9-22-00 -- Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois

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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:14:56 CDT
From: Erik Pedersen mapman73@hotmail.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: 9/22 Allstate review
Ok to give a little history, this was my 10th show, and this is my first
review. But I don't feel like going into a song by song as others have. I
thought the show was great, I'd rank it in the top three shows I have seen.
I say this cause I got to hear songs I have never heard before live, and I
got to hear awesome versions of songs I have heard before live. The energy
of the show was phenomenal and  we got nice and close to the stage.  So I am
going to talk about the lots/scene, and the disrepectful on the main
The thing that bothers me the most about the lot was the fact that when
trying to park we got bombarded by people looking for tickets, I mean they
literally just stood in front of my truck with their finger in the air. I
had to actually pull around them cause they wouldn't move. Then when pulling
into our parking spot, again more people just standing in the way, I had to
wait to fully pull into our parking spot cause the guy just stood there
looking at us.  Maybe this is normal, but none of the other shows I have
gone to have we had to deal with this, I thought it was really annoying. We
enjoyed the lots otherwise, but we didn't get rained on at all so that could
have helped our lot experience. Plus we got in and out relatively easy, so
that helped also.
OK, as for being on the main floor. I have never actually been on the floor
to see Phish, we have always had seats in the back of a pavilion or on the
lawn. At the beginning of set break all the people around us  just sat down
right away and so we followed suit, we found out this was to save our spots.
But then all these people just started filing in and standing wherever there
was open floor space around us. This translated to about 20 more people in
the area directly around us. When the second set started we ended up behind
these people and I got totally boxed in, I could barely dance, plus I was
getting bumped again and again by the guy next to me.  At least the person I
was 4 inches behind was my friend not some stranger I was bumping
practically every time I moved.  It wasn't until Antelope that I really got
to dance and only because the people that moved in at set break finally
moved back a couple of steps. I don't know if this is how it is all the
time, but damn people have some respect for your phellow phans! I would
never think of just barging in front of someone if there wasn't any room.
OH yea Hi to Dennis the Big Guy and the guy from Madison (sorry I don't
remember your name) from the Cow Pant guys!  Mooooooo

Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 23:30:03 EDT From: Golgi1112@aol.com Subject: friday night rosemont I cannot believe Phish is playing here again. There are three simple letters for Phish to play at when they tour again, UIC. With that aside, the lot was very cold and rainy which seems to be a reocurring theme at the Horizon. There were tons of cops, and there was not a huge scene. Also, there weren't enough doors for all of the people to enter. Onto the show: DWD: Nice way to open the show. Nice and funky with a nice jam at the end. Tons of fun. Meat: My first. To be honest I have never really liked this song. For some reason I enjoyed the song very much. It wasn't finished. It went straight into Poor Heart. Poor Heart: Yes! Tons of fun. Its great to know Mike was at the show. Fishman didn't yell "You're going to jail." Fun song, nice bluegrass. Wilson: Hell yeah. It was not as good as Alpine 98, but it had a nice little heavy metal jam. The crowd was really into this one. Slave: My first. This is when the set began to explode. The Slave was incredible. I would highly recommend getting the tape to hear it. Dogs Stole Things: They played it last year. I liked it then. I liked it friday. Nice blusy tune. Gin: YES!! Nice Page entrance. The jam during this one was incredible. Totally ragining jam. Heavy Things: I knew it was time for a farmhouse song. All the newbies I'm sure were ecstatic. I like the song but it is very over played in Chicago. YEM: WOW!! Nice jamming. Trampolines and all. Crowd was going nuts. Then the glowsticks came and the vocal jam began. NICE JOB CHRIS!!! Nice way to end the set. Set II Tube: Yes. My first and it was nice and funky. Nice job Page with your solo. No space jam. :( Reba: Very exciting. Whistling, and nice jamming. The show was going very well right now. It was tons of fun. Very comparable to UIC 98. Ghost:Funky like no other. Very good. Nothing else to say. Wedge: This song seems to follow me around everywhere I go. UIC 98, Alpine 99. It was a standard short and sweet Wedge. Circus: YES! This was on my must see list. Very happy. Meatstick: No way! In Japanese none the less. Mike and Trey also taught us the dance with Fishman singing. Tons of fun. Antelope: With Meatstick teases all through out the song. Totally raging and you knew the set was coming to an end. What a night though. Bold as Love: No better way to end the first night of the two night run. Everyone seemed to be having tons of fun and were in good spirits for saturday night. David.
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 11:59:36 -0500 From: Michael Gagliano mgagliano@home.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: rosemont 9/22 Rosemont Horizon or Allstate Arena. Call it what you want, the sound at this place sucks. It was raining when we went in and was raining when we came out. This was no indication of the show, however. Smoking Disease with an unusual jam to start the set off. Very muddy vocals at this point. I can live without Meat as well Poor Heart although the energy level was good. Wilson was pretty skinny as far as Wilson's go, but the Slave was FAT! Trey beautifully led them into the climactic ending. Rare 1st set treat. Dogs was only filler until the monster Bathtub. They really jammed this one out. Page lead this jam for the most part until it snaked back into the refrain. Well Done. I like Heavy Things although it is a little overplayed. Trey let loose at the end as usual. YEM was killer. Trey nailed his two big early solos and the vocal jam was pretty tame as was the 1st set in general. The second set ripped!!!! The Tube was so funky with Page cranking on the Moog and Trey laying down that sweet rhythm. You get the picture. AWESOME! Reba started off pretty slow, but by the jam section Trey went off. He really held this solo close to the vest, not straying to far from the theme. My favorite Reba of all time! My brother and I had been hoping for Ghost and we were not disappointed. The spooky jam that ensued was great. Not heavy, yet not ambient. This jam went on for about 15 min(should read "Ghost>Jam"). Wedge and Circus were very well played. Trey's solo at the end of Circus was right on. Say what you want about Meatstick - I love the riff! Forget the dancing and this song could be great. Now to describe the liftoff during Antelope is impossible. Talk about building up to peak levels - check out the perfect jam ending on this. LIFTOFF! The encore, Axis was simply an afterthought, still reeling from the Antelope. Have to say this was one of my favorite sets off all time. The Tube>Reba>Ghost>Jam made this night! Gags
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:48:07 CDT From: J Shepard spiff151@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Rosemont Review Here's my reviews for Rosemont. ~Spaceman Spiff 9/22/00 Rosemont Horizon Friday was awesome, although the weather and the cops sucked. DWD opener was not a great DWD, but not bad, and cool to get everyone charged up and dancing right away. Then Meat, I was psyched, 1st time in 2000 I heard this song, I love this tune. At the end, after 2 fake endings, they paused for about 2-3 minutes, I said to my friend Jason, "They're going back into Meat, one more time." But as I waited longer and longer, I wondered. Of course they did, and then quickly went into Poor Heart. Poor Heart rocked, the place was going wild at this point. The crowd at Rosemont was WAY excited. A pretty rockin Wilson followed, then a nice Slave. The lights during slave were bad ass. Real slow and melty. Dogs Stole Things, I don't know what the appeal is to so many people that love this song, but I was dancin. Page had been ON FIRE the whole set, and they played Bathtub Gin next. Better than average, I'd say. Rain-drenched crowd cheers for "we're all in this together, and we love to take a bath." Cool Page jamming throughout, and the end "Daaaaa, da da da da da...." part seems pretty short. Heavy Things. It sounded like Page was playing something a little different, "plink-a plink-a plink-a" instead of the usual "plink, plink, plink" but it could have just been the shitty sound in Rosemont. For the first set I was way up top, above all the seats, dancing in the top aisle. After Heavy Things I knew something good was coming, and it was YEM. An average YEM, I thought, cool jam toward the end of the instumental part, after the tramps and before the vocal jam. Best part of the vocal jam was the lights in my opinion. At setbreak we moved down to the railing, so we were in the very front row of the balcony, not far from Trey. Great 2nd set seats. Great view, great sound. And what a 2nd set it was... 1st 4 songs, Tube, Reba, Ghost, Wedge. You can't really beat that. Reba as always had a cool floating, soaring jam. Ghost was insane!!! Maybe the best Ghost I've ever heard. Definitely the highlight of the weekend for me. The jam was just so sick, rockin and tripped out, with the delay loop going on. Page playing some real funky cool shit. A short pause, then Wedge. What can I say? Wedge is a great song, and it's been a while since I heard it live. The crowd went from dancing like crazy to smoking bowls when they played Circus. Trey was getting some cool sounding tones and voicings out of his guitar at the end of Circus though, using lots of pedals, letting each note develop and fill the room with sound. Still, I could have done without it. My friend Josh asked me, what now? I said antelope, but they played Meatstick instead. I was psyched, after the first verse Trey told us something like, "This is the only song that has its own dance, and also has a Japanese part. We were in Japan about... oh... 6 or 8 years ago, and the streets were full of these kids doing the meatstick, it was a national craze over there, the Meatstick had taken over the country......" They sung it in Japanese, which was hilarious, everyone in the place was smiling and laughing. Trey and Mike put their instuments down and Paul looped the Japanese part and they did the dance to that. Happy, fun shit. Then they picked up their guitars again and finished the song, and kind of faded slowly with Trey playing small variations on the chorus, softer and softer, and the crowd started singing (in English) the chorus as Trey played around with it. As the band got quieter and quieter, the crowd got louder and louder til the band wasn't playing anymore, and the whole crowd sang the chorus of Meatstick back to the band for a couple minutes. The band looked stunned, they were just standing there. Then everyone cheered and Trey started playing antelope right away. CONSTANT Meatstick teases in the intro. Trey would play the chorus melody of meatstick, real fast, and the crowd would clap in the correct spot. He did it maybe 10 times just in the intro to Antelope. The antelope RAGED. A crazy, intense antelope. The lights were great here too. I knew the set was over after antelope, I was hoping for a roses are free encore, I saw that coming. But, maybe because Page had such a great night he got to sing. Bold As Love. It was cool, I've never heard it live before and I enjoyed it.
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 16:55:42 -0500 From: Peter Norman pnorman@prairienet.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review of 9/22/00 I cannot stress how much I hate this arena. I wish Phish would go back to playing Tinley Park in the summer. Also, I thought Redbird Arena last year was great!!! Allstate Arena sux, plain and simple. Also, I think god hates Phish to play at Allstate because it's rained for all 4 Phish shows here. This was only my 4th show, but it was my dad's 1st. I was a little comprehensive about how he'd feel about a Phish show. We arrived at the arena at about 7:00. We couldn't believe the lines to get into the arena!!! Allstate has really got to get their act together. They were trying to cram, like 5000 people into 2 sets of double doors. This was a crime!!! Thanks to Allstates shitty entrance system I missed the first half of Down with Disease. Last year, I missed the first three songs due to the shitty parking lot. Phish, if you happen to read this, please never play at Allstate again, I'm begging you!!! I'll do a short run-down of the setlist: Down w/ Disease: Only got to hear the jam and chorus reprise to this one. What I heard sounded really cool. My dad was REALLY pissed about missing the beginning of the show. Meat: Didn't get to pay much attention to this one. Was trying to find our seats. The search was hopeless. We ended up just standing where there was room. What I heard of this song was very funky. Poor Heart: I was dancing to this one quite a lot. The bluegrass songs are always fun, even though this isn't one of my favorites. Slave: This, I liked. This was when the set really took off. This song is so beautiful. The jam during this song was simply breathtaking. This was one of the highlights of the set. After this song my dad leaned over to me and said, "You were right, this really is un-fucking-believable." I felt very content at that point. Dogs Stole Things: I missed the one they did last year at Allstate and I REALLY love this song so I was happy to hear it. They seem to love to do this song in Chicago. It was pretty standard, but it seemed like Trey jammed it out a little longer than most I've heard on tape. It was very cool. Bathtub Gin: I couldn't hear Trey's signature guitar riff at the beginning of this one, so I couldn't tell what it was until Page came in bagging the piano (another problem with Allstate is the acoustics really suck). Page totally ripped this one up. Very cool jam at the end. I was psyched at this point. Heavy Things: Saw it last year at Allstate, was never one of my favorites, and Trey's solo seemed a little bit unenthusiastic during this one. Was one of the low points of the show for me. YEM: YES!!! I can finally cross this one off my MUST SEE list. Very beautiful composed parts. Absolutely brutal glowstick war during Nirvana section. I could barely hear Mike's bass solo. Trey's first shot at the note was thwarted by him catching a glowstick (duh, lets throw glowsticks at the band and see if they like it, duh) and there was a glowstick on Mike's Trampoline which he promptly kicked off. Still, I was psyched to hear this one. The vocal jam was scary and the lights were sick. I was in heaven. Setbreak: A wave started going around the arena. Even though the arena sucked, the crowd was top notch. Everyone was friendly and willing to participate. When I saw the wave I was thinking, " what would be a good crowd participation song?" Meatstick instantly jumped to mind. Tube: Way cool. Trey's keyboard work had a very techno sound to it. It was very funky and I loved it. Another great jamming song. Reba: The audience seemed really ripped to see this one. Everyone (including me) sang along during the chorus. The jam after this one was one of the highlights of the show. Absolutely mellow and beautiful, brought a tear to my eye. I never wanted this song to end, but it did and the whistling was a welcome treat. Ghost: There was something about this Ghost that I just didn't like. Maybe it was because I could barely hear Mike's slap bass lines. This Ghost just wasn't very funky. It had more of a rock vibe to it, which is ok, but last years Redbird Ghost whipped this one's ass. Still was grooving to this one. The Wedge: Rift is probably my favorite Phish album. I love this song. My second time hearing it. Pretty standard. Needed something to cool down and this song did it rather splendidly. When the Circus Comes: Wow, I'm pretty sure this one's kinda rare. Plus I love it. I'd gone to see a circus just last Monday, so I was psyched to hear this one. Los Lobos are awesome and this song is beautiful. Meatstick: My prediction came true. This is a really fun song that's great to dance to (prearranged or not). The Japanese chorus was hilarious. The Meatstick dance ruled. I think just about everyone in the place was doing it. The ending of this song was such a climax with the band quieting down and leaving us singing the chorus. Antelope: People were still clapping to that beat in Meatstick (yeah, you know the one) through the beginning of Antelope. Trey's Meatstick teases just reinforced how break-through that song was. This Antelope was very high energy. Totally brought the house down. I knew this would end the set. Encore: Bold as Love: Some people sitting by me seemed disappointed at this song. I loved it. Page sings this song so well. I called something Page after set 2, Squirming Coil, Rock n' Roll, but Bold as Love was just as good. Great encore. Left the stage smoking. This show was just bliss. Another Phish experience that I will never forget as long as I live (especially if I get the tapes). My dad was really impressed by them and this probably won't be his last show. As I always say, "Phish didn't change my life, they just made it a hell of a lot more interesting." See my review of the next nights show. Keep the phaith! ________________________________________________ Erik Norman mailto:pnorman@prairienet.com http://www.prairienet.com/banjo
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 12:43:16 CDT From: Anderson S. Andrew ohkeepa01@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: review of 9-22-2000 22 Sept., 2000 Allstate Amp, Rosemont, Illinois Okay guys, how about trying the United Center next year? This place just gets worse and worse every time I come here! That's enough bitching, though. Set I I walked into the middle of what I guessed immediately to be Down With Disease....and I was no longer disappointed to be a little late. Am I the only one who is getting a little tired of these standard, 15 minute DWD's? I like the song when it goes somewhere, but the last six or seven times I've heard this song, it's just been standard-length, nothing-too-unusual DWD. Meat made me feel much better...this is one of the most underplayed songs they have. It was cool to hear them turn that deep funk into bluegrass for Poor Heart. It was pretty cool, a lot like 7-8-2000 (minus Fishman). Again, though, the boys took this bluegrass number and brought it around to Wilson, and took that into one of the only first set Slave's I have ever seen. Just an amazing jam, keeping the continuation through four songs of different genres (I guess...you know what I mean). Dogs Stole Things was nice to hear. Bathtub just took me by surprise. I love this song for the sheer fun of watching Page go nuts in the intro. It had a nice funk feel and lasted about 16 minutes or so. Then came Heavy Things, which I still like because of Trey's solo. And then came You Enjoy Myself. I was very pumped because this is one of my favorite songs. It is definatly my favorite set closer, just as Punch You in the Eye is my favorite opener. I guess the 45-50 minute set break is getting pretty standard. It's cool though, because if you hustle, you have enough time to hit the head, grab a beer (or water), find a friend, and get back to the floor (except at THIS piece of shit). I had just spilt my beer when Trey started Tube, so I was slow in reacting to it. Finally, Reba. Everytime they want to play Guyute, they should stop and consider Reba...I think that's what they did tonight. The Ghost->Wedge was pretty cool. I really like Fishman's little solo in the begining. When The Circus Comes was a very nice selection. Meatstick made the show for me. This is close to my 70th show, but only my second Meatstick...so I get more excited that some people I know about this song. I get even more excited about Antelope. This is a classic in-concert song, and they usually reserve it for outside crowds, so I was pumped to see it here. Bold As Love is such a great encore. Leo just belted this one out there. All in all a great show. This weekend stay in Chicago is already living up to all it was billed to be.
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:06:09 EDT From: SpiderofUR@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9/22 allstate I don't really have time to talk about the show. but i figured that i'd write to point out a fact that no one seemed to realize about the axis bold as love encore. phish did a very good version of it. a hendrix tune is always good to hear. after they finished bold as love and went into the outro jam, the band stopped the jam, fishman started it up again, then they proceeded to play a "farmhouse" jam, which was not bold as love. i'd like some feedback from this. ric
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:40:30 -0500 From: Michael Cory Victor victormc@purdue.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: the 9-22 allstate wave All I want to do was give proper credit to the man who brought the crowd together for an amazing extended wave during the setbreak at the friday Allstate show: The one, the only, the great, the special, the man who sat behind me in section 208 row E....Dennis ("as in Dennis the menace") Tyler. I think every phan there should give thanks to Mr. Dennis Tyler for uniting the crowd in joy just before the amazing 2nd set that we all experienced. rock on everybody, cory
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 14:12:19 EDT From: Phishin0ut@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9-22-00 Allstate Review Set I (1:27): Down with Disease, Meat* > Poor Heart > Wilson > Slave to the Traffic Light, Dogs Stole Things, Bathtub Gin, Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself** Set II (1:06): Tube***, Reba, Ghost > Wedge, When the Circus Comes, Meatstick****, Run Like an Antelope# Encore (0:06) Bold as Love< I am going to start off by saying that this was on of the most solid shows I have ever seen. Outside in the lot however, was a different story. First off the rain had many in ponchos, or just sitting in their cars. Second, there were only two aisles that I could find something to eat or drink. The cops shut down a lot of vending last night, and it kind of killed the atmosphere. Anyway, I was on the floor, about fifteen rows back, if there were actually rows. When they first came out, the first thing I noticed was Mike's shirt. It was all black with a glow in the dark orange stripe going down each sleeve! The first few chords of DWD were hit, and we were on our way. This song has been heard by many, many times. Even though, it's a good pick-me-upper. Meat was next. Not a bad choice for a second song. Next came Poor Heart. This song is always fun, but it was missing Fish's "NoOoOoOoo"!! Then came a solid Wilson. Slave was unbelievable! I always love to hear this one. I think it is one of Phish's best jams. And last night it was one of the best jams of the night. I thought that they could have held Dogs Stole Things for the second set, but I'll take it anyway. And then there was Bathtub Gin. This too is one of my all time favs to hear live. This was a hell of a jam at the end, and the tapes are worth getting for this alone. Heavy Things was played and blah blah blah, and then You Enjoy Myself became the set closer with one hell of a glow stick war. This was another well played song of the night. During setbreak, I went to talk with my buddies wod had seats. I called for a Divided Sky in the second set, and my buddy called for a Reba and ghost! Well what do I know?! Anyway, I ended up about fifth row Trey side for set II. Tube started it off and got everyone going again. Then came Reba which is always a nice jam to groove to. Ghost was next and it was so laid back! I loved it! I haven't heard Wedge in a long time, so it was a treat for me. But I love When the Circus Comes To Town! I think that I was the only guy in my area loving the hell out of this. In the middle of Meatstick, Trey started talking about how popular the dance was in Japan. So Page and Fish sang it in Japanese, while Mike and Trey performed the dance front stage. After the song was over the crowd kept singing without help of the band. I could see it in Treys face that he was loving it! Next came Antelope. This is also one of my all time favorite live songs. In the beginning of this one, Try kept teasing with the chords from Meatstick, while the crowd continued to clap as if they were still playing Meatstick. Antelope went on to be a great jam, and the show ended with Bold as Love, which is always a cool jam to hear. I had to drive back to Wisconsin after the show, and the weather was the worst I had ever driven in. I went about 35mph the whole ride cause I couldn't see a thing. But anything was worth the show I saw last night! Peace...Fred
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 11:51:01 CDT From: Alex Mack shakedownfeet@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9/22 review Well after a day of driving through nothing but hard & heavy rain from Iowa, we arrived eventually in chicago, really stoked to see the greatest band of today. Not a super-hopping lot or anything, but everything that we needed was acquired. Went in right as doors were opening late about 10 after 6. Got in front about 20 feet parallel to Page. Found our 2 stranded friends from St. Paul at about 7, spotted them coming down the floor from all the way back, got them up front right before the show started. Really psyched when the lights went down, the boys started into their noise wall, I told my group I was thinking it was DwD time, and we got: DwD!: Really rocking & jammed out long. After a while it went down real low & got spacy & psychadelic, then after like 15 minutes back into DwD. My first DwD since my first show 11/16/96 Meat: Awesome & funky: love it when mike sings. Poor Heart: I always get this bluegrass tune but it rules! Wilson: Yeah! First wildon. This was real rocking. Great work here (and everywhere) by Kuroda. The sound was starting to round out real well. Then, from the depths of Wilson we heard, was it? SLAVE! I couldn't believe we were getting a slave in the middle of the first set! Just beautifully done with amazing lights and a great buildup. This is what hooking up is. My first Dogs Stole: my first. Real cool & rocking. Gin: Now we're talking! I love the funky bass and the whole vibe during this song. I can take a gin every show. Heavy things: Got this at alpine & could pick better, but it was enjoyable despite. Then, the one song I've been dying to hear tonight & at every show I've seen: YEM!!!!!!! This was so amazing, it was real well played & down on the floor this was one of the most special moments (literally) of my life. This had an awesome tramps section, way to go Mike. Page was going off, Mike was dropping subatomic bombs on his bass left and right, Trey was jamming like a madman, and fishman was doing his thing, solid as usual. One of my live highlights. I want to see YEM every single show! ;-) 40-45 minute setbreak, got H2O and pizza. tried to recoup, but before I knew it the lights went out again. WHOO HOO! Tube: Yeah! Tightly jammed version, seemed stretched out somewhat. Reba: This was awesome. Saw trey flub some stuff in the beginning but it didn't fall apart or anything like that. I'd flub the hell out of it so I can't call the kettle black (BTW YEM was all on with Trey, I think he missed zero notes the whole composed section). Great jam, love the whistling. Ghost: yeah! This is like 11/7/98 reversed here, when we had Ghost>Reba. Made me wish my brother was at the show because at this point I was seriously rocking! Great jam faded into... Wedge: I see this a lot it seems but I still like it lots. Great tune. Circus: Good tune, nothing else. Meatstick: All the japaneese stuff was hilarious, seeing mike & trey do the dance was the bomb. I thought the crowd singing the chorus 4 or so times was so cool: I think tonight is going to get something seriously amazing (ala harpua/tela/forbins) partially due to that crowd response. Antelope: This was last nights thank you for singing to the band without backing. Meatstick teases all over, at least 4 or 5. completely rocking, you know how antelopes are! I just about collapsed when the chaos had its 'breakoff'. Pre-rocco secion was one of the funkiest things I've ever seen phish do, and finally came that aweome chorus that everybody loves so much. I was expecting a cool original for an encore, maybe guyute. My buddy & I had listened to Jimi for a while coming in and I missed the Ames show w/ the jimi encore, so I was way stoked for Axis: Bold as Love: Yeah Jimi Hendrix! I was starting to get a bit gassed so this was a great choice for an encore. I love how phish always seems to make my evening perfect. I always forget, then remember when I realize how wonderful it is. Look for the hombre w/ huge sideburns close on the floor, say hey. Be wearing a U of Iowa shirt, kicking it old school. Final thoughts: awesome show, seeing YEM was just the greatest. Real solid. Seeing the setlist alone may not give you a good representation of the show at all, so get the discs (insert pathetic grovel here! ;-)) See you at the Allstate tonight!
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 06:55:24 GMT From: Kevin Liska runawayfox@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com, dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Allstate Arena show review 9/22/00 Kevin Liska Allstate Arena (Show 1) 9/22/00 I HATE the new "ALLstate Arena!" The parking is terrible! they cut down all the entrences, from 7 to 3!!! WTF!!!?!! Well, i didn't get in until 8:15, so here's my review from there: Set I: DWD (??:??)- how the fuck would i know, i was getting in? Meat (5:??)- heard it going up the stars. Hey, it's Meat! Poor Heart (??:??)- finding my seats (which wre already taken, plus it was too dark to really locate them), so we were on the concourse the whole show looking into Page. I do remember dancing to this, but still not settled in yet. Wilson (6:00)- Here we go! A pretty average Wilson, nothing too special. Very loud crowd tonight! Slave (11:45)- mid set Slave? sure! got us all movin in sync! Dogs Stole Thins (4:??)- U can't have an indoor show in Chicago without Dogs Stole Things. A nice breather after Slave. Very nice. Bathtub Gin (15:40)- I love all Gin jams lately! May have even been better than my last Gin (7/10/00)! Wowwy some nice stuff going on in this one. And everything was on! Heavy Things (5:30)- Not bad, Not bad. another nice breather after a big jam. Nice. YEM (19:40)- allright!! Great stuff! A HUGE glowstick war at snoopy. Trey even caught one! great jamming all around. Very good Mike. Some nice texture by all, including Fish w/ cowbell during the phunk. Nice vocal jam. Reminiscent of 11/9/98 YEM. very good set (from what i heard) 40-45 min setbreak. Geez, these things don't even bother me anymore! Set II: Tube (8:55)- Nothing like a nice long, cosmic Tube to open things up! Raging! Reba (16:17)- Hello!? Nicelest live Reba i've ever heard. Relentless great jamming. The composed was a lil' sloppy in the beginning, but it held. We get a reprise. And all in all nice. Not quite sure which Reba to compare it to, but get the tapes and u make a call! Ghost (11:40)- I got my Ghost!!! aww ya! Bring on the psycho-delic funk! perfectly jammed for a while. Great stuff. Only 11 min? seemed longer, oh well. Wedge (5:15)- Can u believe this is the first Wedge of the year? A nice short/sweet Wedge which kept us moving. Circus (4:50)- OK, why not. Very well done, they ended it early. Meatstick (9:30) here we go! Great stuff. Then, during the jam, Trey starts talking about Japan, and then they do the japanese Meatstick!! Wonderful!! Of course Mike and Trey dance for us. The ending is great!! They bring it down slowly to absolute silence. But the crowd still chants the melody/clapping for a couple minutes! Wonderful!! Antelope (11:40)- Lots of fast Meatstick teases and the crowd got all the clapping! I love Phish crowds! We're so awesome! A raging Antelope that hit peak after peak. A good way to close us. long wait... Enchore: Bold As Love (6:45)- sing for us Page! a wonderful enchore! well, since we were on the concourse the whole show, we got out fast. Sincw we were parked way the hell out, we got out first and partyed in Tinley Park! seeya'll tomarrow night! -I'm definately leaving earlier tomarrow! :)
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 05:02:27 EDT From: JRiordan35@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net, dws@gadiel.com Subject: Phish 9-22-2000 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL Review Set I (1:27): Down with Disease, Meat* > Poor Heart > Wilson > Slave to the Traffic Light, Dogs Stole Things, Bathtub Gin, Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself** Set II (1:06): Tube***, Reba, Ghost > Wedge, When the Circus Comes, Meatstick****, Run Like an Antelope# Encore (0:06) Bold as Love * - unfinished ** - with glowsticks *** - with Trey on keys **** - with japanese lyrics; towards the end of the song, the band started playing the chorus over and over, gradually lowering the volume as the crowd sang the chorus, finally ending with the crowd singing the chorus 3 or 4 times with no accompaniment from the band # - with "Meatstick" teases during the intro First, let me say that this was only my second Phish concert ever! (The first was 7-8-2000, at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. See my review at http://www.phish.net/reviews/shows/7-8-00.html ) The whole day was rainy in Chicago. This must've had some effect on the pre-show lot scene, as it was pretty non-existant. I arrived at about 5:00, and immediately got in line for the doors to be opened at 6:00. Passed the time, and finally we were let in at about 6:10. People in front, like me, were rushing inside, trying to grab a great spot in the general admission seating floor section. I ended up with a very nice place, slightly to the left of where Trey would stand, and about 15 feet back from the stage. When 7:55 rolled around finally, I was hardly ready for the show to start! I'd been on my feet waiting for almost three hours, and it hadn't set in that I was about to see three hours of Phish!!! The lights went down, the band took stage, and all hell broke loose... Down With Disease: Started out the the usual spacey intro, and everyone was very excited to see such an awesome song open the show. Mike dropped the opening bass lines, and the crowd was pumped! This was a great Disease, not extra long, but long enough, and very high energy. As the opening jam died down, I heard someone say "Oh -- so that's how it's gonna be tonight..." We expected big things... Meat: This excited the crowd a lot. I went wild for Mike when he sang the opening line! Who doesn't love to see Mike singing? This song had that wonderful stop-start jamming that gets the crowd very happy. On the last stop, it went into... Poor Heart: Very fun to hear, and more Mike on the mic! Good, fast jamming in the middle, and then the slow down, and then... Wilson: WILLLLLLL-SOOONNNNNN!!! I called this one for set I, and I went nuts hearing the opening licks. After I believe 4 crowd chants, they busted into it. Always a great, rocking song, it's one of my favorites. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but very pleasing to the whole crowd. After Wilson came a little.... surprise.... Slave to the Traffic Light: NO WAY they are playing this now, in the middle of the first set!!! We all couldn't believe our ears as the beautiful composition began. I was just buzzing inside; if they could play Slave now, what else was in store for me?? This Slave was wonderful. We were pretty speechless after the song. I didn't know what they were going to play next, but after a short pause came... Dogs Stole Things: This is not one of my favorite songs that Phish plays, but tonight it wasn't bad, and I knew the words, so I sang along happily. I knew there had to be some kind of a letdown after the awe-inspiring Slave we just saw, and Dogs was it. Bathtub Gin: Woo hoo!!! This ignited the crowd instantly. Started nicely, with Page crashing in on the piano to our delight. The composed section was great, and singing along to this song is a lot of fun. When the jam section started, it wasn't anything special. It went on fairly uneventfully for a few minutes, but things then started to pick up, and Trey took control. He had some awesome stuff going on in this jam; this turned out to be a very solid Bathtub. I didn't think that was going to be the end of the set (though I'd lost track of time so I didn't really even know), but I didn't know what would come next. After an extended interval, the next song began... Heavy Things: The crowd kind of laughed at this when it started. People still grooved to it though, including myself. I enjoy the song, and Trey certainly seems to! He couldn't stop smiling and nodding his head soloing around during Heavy Things. A solid, standard version of the song. Now, there was no way that that could close the set, so we all now were really wondering what would come next. We waited, and waited, and finally, I was caught VERY off-guard by the magnificent opening sounds of... You Enjoy Myself: Wow!!! Is this still set I? What was going on?? This was my first YEM, and it was pure bliss. Words can't describe the grandeur of this masterpiece. The crowd was really, really pumping as the big build up was happening and then finally finally the floor exploded as we all yelled "Ahhhhhh!!!!!" and then "Boy!!!!!!!!" This was the most excited the crowd had been all night. The YEM jam was excellent, full of trampolines, a great glowstick war (featuring Trey catching one, to the absolute delight of the crowd), and an awesome vocal jam. The lights were amazing during the vocal jam. What a way to close the first set!! -Setbreak- I just stood there wondering how in the world they were going to follow that set I. I was baffled. The break was about 35 or 40 minutes, and allowed me rest a little bit from that action-packed set I. Soon, the lights came down again, and the band emerged, immediately coming out and dropping on us a huge... Tube: Yes!!! I always love hearing Tube on CD, and getting my first one live was great. This was rocking hard, with a nice short section on keys by Trey. There were some really funky sounds in this jam. Awesome way to get the show going again, and then... Reba: Double-Yes!!! Everyone got really excited hearing this. I sang along to all of the fast paced intro, and was dancing hard. Then the quieter jam section came on, and it was great. It was a really awesome version of Reba. I can't wait to hear this again on CD. All the time I was hoping they'd whistle, and my prayers were answered. The whistling sounded quite shrieky at first, but the sound finally settled down, and I enjoyed the conclusion of that wonderful jam, before... Ghost: I couldn't believe they were playing yet another jam! Very nice to get this, awesome bass work my Mike, and a great jam all-around to follow. Out of Ghost, came... The Wedge: I love Wedge, and I knew that they hadn't played it in all of 2000 (12-10-99 was the last one). I had sort of been predicting its return for Allstate, and I got it. It was awesome, I was dancing a lot, and singing along. Everyone loved it, and after that we heard Trey's opening licks to... When the Circus Comes: A good slower song. I chilled out from my wild dancing and just watched Trey. He played very nicely, and then I knew something bigger would come, which was... The Meatstick: I was thrilled, along with all the other fans, to hear this. Normal start, and good spacey stuff by Page. Singing along to this was basically a requirement. Then some real fun began. Trey started to talk about how they played in Japan "about 6 or 8 weeks ago", and they showed the Japanese fans a dance called The Meatstick, and the craze was taking over the entire country! I got all wound up hearing this, since I heard the very entertaining rendition of Meatstick in Japanese from 6-9-2000 on CD. Sure enough, the band started to sing away in Japanese!! I actually sang along to some of the foreign lyrics that I remembered, to the amusement and wonder of the people around me. The whole thing was just very funny, singing in Japanese, and attempting to keep up with Mike and Trey in the dance! After a while, the band started to die down, but the crowd kept singing away! We spontaneously sang the Meatstick chorus about 4 times without any playing from the band. It was very, very cool how it all just happened, and then Phish dropped the last of the atomic bombs of the night... Run Like An Antelope: I was elated to hear this, since it'd been one of the best parts of my first show ever, back on July 8th. This no ordinary Antelope though; Trey was still getting off on spreading the Japanese dance craze even more, so this turned into Meatstick-alope! It was full of Trey's Meatstick teases over the rest of the band's normal playing. It was hilarious, but also a very good jam, as it built up very nicely, and I was jumping around out of control, dripping in sweat from the wild night. The band closed the second set after finishing Antelope with the triumphant "You've got to run like an antelope, out of control" part. What a set it had been. -Encore- The band came back out after about 5 minutes of crowd mayhem, demanding more on this awesome night. Bold as Love: A nice song, gave Page a chance to be in the spotlight, and a decent encore choice. But they could've played just about anything, since it wouldn't at all ruin what an amazing show we'd just seen. After the encore, I was just trying to find my friend Matt, who, I am sure, must have had a few cows throughout the night! No luck finding him though, so I talked to a bunch of other phans and shared in the delight of the moment. I can't wait to see what Phish has to offer tommorrow night at Allstate! They've got a lot to live up to after tonight's monster performance! John Riordan jriordan35@aol.com
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 02:43:13 CDT From: Bryan Deziel shagsg@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review 9.22.00 Rosemont, IL This was an amzing show. After watching setlist after setlist get better and better, the show was more than could even be expected. The sound was great, and it was great to hear Trey's tone reverberate through the indoor hall. The jams on Bathtub Gin, YEM, and Ghost, were like nothing I've ever seen before, especially YEM, with it ending in an acapella chant. The final jam of Meatstick --> Run Like an Antelope was one of their greatest. The crowd was so full of energy you could feel the energy interaction between the crowd and the band. They spared nothing this show, bringing out the trampolines, Trey on the keys, japanese lyrics and the meatstick dance. Everything was beautifully topped off with their encore. All in all I loved the show, and it only leaves me to wonder how great Shoreline will be... -Bryan Deziel
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 17:30:05 CDT From: Michael Shearer shear72@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Review of 9-22-2000 This is a good show. Although it has not happened, you and I both know, this is a good show. A saying on the ground reads, Rearrange me for I change ideas, Recite me because I invent beliefs, Teach me for the future shall be told, Define me to testify my meaning, Circulate me, allowing others to reason, Erase me for I am only words.
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