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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 21:54:27 -0800 (PST)
From: Raymond Richards
Subject: The first annual "Phishpy" awards---personal reflections
Having been to 75% of the shows in 2000 I've seen some
wonderful wonderful jams by our beloved band----I
could review the shows but instead I have decided to
make a comment on what I think are the two best
song>song of the year---This is merely my opinion and
I am basing it on what grabbed me personally and threw
me through a loop, at the show and on the CDS that I
have listened to----I have every show of 2000 on disc
and I've done a lot of listening lately.  You may say
that I am crazy if I don't include the Moby Dick set
of 7/11, or the El Paso>Chalkdust Torture>West L.A.
Fadeway of 10/6.  Here's my choices:
Second best:  Piper>Guy Forget, 10/1 (did anyone
notice the casino sounds coming from the band at the
end of Piper?---Vegas still in their minds?
And the winner (in my book): Drowned>Rock and Roll,
6/29>>>>just take time off you day to listen to this
incredible half hour of music and then see if you
don't think you can fly!!
Single song jam of the year:  Ghost 5/22, Bathtub Gin
6/28 or Tweezer 6/24.
Sleeper show: 6/30 Hartford
Sleeper sequence:  Halley's>Mango>Twist, 6/30
and lastly the perfect show of 2000
I.)  Gotta Jibboo(6/22), The Curtain With (9/30),
Makisupa Policeman* (7/15), The Okeepah Ceremony>Suzy
Greenberg (9/14), Drowned>Rock and Roll(6/29).
II.) Bathtub Gin (6/28), Maze (10/6), Harry Hood>Dog
Faced Boy>Harry Hood (6/22), Theme From the Bottom>Dog
Log>The Mango Song>Free (9/17).
Encore.)  Walfredo (9/30), El Paso>Chalkdust
Torture>West L.A. Fadeaway (10/6).
Best house music:  Let it Be (10/7).
Just having some fun with it---and remember its only
my personal opinion!!  Thanks for reading!!

Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 11:30:27 -0700 From: Mark Hales To: "''" Subject: Comments About Reviews - Please Post Being a loyal fan of phish & the scene for over 8 years I am quite sad that I have to write this but I'm simply fed up. Due to the increasing negative vibe of phish fans who post to this review board and other lists I am choosing to no longer read reviews by the increasing number of anal phish critics that inundate these forums. There was a time when we celebrated the music, but it seems that in the last year or so we have become over analytical - we have looked, searched & listened for fuck ups by the band and then made a point to list them on these lists like a bunch of pompous theater critics. Having been a jazz musician myself for over 20 years I am an "older phishhead, I enjoy phish for their exploratory musical travels (Fluffhead>Jam from 7/24 last year for example) I also love their composed pieces such as the intro to YEM or Divided Sky. I can truly say that I unconditionally enjoy the music of phish both live and in the studio, I feel that it is a gift. Don't get me wrong, I'll be boogyin' down at a few shows this summer ENJOYING MYSELF, but we as a fan base are in serious jeopardy if we can not relax our minds and enjoy the music for what it is - magical. Maybe I will check back to this and other phish lists next year to see if we as a culture have evolved to be a little more open minded and forgiving & less trivial. peace & love to you all, m
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 00:53:25 CDT From: SETH STINE To: Subject: the importance of reviews Hello..There seems to be an escalating debate that has been plaguing many of the reviews I have read - especially in the last year or so. In the middle of this debate are two types of people with two very different opinions. First, you have the people that respond to any negative review by saying that anyone who criticizes any particular Phish show has this wrong with them: (1) one should be thankful FOR EVEN BEING IN ATTENDANCE and has no right to criticize. (2) the music is what's important ans it is ridiculous to write a review, especially a negative one, that only represents one opinion and may or MAY NOT be valid, and (3) the point of going to a Phish show is to have a good time. However, how can happiness during a show be achieved when one is constantly pondering over how any particular Phish song that is being played, measures up with other versions previously heard or other experiences previously had? THEN you have those who argue that reviews (negative and positive) are essential in maintaining a truthful framework to encompass praise, negative criticism, comparisons, and references. Also within this framework that is created by an individual review, are all the ingredients to shatter someone elses opinion or bias. This is where alot of the problems come in. Also, I would like to mention to anyone who may read this, that I would have to take the side of the people who write and encourage others to write critical reviews. Hence, I have listed a variety of reasons WHY reviews by the phans are so important. (1) for the phans who collect and trade live shows. When someone trades tapes, he/she usually only has a limited number of blank tapes at any given time. Trades can be hard to set up and can take alot of time and patience. And since the average trade only involves anywhere from 2-6 tapes (1-3 shows), a person usually has to pick from sometimes over a dozen desired shows. This is where reading reviews comes in handy. Taking a look at reviews can help a person who is trading tapes to single out a limited number of shows based on what their tastes may be. It's similar to reading the back of the movie box at Blockbuster Video. (2) If everyone was EXPECTED to write write a pleasant, "Hey, this show kicked ass" review, then the WHOLE POINT of writing reviews would loose it's purpose. Then it would just be a tool to feed a person's own bias or positive opinions. It's only point would be to serve as a reinforcer for those who think that almost every Phish performance is "epic", "classic", "sick", or "raging". Let's not lie to ourselves just because we were in attendance people. (3) Having a good time at a show and leaving satisfied can be achieved even if Phish has a weak performance. Why not?! FOR EXAMPLE, if I am at a baseball game and my favorite team wins the game 1-0; then of course I am going to go home satisfied; I will go home happy. Now, do I wish the game was a little more exiting? YES. Do I wish that someone on my favorite team would have hit a Grand Slam? YES. Do I wish that my favorite player hadn't struck out three times? DEFINITELY. But nonetheless, I go home happy because my team won. That's how a Phish show is to me. No matter how uninspired or off the music may be at times, I always go home satisfied and thankful. I have yet to have a bad time at a show. Does that mean that my review of the show will be a "this was a show for the ages" review. NO. Certainly not. Remember, a negative review does not equal a negative experience. So, people, let's try not to spend all our time yelling back and forth at people who have different opinions about the same show. It's just an opinion. Just like mine. Thanks, Seth Stine
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 10:24:01 -0400 From: beman To: Subject: RCMH Both Nights of Phish Dear Phellow Phans, I am not going to analyze the shows, but I do feel that it is necessary to talk with you. I feel that it is so very disrespectful to sit back on your moral high horse and even say one bad thing about the band. Everything that they have done has been for the phans. We take it all for granted waiting for the songs that we feel should be played. Then to even have the nerve to say any phish show was a bad show because you all feel that they should have blown the roof off, when in all actuality they blow the damn roof off overtime they make a single sound. Where else do you get to feel so wonderful about music and feel completely comfortable being the freak that you are for $30.00? I feel that the reason why these guys don't play all of the time stoppers all the time is because people aren't ever thankful for what PHISH gives to us everytime they play. They don't just give us there incredible sound, they also give us a family without judgement.I myself was lucky enough to be at RCMH both nights. I feel that both nights were incredible. Ther was so much love in there!!! I would like to thank Eric(I think that was his name, He was wearing a brown velvet skirt,for the first time!!) and his friend J.T. We had a blast up on the third mezzanine!!! To close all of this up I would like to say that Phish is one of the very best bands I have ever seen. The way that there music has the ability to enter you mind and body is incredible. Any of you who go to the shows just to wait for that one or two songs that you feel they should play, are really missing out on the wonderful experiences that Phish offers to us every time they take the stage. Furthermore, i cannot believe that any of you feel the place to criticize what they do. Only when any of you are playing RCMH or 80000 at BIG CYPRESS, then and only then do you have any right demanding anything from PHISH. I would love to see us all get together as the family that we are. Spread messages of good not bad. Be thankful that we have a place to go in a world where people are all about the rat race. WE NEED TO MAKE OUR TIMES TOGETHER ALL ABOUT LOVE (FAMILY) AND POSSITIVITY!!!! SPREAD LOVE EVERYWHERE YOU GO THERE IS NO TIME TO HATE AND BAD MOUTH!!! LOVE AND PEACE, Jennifer
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