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Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 23:52:22 -0800
From: Mike Powers
Subject: 9/29 & 9/30 Vegas thoughts...

(hope this can make it into the 2000 Vegas combo reviews)

9/29/00 ^Í 9/30/00 -á Las Vegasá - Thomas & Mack

Can you believe it?á It^Ďs been over a year^┼and for a year now, I^Ďve been 
telling myself I would document some thoughts and feelings on this magical 
weekend of Phish.á So as I find myself chilling at home with the stereo 
cranking out a mighty Vegas Forbin^Ďs^┼I^Ďll attempt to recall some highlights 
of what I consider one of my most ultimate Phish experiences ever in the 10 
years I^Ďve been aboard.

The Vegas run was just an absolute all star performance of Phish for what 
seemed like an all star gathering of phans.á Vegas without a doubt was the 
going away party for the band, phans, friends and family (well there was 
pretty damn good overnight boat party in SF the final night too).á The 
energy and kindness of all involved was pretty unreal^┼hadn^Ďt seen such a 
tremendous vibe at show in a long time.á It had the intensity of a NYE and 
Halloween run^┼plus more.ááá And now as Emotional Rescue blares through the 
stereo^┼here^Ďs some cluttered memories:

-Thursday night warm up at the good old Hard Rock^┼Blackjack with the SF and 
LA crews
-Hard Rock 4pm-6pm pre-game before both shows with my buddy dave^┼double down 
and drink the Sierra and Anchor Steam before heading over to the Thomas & 
-We get to the lot and find Kid Rock welcoming us^┼classic^┼maybe the rumors 
were true.

-Carini opener^┼it was on from the start^┼fantastic lighting by Kuroda
-Rift^┼straight outta a ^Ď94 time-warp
-a first set Frankenstein, hell yah
-Mellow Mood^┼so perfect and probably the calmest song we^Ďd hear the whole 
-Spock^Ďs Brain^┼couldn^Ďt believe it when they kicked it in^┼hadn^Ďt heard that 
one since Lowell^┼if someone told me back in New England or Ithaca in ^Ď95 
that I^Ďd be in Las Vegas 5 years later watching this reappear^┼well I just 
don^Ďt know.
-the GIN^┼absolutely the most ambient-like Gin I^Ďve caught^┼Kuroda had the 
lights in full gear^┼audience was in tune^┼Fishman was driving this one 

-Dinner and a Movie set II opener^┼couldn^Ďt believe it^┼always would go into a 
show hoping for this one^┼this time I didn^Ďt even think about it^┼and bam, 
they give it to ya.á My buddy Hillson shook me within the first 10 seconds 
^Ëcongratulating^ď me on finally getting this one^┼a classic memory
-then comes the Moma^┼power-funk
-2001^┼hell yah!á Our good friend Thommy starts handing out the 2001 glow in 
the dark glasses to everyone^┼.Walk this Way teases throughout
-Fluffhead!á Crowd and band in unison^┼^ďWe^Ďve sure got some POWERFULL pills!^ď
-Kid Rock makes his debut into the Phish world^┼a moment where I think you 
had to be there
-We^Ďre an American Band^┼ longer just part of Omaha phish legend.

-Friday night post game begins and a bunch of us stumble to the House of 
Booze to catch Les and the gang.
-Bellagio buffet Saturday
-Hard Rock blackjack pregame once again

-Walfredo!á It set the tone^┼it would be a night of reflection.
-Maze kicks our asses 3 songs in^┼had to remind myself we^Ďre at a phish show
-I Didn^Ďt Know^┼there were so many camera flashes going off^┼the audience 
contributed it^Ďs own strobe light effect
-Mike^Ďs > Simple > I Saw it Again > Esther > Weekapaug^┼a very good 
time^┼people who complain about any flubs here^┼whatever

-set break^┼the arena is BUZZING...and of course there^Ďs THE Frisbee throw 
from stage to kuroda^┼that represented what it was all about folks.

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREY!á It was quite the moment^┼foghorn sounds^┼lighters 
out^┼16,000+ of us belt out a rendition of happy bday to our buddy trey.á 
We^Ďll probably never see something like that again
-Timber Ho!á Buckle up^┼glowsticks raining down.
-The Bag^┼speedy and great^┼I^Ďll put it up there with 12/30/97
-and then it comes^┼the big bang^┼Forbin^Ďs > Mockingbird^┼.my first since NYE 
-Trey clues us all (including the web cast pholks) in on what^Ďs going on^┼and 
oh yah...GAMEHENDGE IS A STATE OF MIND^┼my body was frozená as my mind was 
-A Day in the Life^┼the buildup in this one was unreal^┼lights were going 
off^┼energy is exploding
-encore comes^┼and boom^┼Emotional Rescue^┼certainly not the tightest, but it 
represented what Vegas was to so many peeps^┼and we got classic silly old 
skool phish to end it all with ^Ëthe duel^ď

So yeah, thanks for making it through this far^┼words don^Ďt do this one 
justice.á I^Ďve had thrills and teriffic memories from Great Woods to Glens 
Falls to Portland to Sugarbush to Binghamton....Vancouver to the Fillmore to 
The Gorge....but Vegas gave me some closure and reflection on a major part 
of my life, even with 5 more shows to go up the west coast after it.á It was 
one of the best weekends ever.á Thanks guys for it all.á Continue to rest up 
and re-energize^┼hopefully things calm down ...á we^Ďll all be ready for 
another chapter^┼hope you are too.áááá ^Ë17 more years^ď

-powers | san francisco

Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 00:17:06 -0500 From: Brooks J. Taffner To: Subject: Phish Vegas Review 09/29-30/2000 Thomas & Mack Center - Las Vegas, Nevada 2 wonderful days... the lot was A+ the cops were chill I was fairly critical of these two shows but went w/ my friend Mark who ventured into his first two !!! I too noticed trey missing more than the normal amount of changes - but it was his weekend people !! he prob went balls out ! :o)~ i was soo happy brithday trey ! - feeling that love that some of you speak of .. had friends from Cali & New Mexico all meeting us there .. for me the best phish weekend of my life .. just look @ those setlists ! - trey may have not been "on" but i felt he was pouring his heart out on the stage @ times ... his comments about the break filtered a sigh of relief throught the crowd Mike & Trey fairy dance - no comment ? hmmmm Kid Rock - no explination nec. (but my friend loved it ! - as well he should - if you go to a show & you have no friggin idea what Esther or Forbin is about .. the Kid Rock is alright w/ me these shows had something to offer everyone ! Set I (1:02): Carini* - this IMO was a killer opener & all of our group was sporting thumbs up LUMPY HEAD !! Rift - not perfect but one of my fave songs i was melting Frankenstein - my friend went bonkers !!! he was obviously stunned :o) Mellow Mood - any Marley is always appreciated - everyone was grooving slow Wilson > Spock's Brain > Bathtub Gin > Character Zer0 this was a sweet set - imperfect but Rockin' Set II (1:00): Dinner and a Movie***- i was really had a big smile on my face Moma Dance- always a funky treat > 2001 - ditto Fluffhead- some slight Flubbage i was still pleased > jam - why not > Meatstick**** - far too short the rest is history .... Walk This Way#, Rapper's Delight## > You Shook Me(All Night Long)### Encore (0:04): We're An American Band#### Short Show 09/30/2000 Set I (1:27): Walfredo*- this really blew me away - i thought mike played some really cool guitar The Curtain(w/ slow rift solo)- i would never complain about this Maze - always an adventure Roggae - few mistakes - they really stand out in this song - some powerful chords I Didn't Know** - no comment - Mike's Song -> Simple -> I Saw it Again, Esther*** > WeekapaugGroove the Mike's segment was a long jam - i saw it again sounded fine to me / Esther - WOW ! quite the bitch of a song - i wasn't expecting trey to possibly nail it .. he had some absolute "on" moments in the song... i was very pleased Set II (1:09): ****Timber (Jerry)- i think this a cool tune i was just glad to be dancin' again, AC/DC Bag - ROCKS! - Mike was totally funkin' out , Colonel Forbin's Ascent# >Fly Famous Mockingbird##, - another intense & difficult song - the perfect version could not possibly exist... Twist - makes me jiggle my booty & smile> Sand### - my fave new song - JustaJam A Day in the Life#### - not played too well Encore (0:13): Emotional Rescue - not played well either - they even stopped @ one point i'm just glad the shows were completed & the tour continued ... Trey was on some sort of mission was a heavy moment in Phistory.. Trey's Bday/ the break / the Flubs/ the Killer Setlists / Kid Rock/ Fairy Dancing?argh/ Oysterhead reunion I'm serious - Mike was totally insane.. he was really covering some phat phunk i was amazed a truly crazy weekend... Brooks Taffner Midland, Tx sometimes you gotta walk alone... T. Vickers
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 15:42:55 GMT From: Michael McCarthy To: Subject: short review of both nights in Vegas. After reading a few of the Vegas reviews I feel compelled to drop in my two cents worth. I have now seen 15 Phish shows and many, many more other great...and not so great bands. Not even the Dead did for me what those four guy's do for me. I caught seven shows on the fall tour and for me every one was a special event. Not because the music was perfect, but because I could be there. I will never understand why so many people find it necissary to criticize every note Phish plays. If you need a note perfect performance there are many bands out there playing the same note perfect show every night. As for Trey looking a little tired on Sat. Damn right he was tired. Have you even been paying attention to how many shows they have played recently. They have been rocking out all month with a few day's off to catch some rest. And that is if they didn't have any real family problems develope while on the road. Please rember Phish isn't a bunch of kids. They have wives, children, and immediate family. That is more than most of us can handle without having the insanity of a tour to deal with. NOT TO MENTION IT WAS TREY'S BIRTHDAY! I myself would have not held up as well as they have. I wonder how much all these pesimistic reviewers can handle. And could they still drag themselves out of bed and do it again and again after reading some of the unnecissary trashing of their performance. Now that that has been said. I do agree that Kid Rock was an unusual guest. I am however from the Greater Detroit area and it is always fun to see a hometown boy make it big. Besides you only get a treat like that once....right Trey. The second night, well I can't even begin to break it just had to be there. I swear after we sang Happy Birthday I saw Trey wipe a tear from his eye. I have never been a part of something so special as that night. I have alway's felt that the best thing about Phish is their Phans. Sat. night was just another confirmation of that belief. You guy's are great! I have never heard a crowd as loud and excited to be somewhere as we were in Vegas. Especially the loud BOOOO! when a glow stick flew to close to the stage. As the baloons said...Hippy Birthday Trey.....It's all about Phamily. I am glad to be a part of this long strange trip we seem to be on. Peace, Michael
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 13:30:56 -0700 From: Andrew Katz To: Vegas. How can it not be fun? Sure, seen better shows. But I'll take Dinner and a Movie anyday, Col Forbin-Mockingbird. Some sick shit for sure. The boys definitely were enjoying themselves, no questions asked. For sure some highlights, and for sure some downlights. Kid Rock needs to chill out.
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 21:32:37 -0700 From: jakew To: Subject: 09/29, 09/30/00 Reviews Just wanted to say that these were 2 of the best shows I've ever seen Phish perform. I could have done without the Kid but you know what? It was Vegas, it was wild and it rocked. That is a moment which will never happen again, and I've learned to appreciate that with Phish. No moment has ever been duplicated. And I think that if we all look inwards, that is one of our top reasons for loving this band and dedicating our time to them. The second night was so personal, I felt as though Phish could have has Claypool come out and jam, but it was almost like, this is the night between them and the Phans. Two outstanding shows. It made me almost kid like again. Wanting to run out and get plane tickets for Shoreline. Hehe. Some people just don't get it, but you know what? Thats what makes it so beautiful
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 23:36:29 -0700 From: Ryan E Munson To: Subject: Take it Easy These Vegas shows were great. I have seen about thirty phish shows and am a die hard phan. I did not necessarily enjoy KID ROCK, actually I hate his music and what he stands for, TRASH. But I love PHISH and will respect anyone and anything they bring on stage. Who cares about WHITE TRASH boy, be happy you can see PHISH live. I don't care who they bring on stage I will love them more and more because they don't care who plays with them and where. That is why I respect this band so much. They break more boundaries than anyother band I have ever seen.
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 12:29:52 -0600 (MDT) From: Thaker Satyen P Satyen.Thaker@Colorado.EDU To: Subject: 9/29-30/00 review The only thing I can say about this weekend, is WOW!!! I have never felt so much positive energy at a show in my life. They pulled out some awesome shit, dinner, spocks, timber, forbin->mockingbird, walfredo, esther, I mean HOLY SHIT! The jams were absolutely phenomenal, i have to say the best jam was bathtub. But they even jammed out roggae, Are you kidding me? I am still in awe from this weekend, and it makes me sad that we won't be able to see phish for a while. But they need it, they work so hard, and hopefully this break will inspire new songs and an even higher love for playing music.
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 00:05:10 -0400 From: Michael Mattix To: Subject: Combo Vegas Review It's been five whole days and I'm still trying to piece together the mayhem that went down over last weekend in Vegas. I too was disappointed to see so many reviews that were musically critical of the band. I understand that they flubbed some lyrics and were flat out sloppy at points but for those of you who let this impede your enjoyment of these two shows I think miss the point entirely. Phans should and certainly do demand a lot from the band but if you came away from the Vegas run disappointed it makes me wonder what could ever possibly satisfy you. I've never experienced so much energy and emotion pouring out of both a band and its audience as I did for these two nights in Vegas. With all the bust outs of old songs, including my first Forbin's>Mockingbird, the Kid Rock appearance, the crowd singing to Trey in perfect unison, the frisbee toss around the arena during setbreak the first night (I was with the guy who started it and believe it or not he actually ended up with his frisbee), Trey's dream sequence that led to the already legendary quote that "Gamehendge is a state of mind", and the completely surreal guitar ballet between Mike and Trey to end a perfectly surreal weekend in the most surreal of cities. I couldn't have possibly dreamed of a better time. On a personal note: 1st night, 2nd set...... Dinner and a Movie, Moma Dance>2001, Fluffhead>Meatstick.......are fucking kidding me?!?! I think one of the reasons so many people have written poorly about Kid's appearance is because it brought them out of one of the biggest Phish funk fests in recent history. I couldn't believe my ears or eyes during this segment of the night as the entire place was grooving our collective asses off. I'll end with this: There were several moments over the weekend that nearly brought tears to my eyes.... never in my life have I ever been so thrilled to simply be alive and part of something as special as this band and the community of phans that follow them. Phish shows have been a home away from home for me for many years now and though I will miss seeing the boys in concert while they break and miss the kind folks I always meet at shows, no one in the entire entertainment industry deserve a break more than these four guys.
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 14:52:54 PDT From: Eric Gilbert To: Subject: Vegas review (the new style) just felt compelled to submit a brief review (my first) regarding the unbelievable events that occured in Vegas over the weekend i'm not going to bother with a song-by-song review, but rather a general review that will attempt to shed some light upon why there are such differing opinions upon what went down in Vegas first of all, i feel bad for those that were there and have complaints about set lengths, lack of big jams, and/or sloppy playing, because i honestly don't think that they "get" what post-NYE2000 phish is all about... i, and the rest of my crew that were there, most of which are very well-versed in phish and have seen many many shows between us, felt that the two bombs that phish dropped on the 29th and 30th were two of the best phish shows ever, two nights during which post-NYE2000-style (referred to as "millenial" by some) phish came to a full boil... our view of this new style, seems to be fairly aligned with the band's for i have "heard" them hint upon it several times since NYE in interviews and what not... the most recent being the Fishman interview in Modern Drummer, which i believe that this quote has to do with: "More than ever before on an album, we got to that 'New Year's' state. I'd screw up some fill and just not care. I'd think, 'Well, maybe that's good. I don't even know.' We used to get two thirds of the way through a track, and if I did something I didn't like, it messed up the rest of the song. I'd automatically be thinking, 'There goes that take.' Now it's like, 'What's a mistake?' I don't know the difference between a mistake and a good thing. I feel I don't even have the right to impose that opinion on what I just did. Something happened in the music and I reacted a certain way. What is that? Good? Bad? I don't know." I read this interview right before making the trek to Vegas, only my 7th and 8th shows since NYE2000 (27th and 28th since 8/2/96) and as the weekend unfolded it made more and more sense... Trey touches on something that has to do with their new style of playing in a pre-NYE2000 interview in Bittersweet Motel, when he talks about the fact that it's not changes that matter to him, but the overall energy of the show... and let me tell you, the overall energy of the shows this past weekend were through the roof... from both band and crowd from the Carini opener to the "ballet" at the end of Emotional Rescue (with the possible exceptions of Timber Ho! and Twist on the last night), every song was energized like i'd never encountered before... sure they didn't nail Fluffhead like it was originally conceived, but show me another Fluffhead that has ever sounded like that one... it would be one thing if the "mistakes" killed the energy (like they used to), but they didn't (fluffhead blew our minds) and that is because post-NYE2000 phish is unlike anything we've ever encountered, their attitudes have changed, thus, so have the results (refer back to Fishman quote)... if something unplanned, or "sloppy" (as their playing over the weekend has been referred to) happens within a song, phish now just goes for it... they use that and build off of it, they were just going for shit all weekend, with absolute reckless abandon... and what came out of it were completely revived and fresh versions of songs we've heard many times and of older songs that have been shelved for so long because they weren't translating well anymore... phish could do no wrong in Vegas, what some people are interpreting as "sloppiness," the band and the rest of us were discovering as a new way to approach music... if you thought that Vegas lacked in "big jams," you once again were too wrapped up in shaking your head cuz Fishman screwed up a drum fill... the seven people that i was with, and pretty much everyone else i talked to there felt that every song was a jam... they were improvising in and around the composed sections of songs and taking them to places that they have never seen... no longer are there certain places in songs where a jam will occur... no longer are there only certain songs where they are most likely to jam off of... every song has that potential now... i mean really, what more can you ask for from a band? do you really want to hear Fluffhead nailed just like you did last time? or would you rather hear a Fluffhead that explored itself and became something completely new and fresh? i would rather hear the latter... and by the way the Vegas crowd was responding all weekend, i think that the majority felt the same way... i mean sure Trey flubbed Esther so bad that he just killed it... but he didn't let it get to him, and we didn't let it get to us... it just happened, and he proceeded to lead the rest of the band through a monster Weekapaug... anymore, the only way a phish show could be bad for me is if they came out and nailed every song exactly how it was originally conceived... sure i'd love to see Guyute just absolutely nailed... but imagine if they got "sloppy" with it, but kept the energy as high as they did all weekend in Vegas... I mentioned Timber Ho! and Twist earlier cuz they were the only two songs that i felt were pretty standard and was nothing out of the ordinary... something that used to happen more often than not at shows... even when there were monster jams thrown in at other points in the show... speaking of the monster jams, when they did open up a song beyond into something completely new, they were just as good as ever... they've just incorporated those into their compositions now i probably should stop i'm willing to talk about this more with anyone if you choose to email me, for i stand by my opinion upon the "sloppiness" that went down in vegas... and i know that i'm not alone... the band was more "on" than i or anyone i spoke with has ever seen, just in a completely different way... and it seems to have to do with their attitude, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your own attitude and what it is you want from music... you may find that phish is no longer the band for you... this is in no way meant to bag on criticism, cuz i consider myself a constant critic of the band... but what's there to deny about the unbelievable energy in the Thomas and Mack Center on both the 29th and 30th? the bad shows that i've experienced have always been directly related to how the band's playing affects myself and the crowd around me, not whether they nail every change... and it seems to me that we may never have to worry about bad shows again, if the band (and crowd) can maintain similar attitudes to the ones we all had in Vegas as far as Kid Rock: did he not fit Vegas to a tee? he captured the energy of sin city extremely well... and i thought it was great how open he was to being openly made fun of by Fishman and Co., i was surprised, and i thought that it fit very well.... granted, i definitely hope his appearance won't become a regular occurrance, i could certainly do without more Kid Rock in my life... but once was certainly fun i completely failed to mention how incredible the lights were all weekend... chris was certainly kicking some serious ass thanks for listening... oh yeah, get the tapes/cds, you won't be disappointed gilbert
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 09:36:08 -0700 From: michael zigelman Reply-To: To: Subject: 9/29/00 and 9/30/00 Vegas Shows I attended both Vegas shows this past weekend and was very saddened to see what some of the reviews looked like for the shows. First off, Friday's show, was IMO much better than Saturday's show. The Corini, Rift, Frankenstein grouping got the crowd all riled up (or more riled up then they were before the band got on stage!). Mellow Mood, a first for me was nice and Spock's Brain was also a first and great to hear! Friday was my 58th show and it's a very nice thing to be able to still see songs for the first time after that amount of shows. The Gin was good (not like the pnc Gin though) and Character 0 was Character 0. This is where the reviews began to bother me: The Second Set Look, the second set rocked from top to bottom! I mean they open with a dinner and a movie>moma dance, 2001>jam, fluffhead, Meatstick combo that had the whole place upside down with energy! Then Kid rock came out and things got even better I don't understand why so many people hated on the band and kid rock for his appearance. I mean phish has been doing things like this for a long time and i've seen many guests appear with them and i think kid rock was one of the better ones. he was entertaining, funny and brought even more energy to a show that was full of energy to start with! And all of those "haters" out there didn't seem to mind kid rock during the show because the whole freaking place was going nuts the entire time he was out there. And to clarify something else - kid rock didn't mention "hookers" leaving with trey at the mandaly bay casino! he said "strippers" which is VERY different and also, it was clearly said in jest! It's ok for fishman to prance around naked (i was at the '94 halloween show), but not for kid rock to act like he did? It's ok for trey to scream "read the fucking book!!" and "MTV sucks" during the Oswego Icculus (i was there too), but not for kid rock to scream similar things? and it's ok for fishman to pretend to be giving kid rock a blow job on stage while fishman's rapping about kid rock and his cock, but kid rock is demeaning?? I mean come on everyone! First, enjoy the band for what it is and just be glad that you have them around Second, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones If you didn't like kid rock's performance, then i can accept that (not agree with it, but accept it) but don't write reviews bashing kid rock when you turn the other cheeck for similar antics done by the band! Like i said, just be glad that you have a band like phish at all and get off of your collective high horses!! PS - saturday's show was fun, but not as much energy as friday night. the band looked a little tired, as evidenced by the slower grooving songs in the 2nd set (twist, sand and day in the life), but it was still a blast to see Esther again (despite the flubbs) and I saw it again. And who can mind that maze or the forbin's?? but the best part of saturday night came when the whole crowd sung happy birthday to trey so clearly that it sounded like one very loud voice singing! Very cool and made me happy to be a part of the phish scene.
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 17:43:35 -0700 (PDT) From: Kenny Scelfo To: Subject: Vegas review 9/29-30/00 > Honestly I cannot even put into words what happened > over the last few days in Vegas. Having seen every > Phish show in Las Vegas, I understood the > expectations > placed upon the band. The first show in 96 turned > into a classic, but the 97 and 98 shows lacked the > energy, although all 3 were very fun, and overall > triumphant feeling by the band. September 29 and > September 30 of 2000 will be talked about forever > among those who were there. It was an Ultimate > Phish > Concert Experience. Some reasons why: > > 1. Las Vegas itself- C'mon. The city of sin. The > lights. The all night partying. Phish. > > 2. The situation- part of the bands last string of > shows before the hiatus, plus Trey's Birthday > increased the excitement and reason for celebration. > > 3. The Setlists- Old school heaven. AC/DC Bag, > Colonel Forbin>Mockingbird, Curtain With, Dinner & a > Movie, Fluffhead, I Didn't Know, Mike's Song, Wilson > and Weekapaug alone predate the 90's. Throw in A > Spock's Brain, not heard since 95, the first US > Walfredo, as well as plenty other original favorites > such as Maze, Rift, Bathtub Gin and covers such as A > Day in the Life, Frankenstein and Timber Ho and this > equals the insane. > > 4. The crowd- Never have I seen anything like it at > any event except for when the New York Rangers won > the > Stanley Cup after 54 years of losing in Madison > Square > Garden. Complete pandamonium throughout both nights. > When the lights went on the crowd through out the > concert it was almost like a dream, I swear. The > Trey > Birthday chant was done to perfection, and everyone > was in the best of spirits as I have seen in > probably four years for a Phish concert. 5. Kid Rock- OK, OK, I know what your thinking. I hate Kid Rock and heavy metal music. Whatever you may think of his music, the man is an entertainer. As one of Trey's friends you gotta give him a smile, and the crowd rushed and surged with even more energy through four classic songs. Kid's voice was perfect for the AC/DC classic "You Shook Me All Night Long" and Aerosmiths "Walk This Way", and the "Rapper's Delight" was hilarious with Fishman's improvs. "We're an American Band" closed the night perfectly, because isn't Phish just that: AN AMERICAN BAND! 6. The post-encore theatrical antics- Whatever Mike and Trey did after the Emotional Rescue(!) encore was one of those moments you had to see to believe. The joining of instruments, the hop scotch (Whoa, Trey is good at that too!) and the Final Battle. Unbelievable. Forget the tapes, get the VIDEO!! 7. Venue security- No problems whatsoever here. Didn't even see one during both shows. Maybe I dreamt this whole weekend. Cool. I felt I needed to say something after this experience. I'll let other people give the song reviews, but, man, this was just a great time. -Ken Scelfo
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