allways say,"Well, it's not their type of song." I know what they mean, but that doesn't make it a bad song. I think its a great song, & trey soloed for a while in this song. Sand: I never though that this would be good live either, but it was amazing. The jam was SICK! Trey started doing some messed up crap on the keyboard, which was really cool! Meatstick: I was so happy when they started playing this song! what a great place for it, I kind of guessed YEM instead of it, but I was so happy that they played this. They had Page's wife, Sophia, come up on stage & do the dance w/ Trey & Mike. Then he started talking about how Phish went to Japan, & how they never knew about the Macarena, so they loved the Meatstick. Then, they started singing it in Japaneese, which was funny as hell! But, before this happened, some guy ran up on stage, & Trey started saying, "Don't let Carini get ya." & then he said, "There's a song about Carini, & his lumpy head, but there's no song about Corona." I loved how he was talking threw out the whole song, & then out of nowhere, they go right into.... Cities: I was expecting a Reba, but this was also very good, it that good short jam, & they did the song very well. They then went into this song, that I haven't heard before.... Walk Away: Well, I've probally heard before, but just haven't relised it. It was a graet song, & a very good jam, w/ a cool glowstick war towards the end. Right after they ended this song, I knew it was time for Antelope, & I was right! Run Like An Antelope: This was a great jam, & it started going fast at the end of the jam, & then they just suddenly stoped, for the verse, & trey was into this song, which is allways great to see! Since the first set was so short, I thought this was the end of the set, but I was wrong.... Frankenstein: I love this song! it's short, & to the point, & they extended it a litlle, w/ a little spacey jam at the end. Now I knew the set was over, but I was wrong again.... Wading In The Velvet Sea: Another song that I didn't think was good live, but it sure as hell was. they were all really into this one! Expecially Trey. His soloing was amazing. Now I knew that the set was over, which was upseting, but there was still the encore! They came out for the encore only 8 to 10 minutes after the 2nd set, which is pretty short. Character Zero: This was a great jam, it's jut that in the middle of the jam, one of the speakers wasn't working, but then it got fixed, 5 minutes later. All in all it was a great show, I didn't go the 1st night, but I talked to people that did, & they said that this was better than the 1st night. If anyone has these tapes, please e-mail me , I will do BIGtrade for these tapes, thanks a lot!
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 16:16:31 -0700 From: jason lehigh jason24@cct.infi.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6/29 holmdel review It's so great to see the boys again. this was my second show of holmdel > hartford > camden run. the lot scene wasn't bad, and we had great weather. I had heard about the whole on site court and judge thing, but never saw anything like that. the cops were pretty tight, busting some vendors early on, but eventually they let us do our thing. the first night was great, so I was getting pretty excited as the day the went on, and finally I headed into the venue at around 7:30. I was in the lawn with a descent view of the stage and lights. there was an announcer before the band came out, and did the national anthem. a couple minutes later, the boys were on stage! funky bitch- nice song to hear, standard version. got the show off to a good start wilson- this got the crowd going. always a fun song limb by limb- one of my favorites from story of the ghost, always portrayed nicely in concert. this version was about 12 minutes, nice and jammed out drowned- YES !!! I've been wanting to hear this for a while. I love what they do with this who song. absolutely jamming, like 20 minutes long and right into rock and roll- I was'nt sure what it was at first, but then I recognized this great velvet underground song. a great cover song. well that was it for the first set, short but sweet. I knew that they would probably unleash in the second set, and they did! birds of a feather- good song to start the set off with. not much to say about this one catapult- this was great! a really fun song. I assumed something crazy to follow heavy things- not what I expected. It really isn't that bad of a song. I did not mind hearing it sand- there was some crazy stuff going on up on stage. this was so funked out. it went into this really dark and slow jam, with trey on keys. It sounded kind of rave-ish, and got really spaced out. this was an excellent version. meatstick- me and my buddy where hoping for this one the first night. this was worth waiting an extra night. a standard version until some guy runs on stage, and runs off again to escape carini. trey switches up the lyrics, talking about "languedoc and kuroda not having a song, but there is a song about carini and his lumpy head" somewhere along those lines. I was going nuts!!! they start talking about the dance compared to the macarena and the whole record thing. then tray says that the dance is huge in japan, and that people over there are probably dancing to it right now. then he says there going to do the meatstick in japenese. the crowd was off the hook!!!! It was such a cool moment cities- awesome. one of my favorites. trey switches up some of the lyrics " alot of people in tokyo...what do I smell ... I smell sushi" CRAZY !!!! we were just going nuts! walk away- first time for me. always liked what I heard on tape. good version. I thought it would be over at this point, but wait antelope- awesome, another song i was hoping for. this version was so nice. always a crowd pleaser. I thinking end of the set, but it's not over yet... frankenstein- awesome tune to hear, kept the crowd going wading in the velvet sea- finally a breather that would end the set. such a beautiful song. there were some meatstick teases towards the end what could the encore be... character zero- was kinda hoping for something else, nice song to end it all off with though This show was awesome the second set made up for the short first set. this show was awesome If you can get this on tape. I'd really recommend it. the highlites of this one were Sand through wading in the velvet sea. I hope everyone there had as good a time as I did. See you all at the next show.
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 02:07:50 -0400 From: "eswain@bellatlantic.net" eswain@bellatlantic.net Newsgroups: rec.music.phish Subject: REVIEW: 6/29/00 Holmdel, NJ This is a show that is going to be talked about for a while. Not necessarily because of the performance (though it was excellent), but because of all the strange stuff that went on the the 2nd set. I for one will never forget it. This was my 12th show, 2nd of 4 this tour, and one of the two most unusual of the whole bunch (the other being 12/29/96). Anyway, the boys came out around 8 and started up: Funky Bitch - picking up where they left off last night. Very hard-rocking and tight. hard-rocking and tight. Wilson - more of the same! This was similar to the last version I saw, 7/10/99. Limb By Limb - far superior to their attempt of it at this venue last year. At first Trey tried to take the jam into different places than usual. It wound up back in familiar territory but was very satisfying. Gotta love the Fish solo spotlight at the end. then the floodgates opened.... Drowned - helly shite! At 20 min. this was shorter than last year's Hartford version but every bit as good. They managed to hold a tight groove while getting all exploratory - kind of like Mike's from the previous night - or like some of the best stuff from '97. At the apex of the jam I was thinking "Go to the clav, Page," and soon enough he did! But the clav was hard to hear in the mix and Page soon reverted to piano, where he could pound out a rhythmic groove and be heard. I imagine the Allmans and Derek and the Dominoes sounded like this back in the day at the Fillmore. And if that wasn't enough, we get a huge segue into... Rock and Roll - 10 more minutes of bliss. They really pounded this one home. And then, like the previous night, they left the stage after less than an hour. They had hosed us plenty, though, and I figured a long second set was coming. They emerged for the second set, and the airhorn sounded three times, and we began our chant: "Mbrufh blirphr yrulufr ptlifr" At least that's what it sounded like to me, and probably the band as well. People chanted the first line once and then stopped, forcing the airhorn guy to sound it again. The renewed attempts didn't sound any better, though. Trey got this puzzled look, shrugged his shoulders and looked at Mike. Mike did nothing. So the band started up... Birds of a Feather - This was like no other BOAF I've heard. It was even more out-there than the exploratory '99 versions. It yet again featured the kind of jamming we heard in the 1st set's Drowned and last night's Mikes - groove but with tension-release interplay or something like it. Very focused, not drifting like some of the space-groove stuff last year. We need a name for this style: "Groovecore?" I dunno, help me out here. And - get this - they teased Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" or at least Santana's version of it (see the Sacred Fire live album). As it went on, Trey added some effects, and the jam started to sound like a spaceship descending - very appropriate since the ceiling from this venue looks like something out of Close Encounters. Kuroda's lighting played this up perfectly. While in the midst of this madness, Trey walked over to Mike and whispered something. They approached their mikes and started to sing not Destiny but... Catapult - you knew this was going to be a special set when they pulled this out. The music didn't change at all, we just got the Catapult lyrics. This whole thing was the equal of BC's SOAMelt -> Catapult, IMO. After the lyrics were over they continued this freaky jam for a few minutes (how it should be noted in a setlist is open to debate) before quieting down and Trey firing up... Heavy Things - you might think "buzzkill" but the crowd went nuts! Say what you will, but this served its purpose, to get the crowd excited. The version itself was tight and energetic, nothing wrong with it at all. Then it was over soon enough. They stood around conferencing about what to do next, finally Trey strums a familar riff and off they go into... Sand - This is my favorite of the newest batch of songs and I was really hoping to hear this at some point. This version did not disappoint. It was very different from most others I heard. Trey spent an extended amount of time on the mini keyboard and created this dark and spooky soundscape with Page. Yet Fish and Mike kept pounding out the groove and there were no delay loops to clutter things up. I think this passage was the closest I've heard to Phish playing straight-up Rave Music. And when Trey finally picked up the 'doc again, his initial soloing had lots of impact after there being no guitar at all. That didn't sustain, as subsequent guitar passages were more meandering, but then the band locked into that "spaceship grooving" as they had in BOAF and brought it to a fine conclusion. More conferences and then... Meatstick - This was wild and wacky. The references to crew members, the dance demonstration, the stage-rushers (three of them total in this set), the Japanese lyrics, yes, it's all true. I especially liked how Trey referenced the 7/15/99 version from the same venue, talking about how they practiced it here to try to break the world record, but lost out to the Macarena, but they found out that in Japan the Macarena never caught on and the Meatstick is "a bona fide dance craze"! Lost in all of this was how tight and funky they were playing it, especially toward the end. Trey was sufficently impressed that he called for a segue into... Cities - more Meatstick and Japan references, what a blast. Standard funk version that unexpectedly segued into... Walk Away - and the crowd went nuts. This was cogent and powerful. They could have ended the set right there but no, it was time for... Antelope - at the start of the show I figured they might do this since they had hinted at it during the intro to Weekapaug the previous night. But I was so caught up in the set that I had forgotten about that until they hit us with it. They took all the momentum that had been building in this exceptional set and just ran with it here. It was fast, furious and flawless. Everyone in sync and raging at full speed. Just total insanity. Not 7/16/94 insane but not too far removed from it either. Not that we needed our asses kicked any further but they proceeded to do so by seguing into... Frankenstein - unbelievable energy. If it's not a set for the ages by this point then it's awfully close. They closed it with a bang and everyone figured that HAD to be it. Page certainly did, as he stood up. But Trey motioned for him to sit back down and start... Wading in the Velvet Sea - I have a theory about this. Trey's speech during this song was very unusual. He gushed about how much they love playing the venue, and thanked the crew and the fans for making the two shows so great, and the community so special. He NEVER makes speeches like that except on tour closers. My theory is that he desperately would like to return here next year and this was his "goodbye" speech in case they're not allowed to. And he called for Velvet Sea to evoke the peacefulness of the community at Big Cypress - and maybe to prod everyone to act the same way here. I was quite moved. My theory about the Destiny chant turned out to be right. I figured there was no way they would play it, but they might feed off our efforts and produce an exceptional set. The encore is beside the point after a set like that, so I'm sure some groaned when they came out and started.... Character Zero - but screw them. I like this song. There, I said it. Indeed, I was happy that this version tried to be more than just Wanking Trey. His playing was unusually restrained for this song, as he tried to build up a group jam. It didn't really work and he went back to Wanking Trey for the conclusion. But at least they tried. Effort is NOT a problem on this tour. It's too early to tell but I would not be surprised if this show becomes one of the year's must-haves. The Drowned -> RnR is a keeper, and the 2nd set just has to be heard to be believed. In closing, I can't believe how "on" they were for these two shows. The last time I can remember them playing so cogently and providing so many "Holy Shit!" moments was, dare I say, fall '97. Who knows whether this tour will become as revered as that one. But if they keep playing like this, the odds are pretty good. See you all in Camden. I can't fathom how they will top this, but something inside me is telling me that they will. Erik Swain
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 12:58:56 EDT From: DSalvs37Phish@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6/29/00 Review Hey y'all, Night 2 was anything but Night 1. This was the "Let's showcase everyone else night, but still combine all the elements to produce Phish music!" It was ecstacy. The only bad thing was the length of Set I, but it was so well played that it can be overlooked. I'm glad I picked this show to be on the lawn. The lights and sound are so much better up there. I was in the front row of the lawn, wearing my blue NYE 98 Holiday Tour shirt. FUNKY BITCH: Ok, this was on my "not want to see" list, but it was my first Funky Bitch so I was happy. Plus, Mike sang and Page soloed! YAY YAY YAY!!!! I was happy and dancing my jigga ass off. WILSON: My 800,000th first set Wilson. But that's ok, it was short and the first one of the tour and it was Gamehenge and it was fan participation and i'm writing a run on sentence. LIMB BY LIMB: Also on my "not want to see" list, but it was the best Limb by Limb I have EVER heard (besides 11/28/98 into Catapult and Kung). It featured a collective groove with Trey playing melody but everyone else filling the sound nicely. DROWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO HI! HI HELLO! HOW YA DOIN??? 15 PHANTASY PHISH POINTS FOR SALVO!!!!!!! I WANTED THIS ONE SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!! Mike is SOOOO HOT! I LOVE WHEN HE SINGS! SET ME FREE!!!!!! Page was featured nicely on this one too. God, I was in heaven. THen it segued so nicely into >ROCK AND ROLL: Oh man, another first timer for me!!! Jesus Christ, it couldn't get any better than this. All this set needed was like a YEM next and it would have been the perfect set. Even so, Rock and Roll raged and IT WAS ALLLLLLLRIGHT it was alright! Set 1 gets a 9.5/10 for musicality, and an 8/10 overall b/c of the length. Set 2 might have been the best set I've ever seen. BOAF: I called it. Yep, I announced it to my whole section that BOAF would open. So obvious! I am the man...I love BOAF, it is one of my favorite songs and of 4 versions, 3 have been epics (7/8/99, 7/10/99, and last night). This one immediately ventured away from the BOAF theme into the Key of D. It somehow modulated into the Key of G, where Mike was thumping away prominently. Trey went over to him and had a conference. Then the spotlight went on Mr. Mike and he stepped up to sing >CATAPULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS HEAVEN!!!!!! What can I say, they had a solid groove underneath Catapult. >JAM This should be labeled JAM in all the setlists. They jammed back in G for about 3-4 minutes. I thought they were going to return to C and finish off Birds, but they stayed here and Trey set off the boomerang. Gradually, the boomerang became quicker and there was an obvious segue into >HEAVY THINGS: which I enjoyed immensely. Trey kept the boomerang on throughout the whole song, which gave it an extra twist. It seemed slower than normal, but Trey was awesome during the solo. I liked it a lot. SAND: Highlight of the show (until the craziness that ensued afterwards). I mean, holy shit, this was the first Sand I'd ever heard live, and it was the best version I'd ever heard (i have like 2000 Sands on tape). It was a wall of sound and noise (same thing, i know) and it was the first time I appreciated Trey's keyboard. He was making all sorts of crazy shit. I was so focused on Mike's bassline throught the whole thing though. Get the tapes just for this Sand. It made this set epic. MEATSTICK: Finally, I was waiting for the return of Meatstick to PNC. They don't screw around either when Meatstick comes to PNC. They go Nuts!!!!! I thank the fan who jumped on stage, for it was he who provoked the craziness. You, anonymous fan, I am forever greatful. Thank you. Trey ad-libbed a whole verse about Carini, how he has a song named after him and his lumpy head, how even though they like Paul and Chris, they don't have songs named after them, etc. I was laughing my ass off. Then, Trey bantered about Sofi and Page and their baby and doing the meatstick, and Mike, Trey, and Sofi did the Meatstick again for us. Shocks my brain indeed! Sofi is HOT! Finally, Trey started talking about Japan and learning it in Japanese and my jaw dropped. They were gonna sing it to us in JAPANESE!!! YES YES YES! THAT WAS ON MY WISH LIST!!!!! HAHAHAHAH! I was ecstatic. ATMAGA SHOCK INDEED!!! Finally, some stop/start jamming with Fish soloes, led to a brief jam before segueing into >CITIES! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! THIS WAS THE SET OF A LIFETIME! MY FIRST CITIES!!!! Comeplete with "A lot of people in Tokyo....Doing the Meatstick... I smell...sushi." or something like that. Greatness. Then out of the outro jam there was a segue into. WALK AWAY: ok, that was it. I could go home now. Are you joking? WALK AWAY?????????????????????? I never thought I"d hear this! It was short, but Page sang, and he is DAMN good at it too! ANTELOPE: In my Top 5 on my Wish list! jesus christ, this was ridiculous. Meatstick tease in the beginnning. A complete Frenzy with Trey wailing and Fishman going nuts on his kit. Just mayhem. Not as good as 12/29/97, but who cares, it was Antelope. I knew they'd repeat NYE 98 and segue into >FRANKENSTEIN: Yes, Called this one! Not much to say except it raged as it always does. Thought we were done until Trey motioned over to Page to sing VELVET SEA: Ok, I know people will bitch about this song ruining this epic show, but I loved it. Any song that Page sings I love. A great way to end the show and a good run at PNC. Trey thanks crew, fans, wishes all of us could be on stage with them (or did he say that during Meatstick??), etc. End on a resounding G Chord. Complete with Meatstick Tease Again. E: CHARACTER ZERO: Ok, i could deal with this. EXCEPT THE PA SYSTEM WENT OUT! Damn, that sucked, but it came back on just as the boys crescendoed into the AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHH!!!! OO AHH AHH OO!! And all rejoiced. well, Salvo rejoiced. I was hoping for at least a Julius, but that's ok. I walked out of there a happy man. I thought there was another Meatstick tease at the end, but maybe not. Ecstatic, Salvo
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000 17:47:47 EDT From: Sean Quinlan baby_racoons@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: sorry if i sent this twice (6/29 review) - thanks I just need to say that this was one of "those" shows. You know, the show that makes you reaffirm why you spend all of your money seeing one band. It was a show that was held together by a common theme, each song relating to the last. The boys and kuroda blended together in a mixture of sound,light, and oozing goo that covered the crowd. The lights dancing on the ceiling let us know that there was something extra terrestrial taking place. It was the best show out of the six east coast ones that I saw this summer. PNC is also a really awesome venue, outside and in. As far as the songs, the highlights of the first set were undoubtedly the Drowned>Rocknroll, i don't think that I have ever heard a better segueway (except maybe the Tweezer>cities from 12/31/98). Trey simply, yet triumphantly, threw in the A6 chord of RocknRoll out of the Drowned jam,without missing a beat - pure musical ecstasy. Second set was where the shit got serious though. The birds was spooky and much more experimental than it has been in recent shows (like summer 99 but better). Who can complain about the catapult that followed? The Heavy things started out with a loop that came out of the Birds/catapult jam, as the cheesy yet lovably catchy chords came in in time with the loop that ran throughout the song. I have to say that Trey's guitar work on this song has become impeccable. the solo he took danced around the theme, meandering here and there, but was lightining fast and in true trey style. I still don't know how he can spontaneously compose such intricate guitar lines. He has phrases that can last measures on end. It was his soloing that allowed the Heavy things to hold its ground. What came next was to be the highlight of the show (for me anyway). They busted out Sand, a song that is simple yet powerful. What is so good about it is that since it is new they can do whatever they want to with it, and they do. The first time I saw them play it was at NYE, and it blew me away. This version was just as smoking, with some insanity thrown in by all. Mike's bass line can become a bit repetitive, but tonight i thought that he played it well. He had a very driving techno beat that Trey painted some crazy sounds over, first on the keys, then on the guitar. there were points during this jam that i felt like i was immersed in liquid glass, thanks to Kuroda. It was one of the most intense psychedelic phish experiences i have ever had (and i have had quite a few). I will say that at points at felt the jam got a little too mechanical for me, but atleast it was different. This song really launched the spaceship of an arena into the next galaxy over. I feel like I should talk about this jam for longer, but it is something that words can not describe, you have to experience it. Meatstick was fun, I really like this song, and am happy to see it whenever, they usually bust it out at phat shows too. The japanese thing was crazy, although I was having problems hearing him talk. The jam was decent, but I have seen better (personally i love the meatstick closer from NYE, the jam is perfectly mellow). i love cities, and this one was pretty good, yet pretty standard. Still, it is real rare these days, so I was extra psyched. It flowed well out of meatstick, giving that feeling of set continuity that I love, the same goes for walk away - a rare song that comes out at phat shows, but isn't anything too special to me. By the time Antelope came things had already gone off the hook, and the antelope just took it out there further. By this point you could feel the good vibes between the band and the audience, there was definitely an unmistakable bond. During the jam trey led us on an exploratory journey. It was like the music was there for all of us and he was simply the interpreter - kind of like a sooth sayer or a medium. he was no different than us up there and the music was driving him just as much as it was driving us. At one point in the jam he was kind of milling around the stage and bumped into his amp. He seemed to turn around and look at the amp as if to say "excuse me". The shit was absolutely out of hand. he then brought the jam into some wah stuff, eventually leading inot the all too familiar climax. Frankenstein was the perfect follower, especially in a show like this. The Frankenstein was like the icing on the cake, reminding us not to forget the ever present theme of the night. the melody rang though with hints of set we had just heard throughout. velvet sea was kind of an anti-climactic way to end such an amazing show, but who am I to complain, i was expecting frankenstein to end it. upon hearing the encore I was a little disappointed, but this character zero was one of the best ones I have ever heard, with the possible exception of hartford (11/26/97). It wasn't the cock rock, loud, screaming, half assed regurgitated blues lines of treys guitar, but instead, a nice groove, that again, fit perfectly with the groove based theme of the night. The show was exactly what I look for in a phish show - good songs, awesome jamming, and pure mindfucking craziness. the next night in Hartford was equally sick, and the two shows were the best that I saw this summer. i wound up seeing the six northeasters, being my first summer in four years not doing most of the tour, and i was pretty satiated. I thought that during the six night run they played too much farmhouse stuff, but the jamming made up for that. When they weren't playing farmhouse stuff they were usually playing something real phat. they were good about throwing in the old gems, such as glide, halley's, mango, buried alive, etc. My three favs were 6/29, 6/30, and 7/3, although the other three were pretty tight as well. The boys are hotter than ever, and I look foward to my next two shows in shoreline. Peace out Sean
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 23:25:22 -0400 From: Scott Norton slipknot@monmouth.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 6/28 - 6/29 hows it going. I will say right away that i was at both shows at PNC because i was working. Yes I am a security guard there. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of you phans in the outermost parking lot early in the day. I even ran into some of the same people on the lawn later on once the show began. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of some of my fellow guards who had never worked this kind of show before. They became a little over-zelous the first night and took it upon themselves to take "goodies" away from people instead of asking nicely for the people to be a little more discreet. I truly am sorry. I wish that every show had a fan base like phish. I look forward to seeing you all at PNC next summer and implore you to campaign for the boys to come back for a third year in a row. Thank you for bringing great times to PNC See you all soon Scott
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 22:55:00 EDT From: Robert Kistler toastwaffle@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6.29.00 Hey all Well, this is my third show, and i have to rate it second songwise, but first funwise. Funky Bitch - This was a great opener. Really great way to get the crowd pumpin. Got me too excited for the rest of the show though. Wilson - Great song. Awesome crowd participation. I was right by a taper, so i couldn't yell to loud. Limb by Limb - Definitely the low point of the set. It's a great song and all, but right after Wilson and f.Bitch? Drowned - Wow, i've only heard this on tape once. It was really rockin. Awesome jam to go with it too. Rock and Roll - Page was great on this song. He has a great voice and played really well. He played a lot that night, and this was only the beginning. Intermission!? Second night in a row. What the hell is goin on here? Birds of a Feather - Certainly not a song i wasn't expecting. ON the car ride down, my friends and i were discussing how we should've gotten an It's ice, or a yem. still good though. pretty psychadelic jam. Catapault - Very Very funny. Made me laugh a lot. Coolest catapault i've ever heard. Caught a lot of people by surprise. When trey went over the mike, a lot of people were expecting something big, like bust into a yem, or some long jam song. But catapault was a pretty funny sub. Heavy Things - I was pissed. I had my hopes up to high. When they stopped the jam. They started to do some weird, psychadelic sounds, for like a 2001. When they busted into this, i was let down. definitely the lowpoint Sand - Good comeback! This is always a funky song to dig. Meatstick - The traditional long speech explaining the meatstick by trey. Sofi coming out was cool too. Now i know how to "meatstick" cities - i was glad to hear this. It's a fun, funky, sweet song. Walk Away - wow, this was too cool. I can't believe what i built up to... Run Like an Antelope - This was too damn cool. Most definitely the high point of either PNC show. wow. The build to the climax was the best i've ever heard for a lot of songs i've heard off of bootlegs. They just kept getting faster and faster. Frankenstein - I was sure that that was the end. But when the busted into this, the rockin groove just kept flowing,. Hot damn! Wading in the Velvet Sea - Page rules. What a great song. It's certainly not my fav, but they performed this very well. Character Zer0 - I was hoping for a Possum, but this was a cool song.
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2000 10:37:52 -0500 From: Robert Spruill bobspruill@earthlink.net To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 6/29/00 PNC Bank Arts Center review 6/29/00 PNC Bank Arts Center During the one-day break, a few words on the show to have seen from this summer run in the northeast.... Sing the national anthem...what? Everybody stood for it, flags waving on the jumbotrons, "rocketsı red glare" seemed to be popular. Security was mellower this night than they had been Wednesday, maybe finally realizing we werenıt there to ruin the bucolic peace of Holmdel, NJ. Nice, groovy start with Funky Bitch, nothing too special about this rendition. Kinda wish Trey would step out front a little more on this song the way he used to, but Iım biased. But this definitely set the tone for the night, and they wasted no time with the downbeat of the next song.... "Wiiil-sonnn"...and this was where the show took off. Rockinı, well jammed, not at all perfunctory. They had a ball with this and so did we, as you could tell from the bemused looks on Securityıs faces, not quite believing the frenzy the boys whipped us into. They wind it down, much cheering and screaming.... At this point Iım thinking another something to dance to, then a smoke ^Ìem if you got ^Ìem song, then weıll see. Boy was I wrong. Limb by Limb starts up. Always thought this song had serious jamming potential, but I havenıt seen a rendition that comes close to living up. Until tonight. Trey was hot the whole night and hit a high point here, riding right on top of the groove, shifting it from floaty to fast and intense and back seemingly at will. If you like this song, hereıs a recording of it to get your hands on. Trey played to the crowd very much here, looking right up onto the center lawn and playing it out to us. Then.... Drowned, the highlight of the first set. Long, groovy, melted jam, Trey still playing to the crowd now down more in front of him, the band all four of them racing ahead and jamming very strong, the tempo picking up, and I didnıt really hear how they did it but thereıs a keychange and they shift directly to.... Rock ^Ìn Roll. Straightforward but energetic as hell. This sounds a lot like a closer to all of us, and weıre dancing out whatever energy we have left for the first set. A short set, but they kept us working all the way through it. Over setbreak...the rain comes, but gently, just enough to cool us down and get us ready to have that second set laid right down on top of us, and oh my did they.... Birds of a Feather. Never understood why this was the song off of Ghost that got radio play, but live itıs a treat. Hot and fast jam coming out of the lyrics, and they keep it up, keep us dancing hard. Weıre all waiting for the refrain to come back around after the jam peaks, but they keep holding it, melting it, and now Mikeıs singing and itıs... Catapult, just as trippy as anything theyıre playing these days, a psychedelic groove that seems like itıs standing still and going 200 miles an hour at the same time, and then the downbeat for... Heavy Things. Waiting through the lyrics here, letting the boys have their moment of pop, and Treyıs voice cracks on one of the last choruses and they kinda all look at one another, and then when the jam comes around Iım crossing my fingers, because this song depends entirely on Trey and he is ripping everything up tonight. This song is no exception: longer jam than usual, holding you just at the peculiar pitch of joy this song sounds. They wind it down and we wonder whatıs coming next. Treyıs probably going to try and save his voice, and indeed he does: Sand. The repetitive bass line here is a bit of an annoyance, but they definitely deserve a rest at this point and they take it, Trey on keyboards after a while, but the song isnıt going much of anywhere. Then he steps downstage from the keyboard and starts laying down these evil paint-splatter lines that Iıve never heard out of this song before, hope he uses these again, and now heıs back at the keyboard and wailing with it, picking up the dark refrain heıs just started, and then the light breaks over all of it and theyıre in... Meatstick. Well, okay. This was in some ways the most typical song of the show...just giving to us, talking to us, Trey making up a lyric about Carini, then one about the rest of the crew, then bringing out Sofi (looking too good to have just given birth) to do the dance, then telling us about Japan, joking about how famously the dance has caught on there, then doing the Japanese lyrics (wow), and now dropping it down finally into.... Cities. A verse about Tokyo is a treat, and this groove leaves plenty of room for the boys to subdivide, which they do at will, not jamming it out incredibly but just keeping us moving ahead, good points here, liking where we are, and finally they come to the next song and itıs.... Walk Away! This was the treat of the show for geezers like me, and as theyıre winding the song down I think maybe this is the second-set closer, that theyıll extend that rockinı jam out to the end, bring it to some hot climax, but theyıre in a little bit of a hurry to wind it down, and they do. Theyıre not going anywhere, good news! One more song, Iım figuring. Then they crank up Antelope, and weıre all just fine with getting this as a closer, hot as they are tonight, and I swear this is the most impressionistic rendition, the Antelope splattering and melting and...well...running as they come into the quiet upbeats (and I swore that Trey did a measure of bbfcfm here, just at the second before he cut out). Trey gives a little Meatstick tease and then theyıre on their way up the hill again, then at the top, then blurring downslope and again Trey is only barely paying any attention to the underlying song, just blowing this Antelope way out of shape. Weıve all heard it nine million times, but this is an Antelope worth getting your hands on.... Okay, so theyıre winding up the closer, right? Nope; Trey takes a drink of water and they drop into Frankenstein, and Iım thinking this is an even better way to end the set. Now how do they find space in this song? Nevertheless they do, Fishman showing off mightily on this song, a little escape into space that goes far far away before they hit the theme again, one last time, and now they wind it up and it really is over, it seems. Theyıre looking at each other, and for a second Trey fakes going up and taking a bow, everybody else takes a half-step in that direction too, but no: another drink of water and.... Velvet Sea. By this point anythingıs a bonus, even a ballad, and this one has a sing-along quality that makes it pretty and peaceful and hypnotic, and now Trey has a chance to sing as he solos the song out, and as they wind it up heıs thanking the crew and thanking us...thanking us? Sure thing, guys, anytime....and a big finish and much much screaming. They left it all out there tonight, nothing held back. The Character Zero encore, complete with sound problems with the PA, is almost the definition of anticlimax, but by now it doesnıt really matter. If you like hard, funky grooves this is a show to pick up. And it was definitely the place on Earth to be that night....
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 13:03:34 EDT From: NazarianD@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6-29-00 PNC Review Great show. Totally exceeded my expectations. The first set was just a damn good time. Funky Bitch was a great way to get the crowded moving right from the start. Wilson was very tight. I don't ever remember digging a Wilson as much as I did last nights. Limb by Limb.... didn't I just hear this one? It was a welcome repeat, nonetheless. Drowned into R&R! Two of my favorite covers, back to back. I was all smiles. Second set: BoaF- not one of my favorites but it provided me the opportunity to jump that damn fence. I wanted to get the hell out of the rain. I found a great seat up front just in time to hear Catapult. There's something about Catapult that I just love. This was a great one, too. They were picking up this dark, electronica theme to the jam and Catapult fit over that nicely. Trey lets some of the loops carry on as they all fade out and slowly make their way into Heavy Things. Although I've now seen this song nearly a dozen their way into Heavy Things. Although I've now seen this song nearly a dozen times in the last dozen shows (or so it seems) I have to admit that this version was pretty hot. You could still hear Trey's loops through most of the opening. Then gently sliding into Sand... a welcome repeat. Not quite the Antioch version but still incredible. Trey on keys. CK on lights. Wow. I was having a blast....I was... until EVERYONE STARTS CLAPPING! This is Phish, people... not a fucking Garth Brooks concert. They're in the middle of some intense groove and these people start clap.... clap... clap... clapping. I was about to turn violent. Anyway, I was lead to believe that Meatstick was created specifically for Big Cypress. (Sorry Rufus... there goes your theory). Meatstick is always a good time as far as I'm concerned. So is watching all these 'tarts running on stage and getting nailed by Carini. Trey was having fun with them, too (which only encourages them). Finally Trey says something about how he wishes that everyone could be on stage with them. Into Cities... they slowed it down and softened it up at one point to let Mike get funky. He was laying it down thick for about 4 or 5 minutes. Hot shit. Walk Away was very tight. They were totally on top of their shit by this point. Another Antelope with another ambient jam. I love it that way. Great show. I don't think we'll see anything this good in Hartford. I think we'll have to wait until Camden. As Always, Dave N.
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 11:33:07 -0400 From: John Tringle John_Tringle@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: PNC 6/29/00 Great show. Like the night before this show just packed it in. I heard no one complaining about the "short" first set again. For me the Funky, Wilson were straight forward but the show really kicked in with awsome versions of Limb, Drowned and a stellar R&R. Again, these guys are as tight as can be and there were smiles all around. About 25 minutes into the set break (I was on the lawn) I notice that *everyone* is standing and more ready to go than almost any crowd I've seen. For ten minutes everyone was just standing, facing forward, and hungry.... Set II: My son's Dream set to start..... Birds, Catapult, Heavy Things, Sand, Meatstick.......If you have a kid I think you'll know what I mean.... Birds of a feather is really coming into it's own. It seems like the band is starting to master this song. The end allows for a great climactic jam and I just think they feel more comfortable with it overall. Heavy things is just one of those nice, happy feeling songs that get you up and make you smile. I don't think it's any more complicated than that. But SAND!!! WOW!!! Funky Spacey Dance Groove Psychedelic.......almost like a Sprach alternative. This might be one of thier best songs going forward. The song allows for endless possibilites, long grooves, and a myriad of Jams. They were quite simply posessed. Meatstick was like therapy after that insane Sand. I love the Dead feel. It's laid back and that's good too. Sofi (sp?) you are beautiful and what a treat to see them sing it in Japanese. Again, as my boy gets a little tired after all that groovin' we slowly head back to the car....very slowly. But I won't review the rest of the show because I wasn't directly in the mix. Two hot, tight, solid shows at PNC.....great job guys. Thank you. On to Hartford, then Camden, then about 12 hours of sleep.............................. I would love an Esther. Peace jt
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 15:07:26 -0500 From: Peter Norman pnorman@prairienet.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Just a little note on 6-29-00 I wasn't there, but I was playing at an open mike in Illinois (where I live). I played Drowned (as well as DMB's "Tripping Billies" and STP's "Interstate Love Song") in tribute of the Who concert I'd seen on 6-25-00 and because Phish occasionally covered it. Little did I know that all the way in New Jersey, Phish were playing the same song at approximately the same time. Whoa, what are the odds? How often do they play that song? Not very often I believe. When I heard that they played it that night, I felt as if Phish knew I was playing it. It was a touching moment. See you on Sept. 22 & 23 when Phish plays Rosemont. Keep the phaith!!! ________________________________________________ Erik Norman mailto:pnorman@prairienet.com http://www.prairienet.com/banjo
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:29:29 -0400 (EDT) From: Janthony Dipolvere jdipolve@mailbox.syr.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6/29/00 review Last night was my first show of summer 2000 & 14th overall. A pretty solid effort by the band and a very enjoyable time save for the overzealous police presence at PNC. As a side note, to those of you expecting to go to Cmaden w/out a ticket, good luck. There was nothing as far as extras were concerned and it seemed like everyone was looking for one. My friend went up both nights and couldn't find a ticket either time. First set: Pretty standard from Funky Bitch through LimbxLimb then opening chords of Drowned. I was psyched to see my first Drowned but it seemed like no one else even knew what it was. Pretty long with a nice jam that segued well into Rock and Roll. A really rockin version of the Velvet Underground tune with really nice work done by the film crew that does the stuff that is on the lawn monitors. About three minutes in, a birght light shined out onto the middle of the crowd and you could tell Page was really digging it. He started smiling and got really into the "alrights" then Trey started feeding off this and then the camera guys started to feed off THIS and they did a killer job of cutting between Page and Trey. Lots of energy, and you could tell the band was having a great time. Overall, a short set but I kind of expected that because it would leave room for a monster second. Set 2: Light rain during the setbreak made me worry this could be a repeat of Antioch 99, but a soon as the boys came back on stage, the rain in the air was replaced by a kind of unspoken potential energy, rumors were swirling that the second set opener would be Destiny Unbound. The three air horns were sounded and the crowd, especially in the reserve seating started with the opening lines. Very exciting like we were about to see something big...Trey starts talking to fish... Birds of a Feather...I used to not really like this song but this was a really good version. The BOAF's of 99 were extremely Trey based with lots of solos, last night's was a complete band jam that went really deep and into places I never thought birds could go, very dark and scary jam w/ lots of red lights, you could kind of feel somthing was about to happen... Catapult...always seems to appear during some intense long jams...real cool, this set is starting to shape up like the one from PNC last year (Meatstick>SOM>Kung>Jam). Post-Catapult jam slow down to just Trey playing high notes and right into Heavy Things. Nice version, trey muffs the words and starts to crack up, you can tell he has great time playing here. Pretty long for Heavy things. Happy to hear it. Some spacey stuff comes next I'm thinking 2001 or Bowie. Muffled opening chords of Sand. OK this was my low point of the show. I know some of you are going to really disagree with me and that's cool. Vocals and the beginning part of the jam were good. Trey on small keys came up with a nice riff right in the beginning but then we were treated to ten miniutes of trey doing his best Nigel Tufnel Spinal tap homage. This Sand really lost me. I was worried the show would kind of tail off in Bouncing and leave me wanting a lot more. Meatstick...cool version with trey sofie and mike doing the dance and alternate lyrics about carini being the only crew member to have a song and also w/ japanese lyrics. Trey really breaks down the foruth wall here, a result of flubbing the words during heavy things. This jammed right in to Cities which is always fun. During the cities jam you could tell they had just warmed up. I was just hoping they wouldn't play only one more. Cities goes right into walk Away, another cover (that's five for those scoring at home, with one more on the way) The glowrings started flying and I thought this would be the closer. Wrong again: Antelope>Frankenstein...yum. A really mellow Velvet Sea closer and a nice one at that. I still contend the highlight of Radio City night 1 was velvet Sea. Character Zer0 encore (I was expecting Carini or Beauty of my Dreams) The house amp totally broke down about a minute into the jam and it sounded really quiet, and I was in the front row of the lawn. All in all a good show, minus Sand, I'll get the tapes. It just goes to show that you can never predict what they are gonna play. My two stone-cold mortal locks for the night were YEM and farmhouse and there wasn't even a sniff of them. I just hope Phish decides to play PNC next year eventhough the security in the lots was of Germany circa 1939 proportions. See you all at Camden. WHO'S GOT MY 4TH?!?!?!
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 02:54:15 EDT From: Fire9559@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review 6/29 PNC Bank First of all, I just wanna say that this show was all about the second set... In fact both shows were. I have no idea why they played only mid 50 minute first sets both nights, but the second set made up for it - especially tonight... Funky Bitch - Good way to get the crowd going, nice licks from trey. Average version which would lead into... Wilson - This basically kicked ass. No doubt about it, the jam was intense and you saw the devil side of Trey as Chris flashed out some Red lights. This really got everyone into it, and we were ready for the show Limb x Limb - Always nice to hear, the jam was more exploratory than usual, almost ambient and rhetorical at points, but a good version, better than normal Drowned - Clearly the highlights of the set, everyone was into it. They jammed this one out pretty hard, another extremely exploratory jam - not as long as the Hartford 12/12/99, but it went on for a while. Always a pleasure to hear Rock and Roll - Put us all in a great mood, can't complain, the jam was rocking. It really took off in the middle, but the end was a bit weak. All in all a great versios, and then... What it's over already - we're all pissed that two nights in a row they leave early WELL this second set, (although the song selection may not have been as quality as the previous night - (Hood, Mikes Groove, DWD), killed the first set - basically doubled it in time with the encore. Birds of a Feater - WOW. I never thought this song could be drawn out and jammed like this. Great Jam, we knew we were in for something special. Catapult - always fun to hear then Heavy Things - Finally the boys decided to strech this one out a bit, longer than 4 minutes this one was about 8. The place was hopping to this, the jam really took off at the end, and could be one of the best endings to this song I've ever heard - get the tape. Sand - This is where everything started to get interesting. This wasn't your normal sand. It was more of a gloomy type jam. The repetive bass line can get annoying but it keeps you in the groove. Nice touch by Trey with some Keyboard action, and loops. We were all into it. Meatstick - Never been a favorite of mine till now. Boy did this one blow every meatstick ive ever heard out of the water. Trey talked about Japan and sung it Japanese. Mike did some really REALLY cool stuff on the bass, you must check this out on tape. Cities - Surprising, fun to hear though. It was all the same as usual till trey did a line about Japan and that he smells sushi. We were all laughing as Trey talked, which he is doing less and less of late. Walk Away - I thought this was still Cities so I can't give u a review Antelope - Damn intense version. Longer outro jam than usual, this was a long Antelope period though, about 17 minutes. I cant describe it, you gotta get the tapes. And we all thought it was over and then they busted into... Frankenstein - The sets more than 1:10 in now so we're all just thankful to get another song, and what a song it was. Really just put us all in a great mood and got us back to normal after the killer antelope. Well now the sets actually over, Page is up taking his bow... but no, Trey puts one finger up to play... Velvet Sea - I dont know if people like this song or not, but I've always loved the slower songs Phish plays, cause you can really hear the precision of the notes. This was jammed out pretty long like 10 minutes, and it was just unbelievable. Better than NYE, more melodic jam, it was real special to hear. II set - Well after 1:30 we're all happy and its really been a journy. Encore - Zero - I actually went back up to the lawn for this one to meet my friends and the sound was messed up for like 3 minutes which sucked (anyone else notice?) but it seemed like Trey was really digging in, to tap off a great night and weekend. -Mike
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 00:10:56 EDT From: Mottice@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 6/29 I wasn't at the show tonight, I was chillin' in my kitchen when a friend calls. Sean Cochran. He heard me answer and proceeded to hold the cellular phone in the air while the sweet chimes of Antelope>Frankenstein flowed to my ear. For a moment I was there, hearing at times the roar of the crowd react to yet another soaring plane from the guys onstage. The ending sequence of Antelope was quite unique, but when Frankenstein reared it's ugly yet glorious head, I almost collapsed into the stove and whacked my head on the fridge. Thank you Sean, for taking me to Holmdel tonight. You made my day! Can't wait to do the Creek/Columbus shows with you, TBriggs, Hemlepp, James A, & Wilkinson for another summer journey of musical bliss and fellowship. Long live Rock! Rob Mottice, your goddamn daddy. Hit Me!
Date: Fri Jun 30 03:31:52 2000 From: ReelbigPsh@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Destiny Unbound--failed attempt Destiny Unbound---there were plenty of rumors going around about why this show would be it--1000th phish show?--its trey's home theatre---etc three air horns were to be blown for the chant (Hiway bill's on a rotary still and he cant even feel the pain) and it was s'pose to continue to the beginning of the second set--the air horns blew after the lights went out and phish came on and the chant never got going in time---by the way--GREAT 2ND SET--all the boys were on top of it!---esp CK5!
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