9-27-00 -- Fiddler's Green, Englewood, Colorado

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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 09:52:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Matthew Kane mkane29@yahoo.com
To: dws@netspace.org, dws@gadiel.com
Subject: Review - Phish 9.27.00 Fiddler's GREEN, Englewood (Denver), Colorado

9.27.00 Fiddler’s GREEN, Englewood (Denver), Colorado

I: Sample in a Jar, My Friend My Friend, Beauty of my Dreams, My Soul, Limb by Limb, Dirt, 
Split Open and Melt, Horn, Taste, Cavern 

II: Piper, Gumbo, Ghost, Mango Song, Heavy Things, Brother*, You Enjoy Myself**

Encore: Loving Cup

* After "Brother" Trey said "that song is all about the ending..." 
* Last Brother 7/28/98, 148 shows.
**  glowstick/glowring war

This was my 21st Phish show.  My first was in 1994, at the Orpheum Theatre (cap. 3,000) in
Memphis, TN.  I was 23 then, and now I am 29.  And, in those six (6) years, I have seen/heard
Phish reinvent themselves numerous times.  From Fall Tour 1999 through Summer Tour 2000, I
was disappointed with their quality of playing.  It was obvious that Trey had completely
taken over all aspects of the band, from writing, to singing, to dominating guitar work.  I
prefer Phish when all members are contributing.  After participating in the 9.27.00 Fiddler’s
Green performance, I feel like I did after seeing them for the first time.  They were a tight
and cohesive band demonstrating the traditional Phish sound (when you can hear each
instrument being played in its own groove thereby causing the sum to be greater than the
parts).  I call this the stank, icky, gooey oooze.  And there was much oooze being sprayed
from the stage during this show.

Quick note about the scene.  As usual, most Phish concertgoers’ primary objective is getting
wasted and talking louder than the music to their friends and even strangers.  And tonight
was no exception.  Idiots, drunks, and wastoids were plentiful.  Since the Phish scene has
always been this way, I was prepared.  So, I just bunkered myself in and let the stupidity
evolve around me.  Occasionally I would cup my ears to block out the chit chat around me, so
I could emerge myself into the sonic oooze.  Upon doing this, I get some strange looks, but
soon after, those people are cupping their ears too.

Set One:

Sample > My Soul:  Quickly played tunes with little jamming, but I was happy to be there, so
no complaints.

Limb by Limb:  Once the vocal part was done, the oooze commenced.

Dirt:  I thought this was the Velvet Cheese at first, but was very happy it wasn’t. 

Split Open and Melt:  It’s on baby, it’s on!  Brought me back to the old daze.  This song is
broken into three parts:  1.  Funk Vocals ("In the morning….."), 2.  Slow Vocals ("We breathe
deep….."), and 3.  OOOZE.  The Funk Vocals were right on time, with Trey putting emphasis on
each syllable.  The magic happened during the Slow Vocals as the entire audience was singing
along and the band recognized this and nice interaction ensued.  And then, thick
ooooze.  As far as I’m concerned they could play the SOAM Jam all night long (see "Demand").

Horn:  Lowered the energy after an ear splitting Melt.

Taste:  Favorite Taste is Gorge 97, I was there, I saw the big dipper spilling the cosmic
ooze down onto the stage.  That’s tough to beat.  But, this Taste was good. 

Cavern:  My shoes!  Where are my shoes?!

Set break:  40 minutes.  Everyone is completely bombed.

Set Two:

Piper:  sinister funk to open.  Keep it tight, keep it right.  After the two rounds of
vocals, they unleashed the drippy ooze effect.  With the sun long gone, Kuroda turned the
lights on.  Fishman and Gordon lock into some phat groove, Page on the synth , and Trey
playing on top of all that with a "drip" sound effect (like the sound of water dripping from
a faucet, but instead ooze coming out of Trey’s guitar).  Delay loops ensue.  Then the
ambience.  Just as the hypnosis is setting in………………..

Gumbo:  more funk, sausage style.  Trey sang the words with passion.  Tight!  Right!  And
now, Page is making his presence known with the B-3/Leslie Speaker.  Its howling.  Gordon is
slapping the bass really hard and the ground is vibrating.  Once the lyrics end, the porno
funk begins.  Everyone takes turns and fills the air with pork chops.  Its enjoyable watching
the interaction between band members.  Tonight, no one wanted to be the stage hawg.  Rather
than dominating, Trey layed backed and let Page, Mike, and Fishman lock into a groove, and
then he would solo on top of it with blues/soul licks.  They just keep raging and raging and
raging, carefully building the jam to its proper climax, and then fading into
silence…………..enter the delay loop (shhhhoe, shhhhoe)….

Ghost:  the definitive pornofunk.  Liquid music.  The 1997 Denver "Ghost" has its place in
history, and the band knows this.  Vocals are loud and clear.  Fishman has the controls on
this one.  The snare and hi hat are strong.  Page is making it funky.  Gordon is slapping the
shit out of his bass.  The ground is vibrating.  People are doing karate kicks all
around.  Jam. Jam, Jam.  I can’t stop dancing.  The jam winds down with a loose Ghost jam
reprise……then the ambience, crowd is cheering……….

Mango:  they were completely in tune.  What a treat.  Although, the vocals lost some ground
here.  But, the older songs have a lot of words and it must be seriously difficult to
remember the complicated music, so its cool.  

Heavy Things:  the newbies in the corporate boxes two rows behind us start screaming, "OH MY
GOD YOU GUYS!!!   THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!"   And it was very festive.  More dancing.

Brother:  Finally, a song I haven’t heard live before.  JACKPOT!  Mind blowing.  Gordon
continues to slap that bass driving the songs texture.  The song was loud and strong clocking
in at about 6.5 minutes.  It didn’t seem like they hadn’t played it in over two years because
they hit every note with passion and perfection.  When done, Trey announces "that song is all
about the ending."  Now, that could potentially have numerous meanings, but I believe he
meant that Brother is all about its "finish" ie. final chords and vocals.

YEM:    Glowstick/Glowring war ensues during first half of song.  When the war is done right,
it can have a deep impact on the music, and tonight it worked because the music was in sync
with the tosses.  For the BoyManGodShit, it was funky.  Then the tramps, and Gordon flips the
"bubble bass" on.  You know that sound.  I can’t get enough of it.  The jam veers away from a
"Flashlight" theme, and this is when Phish says to its audience, "we are Phish, some bad
dudes, and we can turn it on whenever we want."  The jam builds into the patented Phish
Phunk.  Its so nasty, the band lets Mike take a measure all by himself, and then they jump
right back in as if to not miss out on the fun.  Vocal jam ends it.  Nothing to spicy, just
garden variety "ohhhhhs" and "awhhhhhs".


Loving Cup:  D, C, G.  Its Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones with major chords and rock n
roll.  The Energy Meter is hitting 11, and the band is fighting off the 10:30pm curfew with
more intense jam building, until the final chorus, and goodnight.  It was nice to see the
band being on top of the time situation.  In the past, Fiddler’s Green has cut performances
off at 10:31pm by yanking the power and turning on the lights.  Not tonight.  

In conclusion, its all about having a good time, being positive, and getting lost in the
music.  If you survive a Phish show, you can practically do anything you set your mind
on.  May the Phish be with you, always.

Yours in Phish,
Matthew "Sugah" Kane

"Phish is an oracle. Their openness to this art allows a lot of information to come through
for each on a personal level. If you look for a particular song, etc. you may be missing the
importance of the gateway they are guardians of."

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:52:21 GMT From: Mike Lancaster mikelancaster@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9/27/00 Fiddler's Green Review Great show at Fiddler's. The sound was actually very crisp from where I was standing (right behind the tapers section). I won't go into great detail, but I'll hit on my highlights of the show. 1st Set SOAM was no doubt the highlight. Jammed out nicely with Chris' chaotic lights.... 2nd Set consisted of some EXTREMELY tight jamming by all four units of the best band on the planet. The jam out of Piper was probably the coolest funk/techno jam I have ever heard Phish do. It was just such tight jamming that you thought this music was pre-programmed. They were a jamming machine at this point. Trey had this crazy guitar riff he kept playing over and over (I think with the aide of his Whammy pedal). Then Gumbo hit, the jam out of this was very very good as well. They were still jamming more as a unit than I have heard in a while. Then came the Ghost that really rocked. Just a solid stream of unbelievable jamming through this section of the show...Mango was a nice treat, Heavy Things brought us back down to earth... But Brother took us back to wherever we were before, and YEM held us there...Just believe me when I say get the tapes/CD's, especially of the 2nd set.
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 06:55:04 EDT From: CJGSky@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review 9-27-00 Review from Fiddler's Green, Colorado... "Ba BOOM" of a 2nd set...Filled with groovy funky goo... WoW! Piper ~ Gumbo ~ Ghost ~ Mango ~ H.Things ~ Brother ~ YEM!!! Need not say anymore, delivered with the magic of Colorado herself.... Great venue, quaint and cozy outdoors. With the Rocky mountains as backdrop, smooth sunset, great people and Vibe.... A great way to begin the western section of the tour... Ohhh... Colorado A wonderously enlightening journey to Vegas and beyond......PEACE..
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 10:45:27 EDT From: Kassidy974@cs.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: my phirst show and my birthday I turned 30 and saw my phirst show on wednesday and I am so stoked phish is just so amazing, I have heard tapes and heard alot about the shows but I was busy living my life to ever take a break and get into the groove I toured with the dead from 88-92 and boy do I miss that life! the show was GREAT the scene was wonderful and seeing everyone dance and commune brought me to tears, I also came to pay my respects to a dear friend who died while on tour to the new years show in florida his name is Robert Hickey and I truly loved that boy and I am so sad he is gone, but when I was at the show he was with me and he was happy that I was having such a blast. I would love to have a tape of that show if anyone has a hook-up give me a e-mail. much thanks, Debbi Kindell the boonies, colorado email: Kassidy974@cs.com
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 21:47:12 -0600 From: Adam Reshotko ajreshotko@aol.com Subject: 9/27/00 Greetings all. What a show last night!! 2nd set was flat out nuts!! If you're not up for reading a long, rambling review skip this one over 'cause I got a lot to say. First of all, as I've gotten into Phish at a point in my life where I'm not able to just take off and travel whenever, this is just my 5th show (first was 12/5/97) and first in my new hometown. I've got a whole bunch of tapes and stuff and have pretty much turned into your basic obsessive phan. As I've often said, the only way to truly appreciate Phish is obsessively. Anyway, I found Fiddler's to be much better than I was led to beleive (with the exception of traffic). Sound was great where I was, front of lawn, right bellow the speaker tower, Page side-though I heard it was not so good elsewhere. Pre-show music included Charles Mingus' "Ah-Um" & Southern Culture on the Skids' "Ditch Diggin'". Other than Phish, I'm not really into the "jam band" scene, prefering more indie and underground stuff so I'm always pleased when that aspect of my taste surfaces in the world of Phish. They do covers of Ween, Pavement & the Velvet Underground & I've heard Lucsious Jackson, Yo La Tengo, Patti Smith & now SCOTS as pre-show and set break music. Check these bands out, people. They're all awesome. On with the show... SAMPLE was pretty staright forward and got everyone grooving. I've always liked the dark vibe of MY FRIEND. Tonight's version started slowly but got going in the noisy break and had a nice mini-jam at the end. BEAUTY picked us up with some nice bluegrass, both Page & Mike taking fine solos. The first time I heard MY SOUL I thought it was a great rockin' tune but this one seemed a little slow. Not bad but could have been better if they pick up the pace. LIMB BY LIMB is always good to hear & there was some really fine jamming at the end of this one. So far, the set was kinda chill so DIRT didn't provide a break, just another slow song. This mood was not to last, however, as SPLIT OPEN & MELT rocked the house!! Definite set 1 highlight and great light work by CK as well. I was glad to hear HORN but wish they would jam out the heavy part at the end more. Very happy to hear TASTE as I'm a big fan of this one. It seems most people either don't like this tune or think its just OK, but I think its one of the best tunes on Billy Breathes and really cooks live. Great jamming here. You can't help but smile when you hear CAVERN. Overall a good tight, not spectacular set with MELT & TASTE the clear highlights. Big things yet to come. Setbreak music was Miles Davis though I'm not sure which album ("Jack Johnson" maybe?) Setbreak was about half an hour. Fiddler's has curfew at 10:30 so they gotta keep it moving. Show started around 7 and the first set was done shortly after 8. As other reviews have already noted, Set 2 was ON FIRE!!!! We started off with three extended jams PIPER, GUMBO & GHOST that went all over the place. After expending a tremendous amunt of energy, both band a crowd, on the fast part of PIPER, they went into a relatively slower but by no means quiet jam. Trey went to his keys for a little bit and then came up with a totally whacked guitar line, heavy with effects, that words cannot describe. You just gotta hear it. GUMBO was flat out funk jamming that I don't remember too much of cause PIPER was still running through my brain. GHOST will always hold a special place in the Phish cannon for me as it was the first song played at the first show I ever saw. It knocked me out then and from that point there was no turning back. Back then it was all funk straight through. Tonight, like more recent versions I heard, they quivkly dispensed with the funk after the main part of the song in favor of some flat out rockin'. No complaints as Trey was tearin' shit up. Never been a big fan of MANGO SONG but everyone else was really diggin' it so I fed off the good vibes. Nice jam at the end. Never heard this one jammed out before. Maybe I'll come around to it. I'll probably never come around to HEAVY THINGS but why say bad things about that when there are so many good things to say about... BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy living mother of God's balls!! What a tune, what a jam!! I feel very fortunate to have heard this rarely performed song in just my fifth show. This was the first time I had heard it at all in any form. Damn this tune rocks. Mike was all over this one, very Claypool-esque. The rest of the band was pumping throughout. I was dancing as fast and as hard as PIPER. I've had the chorus running through my head all day today and I don't think it will be leaving anytime soon. "It's all about the ending" said Trey but the whole damn thing was "all that". Definite show highlight. Checking out recent setlists, I was fairly certain I'd get my first YEM this show, probably to close the show. The only problem was BROTHER was still running through my head so I was a bit distracted. Great version though with CK doing his part to knock us out. The jam in between the vocal parts seemed a bit short but time was running out. An uplifting encore of LOVING CUP ended right at 10:30 so that was the end of that. All in all, a tight, well-played, energetic show. Massive second set. The only show I'm able to catch this year so I won't being seeing them for a while. Have fun in Vegas and beyond. I get the feeling the craziness is just beginning. -Adam Reshotko
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:38:51 -0600 From: "Herman, Dennis" DJHerman@WYK.com Subject: Phiddlers Review OK, I admit it, it took me too long to jump on the bus. Phiddlers was my first Phish show, after more than 50 Dead shows scattered from the late '70s onward. What a show ... I only knew about a third of the tunes, but it didn't matter, from the opening sounds of Simple to the 10:30 cutoff they picked me up and carried me away to a place that's been too far gone. The Beauty-Soul jam was smokin, and the second half "food set" (Gumbo/Mango) made me recall the Dead in their prime, where the boys were playing off one another in another time's forgotten space and one knew where the others were going before they got there. The new wave Dead bands (Lesh & Friends/Other Ones) can occassionaly get to that space, but there's too many new faces in the lineup and they just don't have the history with one another to get there consistently (tho Lesh's summer session at Red Rocks in '99 was as close as I've seen them come since that sad day in '95). Phish has that magic, and totally caught me off guard and blew me away. Like many old deadheads, I'd looked askance at phish as pretenders to the throne; boy was I wrong. I gather from the pholks around me that this was one of their hotter shows, and a special one for me. I'd listened to the phish albums, including A Live One, but never really got it; i guess like the dead vinyl (silicone?) just can't capture the magic. And you phans were great -- as mellow, friendly and down to earth as any I'd encountered in my Dead travels. My only regret is that I didn't jump on the bus years ago, and that I couldn't appreciate the rarity of Brother when it came screamin on the scene. Now, if only some kind soul can provide me a CDR of the show, my entry to the phold will be complete! (I've got a lot of Dead boots to trade, but all are still on tape). Keep the vibe.
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 13:20:32 EDT From: AndyZuma@aol.com Subject: (no subject) I had heard that the sound sucked at Fiddler's and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Phish sound crew came through and it sounded marvelous, at least from my perspective up on the lawn. I've never seen better jamming. I don't know what people were talking about in the other reviews. From the beginning licks of Piper all the way through YEM, this was some TIGHT shit. And original. Piper went to a place, a level of jamming I've never heard in Piper. The groove was SO deep. Trey was playing this new effect on his guitar, subtle it was, but it kind of had a drip sort of feel to it. He used that a lot and seemed to be finding some new, really inspired licks in the Piper, Gumbo Ghost. You know how, especially in 99, Trey seemed to put similar licks in almost every jam, like the jiboo lick- - - - - Well he found the sickest theme in this Piper with his drippy effect. The first set was good. The second set was absolutely fucking unbelievable, in terms of a 4 man jamming unit. Mile is the man. You should've heard his bassline in Piper. We all had our jaws on the floor.
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 14:31:01 EDT From: Y2Clousa@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Fiddler's Green review Last nights show was the shit. The one thing i hate about the phish scene is all the complaining, bad venue, bad security, blah. It was all good last night. The second set was one of the best ive scene with sick piper, ghost, and gumbo jams, it all flowed so well. Get the tapes and check it out. On to Vegas with Les Claypool andKid Rock - who let the dogs out?? Todd
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 13:40:38 EDT From: ZAndersson@aol.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 9-27-00 Fiddler's Green, Englewood, CO Here's my first ever review of a show. I've been seeing Phish on and off since my first show at the Gothic Theatre Nov. 1st 1991---at which there was a bitching snowstorm. This was my 15th in a span of 9 years. And 2nd in Englewood, CO (the Gothic being the first). I never claimed to be a tour rat, but I have seen a good variety over the years. I'm not going to do a song by song review, as I'm more interested in the energy of a show. FACT- Fiddler's Green has the worst sound of ANY venue in Colorado. -even small bars in the mountains achieve better sound in their cramped confines. IMPRESSION-Lot was good. Not too many A-camp dirtbags and lots of locals. Security was rather lax for Fiddler's which was unexpected and a great treat. Getting through the door was a delightful process (for me at least) with no unnecessary searching happening. The Taper's section had a lot better vibe than many east coast shows :-) SET 1: The band's energy started from the first note of Sample. The crowd just fed off of it. Everyone seemed to groove until My Soul, when large #'s of people sat down to rest their legs from dancin' at 5280ft. Limb x Limb got everyone back up for some more dancing. People were really going off during Melt. Page was great on keys during this song. Unfortunately I'd like to see them put that song on the shelf for a while....too many Melts and I might plunge below the water line and drown. Many people didn't know Horn which was fine by me, I danced my ass off for this one.....lots of thinking about my DAT and how I'd get to listen to this song again right after the show :-) Taste was O.K. VERY limb x limb'ish groove. Cavern. I can't get enough of this one even though I've seen it at almost every show I've been to since '91. Setbreak: big lines at bathroom and food stands. I like the "official" fall tour shirts, the lots had no really creative or original shirts. Everyone was basically selling the same shirts I saw at Deer Creek. Set 2: Piper, Gumbo and Ghost all got jammed out pretty good. Thankfully not as long as McNichols '97. Mango had the energy I was looking for...it seemed other folks needed it too by all the dancing going on. Heavy things received a lukewarm response at first but people eventually gave into the catchy tune. Even though we all hate hearing our beloved Phish on the radio, you have to admit this song is catchy and brings all types of people together to listen to Phish, which isn't a bad thing. There was a long break between HT and Brother, Trey got a drink, adjusted equipment, and had a little conversation with Mike and Fish. Brother was great, although I have nothing on DAT, CDR or analog to compare it to. The lights were very nice during Brother. YEM--highlight of the show!! Great playing, lights, and crowd energy. Even the non-aphishianado's around me seemed to get "it" during YEM. The tramps were great. My girl commented that this should be an Olympic sport, and Phish would obviously bring home gold. Vocal Jam at the end was nice. Kuroda was working the crowd hard with the lights at this point. Encore: Too bad Fiddler's is in an upper-middle class/business park. I always want to hear more than one song. At first I thought it was going to Squirming Coil, which wouldn't have been my first choice. Bang, Boom!!! LOVING CUP. I really enjoy this song and was pleasantly surprised that Fiddler's didn't cut them off mid-song like they did for Lenny Kravitz. Any show that ends w/Loving Cup is a good one! Overall-above average......though not outstanding....I'm an old fogey who likes hearing the more lyrical type of songs, so the presence of so many songs with more than 1 line pleased me a lot. P.S. the tapes sound great, now who has my 2nd show 4-4-92?? Taboot!! Zach Andersson
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 00:09:32 -0400 From: Don and Jen Barto To: dws@gadiel.com Parts/Attachments: We are forwarding this email from our good friend who just moved out to CO, not an official review but a fun account of the night none-the-less... hope you enjoy it - post it if you want. See you in Vegas? All, Greetings from the Denver Public Library. Things are going really well out here in Colorado. I was up in Breckenridge for a couple of days and I have a couple of interviews set up for next week, and I can get into my place on Wednesday. The weather has been great and I feel incredible. Last night was Fiddler's Green and I can say it was in my top 3, not that it's easy to classify, I'm back at the point where my most recent show is my "best ever." I really liked the venue. It was in a weird part of town, the business/tech center, so that was odd, but the venue itself was nice. My seats were incredible, around 7 rows back, Page side with the huge stacks right in front of us. The Sample opener was nice, I've always been a fan, and my friend Trinx was looking for one, he hadn't seen a show since the first Hampton, so with the Sample he was psyched. My Friend was incredible, I haven't seen that since my first show. Beauty was cool, and My Soul was rocking, solid Trey. Limb by Limb was big, my 3rd in 4 shows, but very good, I like that everytime. Riverbend was my first Dirt, very appropriate in the mud there, so I really enjoyed it tonight after hearing it once before. Split was out of control, huge jam from Mike and Trey, which is pretty much the story of the night. Taste was a nice treat and a standard cavern to close. I also need to add that during My Friend an attractive young female directly in front of us decided to go topless for the entire set. That is topless except for the lei, which found a new home. I figured that it was a great place for it to end up. After the whole crew into the seats, 6 of us, I was ready for the second set. Piper to open was nice, high energy, but after Hershey's huge Piper I was ready for song 2, and.... Gumbo, one of my all time favs, and I don't know if I've ever seen it. The jam was nice and long with some groovin funk. Like I said earlier this night was all Trey and Mike. Trey just went bolistic on every jam. Waving the guitar around etc. Ghost was huge, Mango was big. Heavy Things was a nice bouncy chill before, BROTHER Incredible. Once again Trey just went nuts, loud fast incredible, YEM what can you say, gigantic, with tramps and voice jam, and huge Trey. Then for the encore, last show of the tour/2000 for me, Where's Harry? Not in Denver, they rocked it down with a sick Loving Cup. "I'm the man from the Mountain..." Sick sick sick. All in all for 2000 6, yes 6 shows, NO HARRY. Maybe things are looking up here in Why?2K. Signed, Harry Hood
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:42:30 -0600 From: Chris Connors cconnors@talbotcorp.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: oh baby First of all, after reading the reviews I would like to get my two cents in...I have seen more Phish shows, than I will ever know. However they have all been east coast shows..I spent two years on Dead tour in 92-and-3 and I must say that catching a show a Fiddler's was great. So what if the security was'nt that tight. Could have been the fleet center, in Boston-security sucks there. ALso so what if it was'nt at Red Rocks..Boo Hoo. Who's fault is that? I think they tore it up and as for the golden horizon line above the continental divide, well that was a bonus. I did'nt even work my way down the lawn, untill the sun was long gone. I think I have heard Trey play better, but all in all I would say two thumbs up...They maintained a vibe that was with me all the way back to Eagle county! Can't wait to hear Phil regulate at the Phillmore..So if you are complaining about last night..Be happy you made in, it seemed as though there were a lot of people who would have loved to trade places with you. For the rest of the homi's on tour- safe travles and watch out for the man....CBC
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 13:16:49 -0400 From: "Vierra, Eric" EVierra@VHB.com Subject: review 9-27-00 Trey stumbled upon a Thomas Dolby "Hyperactive" tease! 'Twas in Piper or Gumbo or both. Hey, what a phenomenal rockin' 2nd set!! Highlights remain remembered. Amoung them, YEM and the gold-medal winning (U.S. seniors division) synchronized trampoline bounce. Very tight album version of the song, then, the mind-fuck the band unleashed on the crowd for the voiced YEM-end. White lights, shot directly out at the crowd, light-shapes in the form of enormous spiked-pollen specks, modulating in intensity, searing at times, paralleling the fluctuations of the onstage dirge. I sat down and peered above the heads at what could have been, the second coming or perhaps the brainwashed and the converted in attendance to receive a/any miracle. I heard "You're killing us!" from the back. It was hilarious! The crowds uneasiness was confirmed/encouraged by Phish leaving the 2nd set closer at that. Set them up a big Lovin' Cup encore. This after what grand jams the band brought forth. Gumbo and Piper and Mango. The amphitheater-sound sucked where I was and I missed most of Page's play with his subtle texturing, but yet knew it was there someplace. Brother complete with mock-ululating-end, and Mike (so serious, too!) outlasting Trey in the endurance race. Pretty awesome, guys.
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:07:44 -0700 (PDT) From: chris monson ckmonson@excite.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Fiddlers Review 9-27-2000 Well, Phish's return to the Denver area has come and gone, and there's no telling when they'll return. As they plucked the final notes on the 10:30pm curfew show, many good jams were left behind to keep us Coloradans longing and smiling. Tonight's show was very good, and it being only my 10th or so over-all, so I was easy to please. But this was their first go-around at Fiddlers Green, which boldly calls itself an ampitheater. I had seats in section 201, 1 full tier back from the stage. I must say that concrete makes for good driveways, but sucks as a sound resinator for this "ampitheater". It doesn't belong in any bands schedule that admires a full sounding arena. It is truely tragic that this band cannot play our beloved and famous natural monlithic structure to the West anymore, but past cicumstances have negated any such near future return to it. Thanks for the YEM, Sample, and the everlasting, Lovin' Cup(Enc.). Rock on CKM
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 09:07:04 -0700 (PDT) From: Pat Larkin patlarkin@yahoo.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Fiddler's Show Hey all, I went to the Fiddler's Show last night and left very satisfied. Most will agree that Fiddler's is not a great venue, and security always sucks there, but if you know that going in you can prepare yourself to enjoy the show regardless. My personal highlights were Horn, Mango, YEM, and Cavern. I thought it was a great set list overall. My one criticism is that I didn't get the impression Trey was really on in the second set. I'm not that excited about Heavy Things anyway, but when Trey went into his solo he seemed like he couldn't decide where to go with it and it sounded pretty emotionless. The were a couple ambient jams toward the beginning of the second set that were cool, but dragged out a bit for my taste. YEM and Loving Cup were excellent closers and always leave you wanting more. Oh what a beautiful buzz!
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 01:42:08 -0700 From: Jeffrey Klein jklein6@uswest.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Parts/Attachments: great show tonite in denver. the piper - gumbo - ghost is reason alone to get the tapes. Does anyone know what they were talking about for so long before brother? just trying to decide what to play?
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 02:38:59 -0300 From: alan tenenbaum staggerlee1@earthlink.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: 9/27/00 review Well my friends, the band has finally busted out Brother. And what a Brother it was! Believe Trey's words for they are sacred...... For the last time? You can count on it! Oh and one last thing from the only one who knows: "And I imagine...with great pleasure...all the horrible stirrings of the nonmanifested to bring forth the scream which creates the universe. Maybe one day I'll see you trembling, and you'll go into convulsions and grow larger and smaller until your mouth opens and the world will come from your mouth, escaping through the window like a river, and it will flood the city. And then we'll begin to live." ---A. Jodorowsky, 1971.
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