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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 17:08:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Richard Os
Subject: About arrests at Deer Creek
While my friends and I were very disturbed about all the arrests at Deer
creek, there was much about the scene at the 3 deer Creek shows that was also
very disturbing. I am by no means conservative or in any shape or form a "law
and order" devotee, but to be honest all of us phans need to be more concerned
about our own behavior at shows.
Most frightening was the amount of "Opium" being sold at the shows. first off,
all of the so-called "opium" that I was shown by dealers was not really opium
but "black-tar" heroine. How do i know? It's easy to tell if you know what you
are looking for. Opium is a goo, it comes from the poppy seed and it isn't
hard or crystalline like all the junk being sold at the shows. Second, opium
tastes like soap. if what they were smoking tasted like beef jerky, it was
dope. If most folks we're lucky, they were actually buying "opiated" hash. But
most likely, they were unwittingly buying heroine.

I didnt know whether i should laugh or cry when, during the show on the 11th,
a fool sitting in front of me held up a piece of black-tar heroine during
"Free" and said to me "This will truly make you free". What stupidity!!!!
Free? being addicted to a narcotic will make you free?? Going through
withdrawals is liberating? My friend, sitting next to me, managed to pull
himself out of addiction, but only after an arrest for shoplifting to feed his
habit, and only with the love and concern of his family and friends. He has
told me about his experience at Ventura 98, and how he was afraid of going
through withdrawals during the show. ABout how what controlled him that day
wasn't the love of the music, but the need to feed his addiction. "Free"????
He knew he wasnt free as an addict. To think so, is naive if not stupid.
Second, if you think you can't get addicted by smoking heroine, you are dead
wrong. My friend became addicted through smoking dope. And no, he isnt weak or
stupid. Addiction happens. If you think you can beat it, you are probably half
way to addiction. If you don't believe me, read the book "dark Star" the
biography of jerry garcia. Owsley is quoted as saying that Jerry became
addicted through smoking and that really, it may be the easiest way to become
addicted. he insisted that the tar from smoking dope leaves resin on the lungs
which continuously feeds the body dope. To me it makes sense. Dont believe me
if you'd like. Thats your business. But selling heroine disguised as opium is
a damn sleazy thing to do. Even worse, want to see the cops show up in a
hurry??? Start selling narcotics. Sometimes, cops will look the other way when
pot is involved. They will never look away when heroine is involved. To all
those dealers out there, thanks for drawing police attention on our scene.
Like we needed that.
But maybe even more disturbing were the low-life "profiteers" benefitting from
others being jailed. On the night of the 11th there was a girl walking around
the lot asking for money to bail out her "brother". She had a gallon water
bottle cut in half full of bills. I walked next to her for about 10 minutes
since we were headed in the same direction, towards the main exit. It rapidly
became apparent to me that she was full of shit. There wasn't any agitation or
concern in her voice. Nor was her story very descriptive. "my brother was
arrested for half a pound of weed, I have a thousand dollars already and Im
half way there" was all she told me when i asked what happened. No more
details as to when or where. I couldn't believe that someone arrested in deer
creek with half a pound of weed would be granted a bail of only two thousand
dollars. And a person most likely from out of state too!!! Im not stupid, no
way that is possible. And from the other posts here, I know I was right! I
only gave her a quarter. I was prepared to hand her a five, but since she was
such a suspicious character, I couldn't part with more. The next day, in the
campground, our neighbors brought her up in a conversation, and they too had
the same impression of her. No concern or agitation in her voice. Story
without details. Emitting bad vibes. We all agreed that she was scamming
The next night, I saw her again. This time she was at a vendors table on
shakedown, standing on a cooler. Except this time, she was asking for money
for "75 people arrested coming out of a campground". I walked up to her and
asked what happened. "75 people arrested coming out of a campground" was all
she said. now I had heard this story from a kind brother who had gone through
the check point where all those people were arrested. he told me how horrible
it was. But why was this girl collecting money for "75" people. Friends,
family I could understand, but bailing out 75 people on unrelated charges is a
hell of an undertaking. How would she divide the money? who gets help first?
Who made her in charge?  besides, what about her brother.
I returned to grill her some more, but this time i asked her "So you got your
brother out?". She looked stunned!!! Did she really think no one would
recognize her? She then started to stammer about "not having a brother"
"having step brothers, but at home" etc etc. But i knew by the look on her
face that I had her dead to rights!!! I grew up in the NYC. I've met every
kind of low-life and liar imaginable, from every country on the face of the
earth! Im not a kid either!!! And here was some stupid girl from middle
america thinking she could pull a fast one on me!!! I told her that I saw her
soliciting bail money the day before for her brother. Again she denied it. So
I said, "well, your twin sister is running around the lot trying to get bail
money together for your brother".  She tried to ignore me, but i started
calling her a scam artist and liar. At that point, she had her low-life
boyfriend (who was obviously a junkie) confronted me and started to get tough
with me!!?? "why are you calling my friend a scam artist?" he asked as he
reached into his back pocket were he obviously had a weapon of some sort. I
stood my ground and told him that she was full of shit and that I had seen her
the day before asking money to bail her "brother" out. Evidently, she hadn't
told him that I had her rightfully pinned out, because the look on his face
went from tough guy junkie anger to one of shock. "you are the one hurting
people man" he said. "We are justing trying to help people". yeah right!!!
What my friend said later on was true "thats the typical junkie thing to do
when they are caught. They try to play on your guilty feelings" But I couldn't
ever feel guilty for scammers.
So please, be wary of who you give money to in the lot. But this is not meant
in any way from discouraging anyone from helping out fellow phans in a bad
situation. They need our help and together we are strong! But something must
be done about people preying upon the scene and creating distrust and robbing
others of help for their own personal benefit. Many good peole thought they
were helping out those in need. instead, they were ripped off by these junkie
scam artists, and lets not forget those who were sitting in jail and needed
our help, but didn't get it because of these losers.
I think something must be done, maybe in coordination with local Legal Aid
societies and the band's management, whereby phans could donate money to help
bail brothers and sisters out of jail, and be insured that they really are
giving to a legitimate source that will make certain that those in need of
help get the proper legal representation that they deserve.
As to my "friends" scamming money in deer Creek, I'll be looking for you on
Fall tour. You do't know this, but I have pics of you and will be looking for
you to make sure that no one else gets scammed!! And as to how to avoid
problems with the police, what we need to do is get rid of the heroine dealers
first. maybe the key to avoiding the police lies in the phans policing
ourselves and our scene!!!

Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 14:30:35 -0400 From: Paul Rizzi To: Subject: Scary stuff I had a wonderful time on tour this summer, to which my review from 6/30 Hartford will testify. However, I was reading some of these horror stories about the rest of the tour (I was not aware of the rape, deaths, etc. until today), and it reminded me of something that I had blocked out. I was in pavillion seats for the 7/1 Hartford show, and we were rocking out to one of the songs (I don't recall b/c I really had blocked this out!). There were a whole bunch of empty seats around us, so we spread out and were dancing our tushies off. Then these two guys take a couple of the seats in the row in front of us. No biggie. Hardly noticed. Didn't notice them at all, in fact, until I noticed one of them passing a pocket mirror to the other with some sort of powder on it. The two passed the mirror back and forth maybe twice, packed up their stuff, then moved along. Now, forgive me, for I had not been on tour for a while, but is this now the thing to do at concerts? I was too much in shock to do anything about it, but is this commonplace? Granted, I am still in it for the music, and will be attending Great Woods shows this fall. But seriously this what the Phish scene has come to? Just my $0.02. Feel free to email me to discuss. Paul
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 14:31:00 EDT From: To: Subject: summer tour comments I can't think of much I would rather do than spend my summer traveling with my favorite band. I got to catch 7 shows, 6 of which I was very happy with. One comment though: The lots at alpine were in horrible shape after the shows. I'm sure they were also in bad shape at other venues, but I didn't notice it the way I did this night. Bottles everywhere and the sound of tires cracking them. Is it too much to ask that we all find a recycling or trash can? People shouldn't have to be dodging bottles when leaving the lot. They should instead have all eyes out for people and dogs. Think about it.
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 10:15:13 -0500 From: "Fugleberg, Mary" To: "''" Aside from the people that aren't there for the music, I can say this, that I think some people are getting so burnt out on phish. People say they don't play this, or they repeat that too much. And then people make comments about other bands to go see. People, you will get burnt out on them too.... me, i could never get enough of phish. because i see them 2-3 times a year and each time it is the show of shows. like my favorite....somehow in some way. i am there for the music. no drugs whatsoever.....i am so high off of their music when i am there, in another world. try it sometime...... Mary P. Fugleberg
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 17:53:14 -0500 From: "Walls, Jeff (DT-ORL)" To: "''" I'm not sure if people still check up on this. My thoughts on the scene, which I agree, has become worse. I would love to take action along with Thomas Laws and whoever else. I would love to start an organization to keep the shitty drugs (heroin,K,Meth) off the lot, educate the younger phans, keep the *bad* gutter punks in check. Unfortunately I am not Superman. I am not Batman nor Robin. I don't have any authority. I have an opinion. Until my opinion can stop drug abuse, alcohol abuse, violence, and disrespect. Until my opinion can stop this shit on a mass scale like the Phish scene, I can only throw up my arms and shake my head and pray. Should the band speak out? I don't know. I kinda think not, a little. I mean they are up there for the rush of the music. Not the lot scene. They have been doin it for 15 years! Why start being leaders of the scene now? Why not? I don't know. Just like I don't know why a human would rape another human. It's a fucked up world. Yet it's great at the same time. Maybe that is the approach of the band. There is a price for the rush of the jam. My friends. Phish is no longer our little secret. They are on their way, if not already, to being the second biggest musical cult phenomena EVER. You can't control that. Now in 92'..93' we could have spoke up and made some change. Not now. It is a train that cannot be stopped. If it is stopped it will be by the band or us. Probably a mixture of both will end this great ride. The cool thing is, is that it most likely won't happen for many years. When I'm in my thirties. By that time I will have kids, a home, dogs, cats and a fuckin huge collection of Phish shows on my computer and a lot of great memories of the greatest band that has ever been. So what are my plans for the upcoming tours, fall and summer, that I plan to embark on? Go to the show. Partake in my usual mental exercises, go into the show, jam with the band and scoobie my skinny ass off, and then go home. It's truly that simple. It always comes down to the music. In every review I've ever read it comes down to "we're all here for one thing...the music". So I will follow that creed and continue to love my band for as long as possible and pray that the kids will be alright. I love you all. Jeff Walls you may respond at
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 16:49:50 -0400 From: Thomas Laws To: I agree Jeff, we will be old before the circus comes to town but, there has to be people that express their discuss for this behavior----I love PHISH with all my heart but much like Jon T, I have to ask not even a public statement---not even something to let the media know that it isn't YOU or I thats od'ing there is a different breed of phan out their that they are the nonphans. I personnally have been harrased for wearing PHISH shirts by cops---singled out and expected to fuck up-----and when i wasn't under possesion they were suprised---the cop that arrested my friends in MD told me their goal was to arrest ALL the PHISH kids---we got pulled over in VA and the guy said his job was to stop ALL the Phish kids and say hello-----It is assumed we are all shit cause of these people who in number are in small amounts----there is like 2000 of them and millions of us---there has to be something done to slow this process-----when these drugs hit the scene for the DEAD they made a movie about it--The End of the road to unlimited devotion-----I only get to see about 3-5 shows a year due to my work schedule and I ENJOY meeting you guys I enjoy hanging out with new faces they always give me something to take home and tell my friends--but my stories of bliss have been overshadowed by horror stories---now as far as the band is concerned don't play dumb----they make a song called Nitrous Oxide and then we wonder why it seems to be excepted as a "cool" drug but yet its Killing kids---is it just me or do you see a link in responsibilty there -----as I am swimming by---don't you see anything you'd like to try----these words can be taken sooo many ways but at the same time they give a very unclear message to the unclear head---I was very aggresive in my last post because I LOVE this band and the scene but this band has got to except some responsibility for this ---What is the last verse in NICU I try to convey what you strive to condone ---years of head games make hallucinagens really fun at a show---and Jeff your opinion can't stop drug use (I hope not) or Drug abuse but all of our opinions with a little support from the fab four could influence ---no one is expected to go through the lot jerking up junkies and kicking ass but ---at the same time to stand there is not helping either--I don't know anything to do ---I just know that one scene got destroyed and the 95 DEAD tour was Fucked up-----the kids here seem to be a lot more willing to show there asses then those fans did-----and this is long before the end----I hate talking about that-----but it is a long time before these guys stop blowing our minds----I don't know but I feel that if they care as much about us as we think they do---when people started dying they would try to do something----I am spent you have all of my thoughts I love feedback---- Thomas Laws Service Coordinator
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 12:41:09 -0400 From: John Tringle To: Subject: The scene Hello.....I'm a little hesitant to actually have this posted but here goes: I am in contact with a bunch of people regarding the scenes at the shows. Some of us are BOLDLY asking about the Band's participation (or lack of) in these matters. I want to make very clear our lack of desire to "diss the band"...but when we discuss the deaths, the rape, the overdoses, the arrests, the bottle throwing, the hard drugs..........we first started asking ourselves if the BAND members have ever MENTIONED any of this. Look, I haven't gone to every show, maybe they have.....but maybe they haven't. I am not saying that PHISH is a traveling bus of parents who's job it is to comment on social ills...but the question of their absence in this is starting to become deafening. So I am taking this very bold step to see if the 4 most important people in the Phish scene can step up and TALK about some of this stuff. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Perhaps the Band HAS mentioned it....perhaps they ARE doing something....but alot of us don't see it. Trey, Mike, Jon, Page........if you haven't gotten involved in this stuff please do. If you are, then my apologies........far be it from me to confront the greatest band of our time. waiting nervously John Tringle
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 19:30:08 -0500 From: ang and jason To: Subject: summer tour 2000 I couldn't agree more with Marc Oldham. The last show i went to was alpine '99 and during tmwsiy-alvenu there were a bunch of kids a little younger than myself(27), talking and laughing, not even paying attention to what the fuck was playing. That was my 10th show since '94 so i had not heard that yet and was so intrigued and in awe and couldn't believe they were playing it, however they had no clue what it was and or didn't give a fuck. maybe i'll start going to Japan where the phans really get into the music and that's the reason they are there. I usually enjoy more shows on the fall tour where it seems the true phans come out. Iowa '99 was killer which is why I skipped summer this year and plan on hitting some more fall shows.
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 12:24:10 -0400 From: Thomas Laws To: Subject: Death's----Gangs-------Rape???????????? Is this PHISH tour or Cl arkston GA WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you lost your fucking minds If I have already offended you stop now cause I am fixing to vent a while, I am not happy or here to blow smoke up your ass we know PHISH is the best that's not why I am here Deer Creek, Alpine Valley, Star Lake ----these are some of the legendary places we have been and get to go every year then these poor bastrds came along--remember Red Rocks--- I can only imagine the crazy life these kidz live---I have been there however and its not very easy to change--I am soooo sad right now to read this stuff I knew nothing of these things before submitting my review I am slowly falling out of love with the scene that brought me out of that life style because of crap like this-----I don't tour anymore due to the fact all of my friends got arrested in 99 at a SMALL camp ground in Maryland--you say for what?---cause a bunch of kidz thrashed the place the year before with nitrous balloons and beer bottles, a state park and a beautiful one at that--you have all seen that movie "The Blair Witch Project" well that's where we stayed ---it was soooo pretty I would never think of leaving a mark there lettle off trashing it but you bet due to the crap started the year before we were searched and arrested--I spent the entire time I was on tour paranoid of being pulled over--------Gangs---Give me a break gangs on tour is this a joke---first of all a "GANG" is an intimidating an organized form of organized crime not a skinny strung out gutter punk with a gun a pit bull and a trunk full of drugs this is not intimidating , seriously I have been there and these kids aren't shit--they aren't tough, they are a bunch of middle class white kids with serious drug problems do you people really know about Gangs--I DO ---this is sooo stupid I was involved extensively in a few gangs in Atlanta mostly just running drugs and stealing things nothing positive and nothing I wish to hold on to I have SEEN people get shot--I have SEEN people get robbed I have participated in this these are not things I am proud of but I am letting you know I know what I am talking about the guys I ran with were some of the baldest of the badasses in Atlanta but they too were a bunch of cowards searching for an identity with the maturity level of a twelve year old feeling they have to be the BADASS----I am not your a-typical granola loving peace sign "HIPPIE" but I respect the values that these "HIPPIE" people carry and have taken several of them with me day to day --they are old school they are smart and have been tested and proven---unlike special K and METH --Just like there are many beautiful people and individuals in the LOT (I could probably even find something good about these idiots ) lets face it peeps there is A LOT of shit out there also--these people have NO rhyme nor reason for being on tour----nothing against drug use but drug abuse is different--I have sold pot on the lot, I have sold Liquid but people I am hearing kidz say stuff like Crack, Heroin, speed, who's got CC, where is the fun here, where is the positivity that brought me here in CRACK, if you find it hold on to it and keep it its not wanted---been there done that and you guys are lost-----thats why you are here---you want to find YOU weather you know it or not----It is very easy to get trapped into a life of hard drug use however not very easy to get out, Look at the scene the Grateful Dead had 20 years of psychadelich love but then came these young people with different beliefs and different ways and means ---they didn't get here due to music they latched on to a rolling circus where everyone is fucked as as they can get and it ballooned --gate crashers, junkies --there it went----DOWNHILL ------all right from what we have learned from the past----KEEP THAT SHIT OUT i am sorry for the profanity but i feel so strongly about the issue------and to the girl that got raped---I am sorry that you got raped, I am sorry your husband was too chicken shit to do anything about it, he put the druggs he was in possesion of in front of you--he watched the whole thing this is not love this peice of shit isn't even your friend lettle off your husband You are a woman and i give you respect for that but you are stupid it is the company you keep that got you into this situation------To the girl that died MY GOD what is going on when we feel the need to get that fucked up ---and her boyfriend was wanted by the cops so he wasn't even there for her----What a peice of work he is, I am gonna run while my "Girlfriend" dies------I am soo sorry to say this and i love this girl without knowing her simply because like it or not she was one of our community and I know some of you will get mad but like the other girl---its the company she kept----this negativity has not only wrapped me and sucked me in before it has run my life into the ground -- but I fixed it, I used the love i felt from you guys and the love i felt comming from the stage to look at my life for a second---it needed a change I realized at the first show I saw that i came for the wrong reason----i didn't know about the music---and this is the way it is for a lot of kidz first show I knew i was gonna get trashed and see a great show---then i got there and the band started playing and the energy set in--the feel was there that feeling....aaaghhh it was amazing---now that is why i go back not to get fucked up---i do that very well, but to be taken somewhere i had never been before by the best band on the planet. I am at a loss for words now and I can't take up my time looking for things to be possitive about--you guys that are there for the music KEEP coming---You guys that sell psychadelichs I love you to keep coming this is our scene and that is what we are into, I honestly feel nothing is wrong with these druggs but we as a community have to draw a line in the sand as to what is cool and what isn't --and the above mentioned (see subject line) is deffinately way over this line ----tour should not be like a "Take back our Neighborhood" event it should be bliss---since picking up on this negativity I have found other pathways to possitive energy and spiritual journeys, I miss taking them with PHISH --I love these guys with all my heart ----but Today is a time when you have to take care of YOU, cause no one else is gonna--You make these choices--you choose to go on tour----you choose to do druggs -----you choose how many you do and which ones, and you choose to show your ass----basically there are a lot of kidz making poor choices out there----they will not probably read this but someone will and i hope if YOU participated in this crap, then you have something to say about it, and hopefully you will show the same balls as you did when you were beeing the tough Gang Banger on a PHISH lot (it can't just be me but that sounds fucked up) and E-mail me back ---E-mail all of us and explain why you are ruining our scene, why you are so important that even the value of a Human life should be cheapened at the expense of a "BUZZ", WHY????????? are you so selfesh that you would destroy the reputation that we work hard to keep up of fun loving mischivious good hearted kidz--I think after the obviously unwelcomed display we recieved this summer kidz should either-----:A. stand up and defend yourself and your beliefs with a passion not just a fucking e-mail. B. Find a new tour/hobby that is just as satisfying and keep collecting tapes (here you will find me and my kidz Sound Tribe Sector-9 where its about love and positive vibes none of this--feel free to come there but keep this gutter shit out bring it with you and i will personally run your ass off ) C. SHUT UP if you aren't willing to take action quit wining---unless you are helping you are in the way. I also think that PHISH as an organization should do a better job at working with the venue security, working with us and local police letting them know there are 2 obviously different agendas out there in the LOT and working to preach some kind of message, I know they love us but give a statement about the scene--give an opinion and MAKE IT BE HEARD LOUD---What if Trey sat his guitar down and said hey you guys out there over the wall with no ticket or ambition sitting around hufing nitrous, shooting smack, drinking till you puke and passing out then getting pissed and smashing bottles , i am sick of your negative energy and want you to get the fuck out of here? ---I personally would not mind in the least if he took a second or 2 to tell them to leave............. I sure as hell do when i walk by them in the lot---Sorry to be sooo harsh but thats what the subject is harsh this shit isn't a game people are getting hurt and dying-------- Thomas Laws Service Coordinator
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 09:26:08 -0400 From: Thomas Laws To: Subject: Reviews and my thoughts on them What up peeps I have seen a lot of "How dare you say this" and "How dare you have the nerve to say this" ---and its like this If you paid for a ticket you have the right to say whatever you want about the show --whatever you feel----If you spent 4 hours trading tapes to get it and then when it got there you didn't like it then thats cool you can express that---for example IMO PHISH had a rough summer last year I didn't like verymuch that I heard--and I thought the scene was full of gutter punks---but guess what--that was how I felt-----and guess what it sounds like they are kickin ass again I liked the New Years shows --I have heard a lot about RCMH I didn't go-----so I am anticipateing this summer big time. Itslike this a friend of mine told me once--"If you don't like the musical direction the band is going in then skip a tour they will be up to something new this time next year and you might like it more----You guys are letting what PHISH does run your lives --My point is if you aren't happy with a show thats why this page is here---If a certain show was the best day of your life then tell us here. The only thing we should not have the nerve to do is dissrespect each other on this list of our opinions--our feelings--I am out please take what I say to heart PEACE Thomas Laws Service Coordinator White* Magnetic* Wizard I Unify in order to Enchant Attracting Receptivity I seal the Output of Timelessness With the Magnetic tone of Purpose I am guided by my own power doubled
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 15:00:24 -0700 From: G To: Subject: These reviews.... for a while I have been amused by the reviews sent into to you guys, but I also impatinetly await them, so what can really say...*but* the last one for the second night of Atlanta takes the cake...the kid calls Carini a "classic" I mean COME ON!!!!! All I want to know, is if Mike told the crow it was time to get "back to Trey's show,," I would be really surprised if the strife was so prevalant...
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 16:50:39 -0700 From: david ramey To: Subject: summer 2000 it seems that a whole lot of phish experts spend too much time with phish. all 6 shows i saw were excellent....of course i would love 8 hour shows and ripass bustouts song after song. but c'mon can anyone else make you move your booty like mike does during jiboo. if it gets stall, take a break it'll be even better when ya get back. remember everysong is someone favorite..even bouncin'..i can tell you that if foam was the first tune i heard back in the day i'd be like no i heard a live one and thank the good lawd i did.....this band works damn hard to put on a show like no other..despite the venues' attmpts to get em in, milk em dry and get em out, phish makes each place seem like a party. that you have a special invite to, bad attitudes certainly don't add to the party. the musical adventure is the reason we all go isn't it?, keep it fresh keep it groovy and most of all keep it RIPASS see ya in veg(rip)as(s)
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 20:41:43 -0700 From: Lance Feola To: Subject: review of summer tour First of all welcome home to everyone that did the tour it was definately and enlightening expierience. I had a great time throughout the entire tour from Tennessee to Colombus. There were some shows that I liked better than others in the begging it was really cool they were playing different stuff and Tennessee was a great kickoff. In regards to some people that wrote reviews this year about the scene ithink it has changed also but I don't think it has anything to do with the people that hang out in the lots. The "tour rats" as he called them are there in the most part to et into the show and are trying there hardest to get in because of those good 'ol sons o' bitches at ticket master. Not everyone gets tickets it is difficult. As for security the cops have gotten worse over the years especially in New Jersey and in a few opther places. But thats what they are there for, given they should not be as corrupt as they are but that just another good reason to keep our grug exploits just a little more low key and for gods sake please camp on-site for creek next year the security was puffing with us! To the Families of the two that died my utmost sympathy goes to them. Phish lots have always been full of pot and other drugs such as mush and acid, but he following drugs do have to go exstacy, special K, meth, crack, coke and all other grugs that go beyong the afor mentioned. It has gotten quite ridiculous with the introduction of people into the lots that come just for hte drugs and not for the music that does suck. While walking out of walnut creek in Norht Carolina I encountered some hooligans saying and i quote "were the fuck are all the dirty hippies selling the pot. That has also got to go. Now that i have ragged on the scene enough I think its time to mention the band were the hell are all the good songs although they played some good stuff they only playe it 1 or 2 times. The stuff that they repeated (which they never used to do) that has got to go include the new album goota jiboo, heavy things, piper, first tube, and a few others. they have to bring songs back lie harpua and stash they used to play stash all the time and tweezer, and Allah forbid they jam out some of the good old stuff like they used to. this will be my last complete tour i'll catch shows but depending on what the fall is like they may have sold out already i hate to say it but it happens to the best of them. Wrtiting that makes me feel like an asshole and probably makes you think I am but hey I'm tired of having to listen to clapping during songs and people screaming during a mouth jam courtesy of you enjoy myself. thank you phish for a great summer and thank you to everyone who sold me beer and food especially jello shot guy if your out there and french bread pizza guy, egg roll dude and everyone else thanks. Lance Feola
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 19:56:52 -0500 From: Greg James To: Subject: the scene Please note: this is not a review of a show but a comment on the actual scene and where it's gone, some of it's negative, some of it's positive, and it's my honest opinion. Thanks for reading. Well, summer tour has come and gone and I managed to catch 9 shows on the tour, which isn't bad for a guy who works full-time. Now in those 9 shows I was able to witness, as well as hear first hand, some things that I never thought I would hear or see when following the band I love most. Bottom line is: the band needs to take a long break so the worthless, ticketless, homeless tour rats have somewhere else to go and mess things up. Never in my life have I seen so many people in a place for nothing more than to party or make money. People, we're seeing a band who plays MUSIC, which should be the first and only reason you are at a phish show, or any other show, for that matter. There are a few people on this page that have seen or heard what I was unlucky enough to see or hear, and it shouldn't be taken lightly...the bus that the girl died on at creek, we camped 50 yards away and saw first hand what a bunch of fucked up tour rats do when shit hits the fan: NOTHING. Poor girl. My heart goes out to her family. And supposedly a girl was raped from the same bus. What happened to that guy? NOTHING. Cause the girls boyfriend/husband didn't have the balls to make a statement cause they were all carrying the inevitable. Not to mention all the wannabe gangbangers that think they're the shit cause they're on Phish tour, but don't go into any shows!! Ooh, you're cool. Fuckin losers. And all the meth heads and K heads and nitrous tanks all over the place. These people obviously care nothing, and contribute nothing, to our community whatsoever. I apologize for all the neagivity towards these people and in all honesty, pray that they will turn out okay (except for the rapist, of course). It just seems like there are more people to leech off the scene than are there for the music, ya know? And most of this was at the ON-SITE camping. I've heard horrible stories of Pine Lakes being raided by Federal Marshal's, What the Fuck? What really stinks is that all the fucked up tour rats aren't even gonna read this. You wanna know why? Cause they don't don't give a damn!!! About the you, me, the scene, the MUSIC, and most importantly, THEMSELVES. I mean really, if you don't love yourself how can you have the capacity to love anything else? Which takes me back to the band taking a break. IMHO, the band NEEDS a break. Take 1 year, fuck it, 2 years off so you can get back to what's important in life like your family and friends. I'll be here when you decide to come back. Go change some diapers and do the laundry and cut the grass, you know, real stuff that makes you appreciate what you have, because the band, as well as us, have a wonderful thing right now. They may be rock stars but they're still human beings. Not to say the band doesn't appreciate what they have, cause they do. I just think that it would be good for everything and everyone involed (the band, the true phans, the scene, the MUSIC). Now all this also doesn't mean that I didn't have a great time at the shows, cause I did. I ran into all the people I needed to run into, and even met a bunch of great people who I am still keeping in touch with as we speak. And the music was very well played, but that is for a different review. So that is proof that there are still a lot, i mean A LOT, of really great people on the scene, and I am so grateful for that. What that means is we need to really pay attention to what's really going on, both inside the venue and out. Because if this continues, I gurantee you that the music will be put to a halt, if not ended completely. And none of us want that, do we? We, as a phanbase, really need to try and make a positive impact on the communities we visit, and the people within those communities. And in doing so, the behavior trancends into our own community so we can flourish and be who we want to be, and take care of our family like it was our own, because it is family. I guess that's it from me. Thanks for reading this and I welcome any feedback on this touchy topic, positive or negative. Safe and happy travels, Greg ps..when and if you get a chance, thank dan for putting his energy into this review page. he definitely deserves it.
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:48:03 -0400 From: John Tringle To: Subject: How to stay out of JAIL! This is in regards to arrests at Phish shows. I will now give you all the magic formulas for avoiding contact with the police: 1. Do not buy or sell drugs around the venues. Do this at home...BEFORE you enter an area crawling with cops. 2. The automobile is a CIVIL LIBERTIES TRAP. Once you enter an automoblie you are effectively giving up some rights. Don't do things that will bring attention to you......don't drink any alcohol in an automobile. Wear your seabelts. Don't smoke pot in the car. Don't have anything exposed. If you don't violate any laws in an automobile then you are not giving cops "probable cause" for a search. Don't speed. Don't violate traffic laws. Don't do ANYTHING that would get you pulled over. When you are in a car you should come across as a drug-free law abiding citizen. 3. Let's all go back to joints instead of all these glass pipes (leave them HOME).....very hard to pat down a couple of loose joints in your pocket, isn't it? 4. I don't think a Phish concert is the ideal place to get absolutely trashed.......if you drink 10 beers and pee on a comes the cop! If you pass out, fall down, throw things, carry on.....all of this is like flagging down a cop and saying "look at me." 5. Friendliness, respect, courtesy, kindness.......not confrontation, anti-authority, anger, violence. So now where do we stand after this? You are not buying or selling drugs around the venues but in your that eliminates that problem. You are wearing your seatbelts, following all traffic laws, speed limits, etc, and you are SOBER...this eliminates a potential car search. You are adjusting your behavior in the lots so as not to attract attention to yourself and you are no longer bringing in anything bulky so your pat -downs now go smoother. You are saying "thank you" and "sir" to cops so they might have better respect for us..... The way I see it......there should never be another arrest again...... I'm here to help. jt
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 02:27:21 -0400 From: A. S. To: Subject: summer comments Summer tour was great. Thanks to the band and the phatty kidz on the lots who cook food and sell beer and water and smokes. We couldn't survive without you. Everything's good for the most part with the whole scene. But kidz dying at Alpine and Deer Creek?? What's up with that shit?? Where have we gone as a huge forceful fuckin mob?? We have plenty of shit to indulge ourselves with, but can't we leave the fuckin pharmies and nitrous tanks at home?? Besides the ridiculousness of seeing nitrous crackheads fall on their face sometimes, it's annoying to see all the empty balloons all over the ground. Let's not let this thing get out of control because right now we are at a great place. We don't need to raise a big fuckin flag for the police to see so they can come and crack down at us in every city and venue we visit. Let other kids know that they're shit needs to be kicked to the curb. We wanna maintain the positive images which a lot of people hold of the band and its scene in general. Thanks for reading this far...... Peace and Respect A.
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 12:04:17 EDT From: Anthony Sandler To: Subject: Tour 2000 Hey, I'm a candian phan who was lucky enough to have an older bro who introduced me to phish before puberty pretty much (89-90), and the dead even earlier. However, I never saw the dead and except for those early 90's TO shows, I didn't travel to see a show till buffalo '96. I skipped a couple more years and then hit Oswego, albany 99 and New Year's down south. Oh yeah NYE 99 as well at MSG. All good times but not really on tour you know. It's one thing to have two hundred cd's of live music and another to see it for yourself for a week or two straight. So for this summer I decided I would hit a few shows and see what it was really all about. I went from TO on except for Star Lake and have to say all the shows were great. I am a musician but also not very picky about what I hear as long as the groove is tight and there is variety (both present in all seven shows). So I have no complaints and only love for the band and there team (esp. CK) I love my friends on tour. The jiboo crew was not fucking around and they kept me in the know and pretty fucked up all week long). The main purpose of my writing this however is to bitch about the lot. I saw the lots at Oswego and Cypress get a bit sketchy by the early morning, but nothing in the world could have prepared me for the horros I saw at Deer Creek on the last night. I left at 4:30 am not able to stomach another minute of it. I got to see stupid rat kids trying to piss off a wigger who was yelling that "the nigger was about to wig out if anyone touched him" by hugging the guy. I saw a lynch mob of around 15-17 methheads with a dog trying to kill a guy who apparently raped a girl. Now, hold up. The guy who did the molesting was probably the biggest rat of them all, and I have no sympathy. Phish tour with rape is the last thing I ever thought would happen. But since the stupid little tour rats were too fucked on K and demerol and God knows what else, the police let the guy go cause they wouldn't take statements, even from the girls husband who told me he saw the whole thing. All around a horrible thing to see or be near, stuff best left at Woodstock 1999 and trailer parks (no offence to those decent trailer park tenants meant -- or decent woodstock fans either). I now hear there are gangs on phish tour. People, we need to clean up this shit. Every night on tour there were news stories about "the Phish" and their "phans" and the drugs and the police plans etc. I had my stash taken going into second night creek or third maybe, and it wasn't cool. One of my most amazing friends who is the sweetest girl in the world was busted and could go to jail for anywhere up to twenty years. I was paranoid going everywhere and that is no way to enjoy tour. I don't like police at all (call it common sense when you live a lifestyle like ours) and anything that is bringing more attention to the scene and the phans and then drugs is not welcome. I doubt any of the kids this is aimed at will read this (i doubt that any of them can read. But something must be done or else this will all crash around us and the degenerates witht there pharmies and funks will bring the fucking army down on us or some shit. I love the Phish from Vermont and they put on the best shows in the world (save maybe Floyd -- but fuck it they never tour you know). I want to see shows but I don't think I can ever do a tour liek this again unless I have the bucks to stay at hotels every night and get the fuck off the lot before the freaks come out. Sorry this is poorly written but I'm rushing through this cause I've done no work today. TR
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 09:44:29 -0400 From: Marc Oldham To: Subject: Comments on the Scene Please note this is a negative review and if you dont want your tour glow to be crushed then dont read this: Since 94 I have been spending much of my time & money seeing phish and the some of the great people that go to these shows. Many of you have become very special to me and have made many great friends along the way. I am saddened to see what was such a great vibe go down the tube at a fast pace. I guess with fame there will be more problems. It seems to me that there are more and more people walking around the lot with no reason to be there but the party. Along this summer tour I have heard of a girl getting raped at Starlake and also someone getting a gun pulled on them for a bad drug deal. (please note. only heard second hand) Someone dying at Alpine, and a young girl dying at the Creek, as her boyfriend runs around the campground looking for someone to take him away from the scene due to the fact that cops are looking for him. I am saddened to hear all of this and hope for the best for there families and loved ones. There are more and more ticketless people in the lot who will pay any price to get into the show so they can stand next to me and talk through the most wonderful parts of the music not knowing what it is that they are seeing. And to the guy that PISSED ON MY LEG at Polaris, that I had the decency to not hit in the jaw, thank you for crushing my little hope I had left for the Phish scene. Is this scene really worth fighting for? Last but not least, have you noticed all of the people who have friends in jail, who walk around the lot using that as an excuse to scrounge money????? Give me a break. I work my ass off for the time I get to play. I guess I will no longer be playing where I once loved to spend my time. I will miss seeing all of the wonderful people that I have met in my travels and hearing all of the superb music which resonates from the stage , Maybe I will catch a Fall or winter show here and there but they will be few and far between. "This has all been wonderful but, now Im on my way"
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 12:28:00 -0400 From: To: Subject: positivity A brief comment from someone who can't get to any shows this summer and follows the tour through the reviews. I'm so encouraged by the optimism and enthusiasm I'm reading from a vast majority of the posts. Two things appear to me to account for this: 1. The band by all accounts is smoking right now. This certainly appears to be a very fruitful period where the band is comfortable with each other, themselves, and their place in the world; 2. The reviewers are not encumbered by their belief that the band should play any particular way for the edification of the particular reviewer. I wish I could take in a show this summer, but for now I'm content to live vicariously through others' reviews of this tour. Thanks for your comments, and keep them coming!
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 14:58:01 -0400 From: Benson Hendricks-Hoffman To: Subject: Summer Tour Reviews ... Hi, y'all. Let me start out by saying that I am not the world's most experienced Phishhead. I've never done a Phish tour. In fact, I have only seen a handful of Phish shows over the years. I'm more of a Deadhead (90 + shows before '95), which may have something to do with my perspective here. In going over recent show reviews, I repeatedly read complaints from some Phisheads that certain songs drag on with pointless jams. For some reason, Limb By Limb stands out in my head as one song whose jams get dissed for being too aimless and / or quiet. I simply want to offer another perspective to those who make disparaging comments about the quiet, meandering, aimless jams. I saw Phish a few times in the early 90's (90 - 92). In those says, Phish rocked pretty hard on almost every song. Their jams were fast and furious, and always built to a climax. For one or two shows, this was exciting. But over time, it grew repetitious and tiresome. The pace of the concerts rarely varied much. There was a strong limit to Phish's dynamic range and variety, in terms of speed, volume, tight-vs-spacey, etc. I thought to myself that, while they sound great, there's no way they'll ever single themselves out from the Max Creek, Blues Traveler, etc. crowd and really come into their own. So, I lost interest in the band. In 1997, I saw my first Phish show in many years (Gorge at George, 2nd night). Man, what a difference! It was like I was watching a different band! Mike had grown soooo jazzy. Fishman did quite a bit more then just beat the hell out of the drums. Page had grown subtler. And Trey played most of his solos without resorting to the well-worn path of the straight-ahead rocker. Songs were unpredictable. When Trey started a solo, you didn't know if it was going to build, or meaner, or break down into a new song, or what! Somewhere between '92 and '97, Phish had become a band, IMHO, that you really had to LISTEN to and be PRESENT with. A few days ago, I saw the Molson Amphitheater show in Toronto. Once again, Phish completely blew me away. I loved the way some songs slowed down into textured feedback jams. I loved the way that some songs were slow and quiet. And, as was the case with Limb By Limb, I loved the way some songs created round, gently-spiraling jams (reminiscent of a "Crazy Fingers" jam) that didn't necessarily "go anywhere"... it just found a beautiful place and graced us with that sonic landscape for a while. And, of course, I loved the way that Trey built some songs into frenzied, searing guitar solos. I understand that not everyone appreciates quite, spacey, meandering music. But, for those who don't appreciate that aspect of Phish shows, I want you to know that some of us think you may be missing out on the best part of the show. Take care, have an open mind, and enjoy the shows, Benson PS. Not all that wanders is lost.
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 14:34:02 -0400 From: Cynthia Benno To: "''" Subject: I need to vent Hi, This is not a review of a show, but I have some comments to make about shows in general. I read a review of Hartford's show on 7/1/00, by James Andrew Hunter and he made comments about obtaining a pavilion stub and the venue's security that I would like to address. Specifically, he referred to the security as pricks for checking his borrowed ticket stub on his way down to the front and for not allowing people to stand and dance in the aisles. James' attitude about security and his entitlements at a show are not his alone. I heard girls in the ladies room comment about security sending one of their friends back to the lawn after the friend could not produce a pavilion stub. These girls considered these security guards to be extremely unreasonable, but expressed that feeling in a more vulgar way while talking in the ladies room. This is a sentiment that I see frequently at many Phish shows and I have a problem with this. I attend many shows and for those shows that are not GA, I go out of my way to buy good seats. At a show like the one in Hartford this tour, I had a seat in the pavilion. Whether through the box office or buying seats from fans or brokers, these seats cost more than the lawn or any other GA area. Why do I pay more? Because I want my own piece of real estate, a guaranteed place to chill that will not be lost if I go the refreshment stand or ladies room, and to have good sound and a good view. I do not understand why people get angry at security guards for doing their jobs. I, for one, appreciate the fact that the security is checking stubs and keeping the aisles clear. I do not think it is right that fans in my row expect me to share the small space that has been allotted me, through the purchase of my seat, with all their friends that they bring down from the lawn. If I ask people to move down (I don't care if they want to share their own space, but do care when they move into mine) major attitudes are displayed and I am viewed as being selfish and self-centered when just the opposite is true...the lawn people who think they are entitled to my spot are the selfish ones. As for knocking the security for attempting to keep the aisles clear, I again appreciate those efforts from security. The Radio City Music Hall shows come to mind when I think of an example of security not doing their jobs. It took almost 10 minutes to get from my seat to the exit door due to people in the aisle who had seats in the back or the mezzanines. Now, imagine trying to get back to your seat with, heaven forbid, a soft drink or cocktail in your hand. Each time, I ended up wearing half the drink because of people dancing wildly in the aisle and paying no attention to the people trying to get through. Even saying "excuse me" to people was not helpful. They assumed that just like them, I was trying to scam down closer to the stage and would become resentful and refuse to budge. This from people who don't even belong where they are standing in the first place! I think that the average fan would agree that clogged aisles are bad, but that same average fan probably thinks that at least they should be allowed to dance in the aisle...not everyone, no no no, but they should be able to when they want to. Unfortunately, I feel that the real problem is the average age of fans and the fact that they have not been around enough to learn that they are not the center of the universe and that they are not entitled to sit and dance wherever they want. That is what the lawn and GA area are for. I see so much rudeness and lack of consideration for others at Phish shows. I am in my early thirties and have been attending concerts for quite a while, including many Grateful Dead shows. The average age of fans at the Grateful Dead shows was much higher than at Phish shows and the rudeness was not as prevalent. In general, adults, as opposed to young adults or teenagers, have learned how to not be self-centered and selfish and considerate of others. That is not true of all adults, but of the majority. Case in point, at Dead shows, people who wanted to dance and spin, usually went to the venue's outer hallways and not the aisles inside. So, to wrap it up, I would like people to acknowledge that others besides themselves, at a show, have rights too. People with lawn seats are not entitled to sneak into the pavilion nor clog the aisles. The world does not owe you them these things and security is there to make sure that all attendees are treated fairly...that includes the people who paid for reserved seats and who wish to have a clear path through the aisles as well as fans in the GA areas. Thank you for listening to me and let's hope for a more considerate vibe for and security. Cynthia
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 10:43:14 -0400 From: To: Subject: comments about show reviews Hello Everyone has very good points on the reviews. The secret is simple, just don't let yourself get offended by someone elses review. Different people look for different things in shows. Some folks judge a show by the setlist alone, some judge by how special the show was (trey talking, funny antics, etc.), while others go purely for the musical execution of the songs. I, myself, go for all three, and if any one of those bases is covered, I walk away a happy man. Seth had a great point about the need for negative reviews sometimes for the purpose of tape trading. I know I'd rather have a super sick version of Slave than a weak one. Mark also had a great point, that these guys bust their asses to make unreal music and maybe it's not always our place to criticize them. The fact is that, as a community, we need to respect eachother's opinions. This is what sets us apart from wild animals and crazy rednecks, our ability to be non-judgemental (to eachother that is). Now, obviously, if you've seen over 100 shows and seen every show on the tour, then you are going to be more critical of the show, it's unavoidable. People with a lot more Phish experience and the means to see more shows than the rest of us are going to disect the show a lot more and are more likely to have a negative opinion on it. Obviously, this doesn't make their opinion wrong, and we need to respect that opinion even if we don't agree with it. I constantly see (and i'm guilty of it too) reviewers attacking other reviewers, even going as far as to tell them "their not phans" or "they don't deserve to see phish". Come on, everybody deserves to see Phish. I think that by telling some frat boy that he doesn't deserve to see Phish because he thought a show was great that you thought sucked is ridiculous. For all we know, that show could have changed his life, but he won't see any more because some "phishier than thou" dready told him that he doesn't deserve to be there. This kind of attitude is what we are supposed to stand against. We have the ability to be non-judgemental of people and to have respect for our brothers and sisters no matter how they may differ from us. Honestly, I've seen more discrimination in the lot than I did on the movie "Roots". Let the shows be shows, and let the phans have their opinions. Example: I loved the Raleigh show, as it was the only show I got to see on this tour. I was able to overlook the flubs because the setlist consisted of a lot of my favorite songs. Many people thought it was a terrible show, and I understand why, but I really loved it. A friend of mine taught me how to "let it be new every time", and it really works when you do. Another example: West Palm Beach, 96 Fall tour: I found this show to be extremely boring. The setlist was chock full of songs I don't like and I found the jams to be obnoxiously long and spacey, but others said it was the best they've seen. I haven't seen one other negative review. To each his own, though. I just want us to accept eachother and stop bashing eachother for different opinions. As for me, Phish has to play a show with a standard setlist, no antics, and very boring sloppy jams for me to say the show wasn't good. However, others are much more critical and look for more in a show. We all interpret it a different way, and that's what makes it so special. Please, let's not ruin that magic. Thanks for reading my ramble, have a great tour. Jason ps - one of my favorite shows was 7/26/99, second night of Deer Creek. Probably the most standard setlist ever played, but surely the sickest jamming I've ever seen.
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 12:33:38 -0400 From: John Tringle To: Subject: Who's got MY?!? (I guess we'll put this one under summer 2000) Sometimes I have an extra. It does not go to anyone who says "Who's got my ticket?" This implies that it was yours to begin with and we're simply holding it for you......"MY ticket...MY nugs....." just comes across as a bit self-centered. It also doesn't go to anyone who's drunk or obviously well off. Just my 2 cents..... peace jt
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:56:43 EDT From: To: Subject: A post for the summer tour comments Just a thought or two before the massive Phish machine begins to roll it's way across this great land this summer. Please one and all, look out for each person at the shows. Too the dred locked couple, to the first show phan, to the space tripper, to the young college student, we are all different, make that a plus not a minus. Don't be so judgmental either. Were all Phan's of the same band, that should bring us all together not make us uncomfortable. I recently saw a young phan by himself at a show not talking to anyone. Meet that person, say hello. Just be kind to each other. It seems that it's getting a bit out of hand at points. Like it should be about the art that is going on, on stage, not the other crap that surrounds it. Help one another, be careful, if you see someone "lost" help them. We've all been there. Enjoy the summer. Pnc shows, please be careful. Take care B
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:36:42 -0400 From: Suncrowe To: Subject: Summer Tour2000 comments I notice a lot of people getting down on those who, in their opinion, over-indulge. Now violence is never neccesary, but using the police and, thereby, the Court system to alleviate this problem is inviting The Man into the scene. Can't we just take care of each other ourselves and leave the pigs out of it ? Being little less judgemental and a little more compassionate can never be wrong, but bringing the police or other Authorities into the picture can often do more damage in the long run than good. I'm not downing anyone and I've done my fair share of babysitting drunks and disturbed trippers, etc. but, this is a pretty good scene and I'd hate to see it get ruined by ourselves, with a litle help from The Man. We all learn lessons like don't eat so many 'shrooms, or whatever, and some of us learned them quite a long time ago, but that doesn't give us the right to kill anybody's fun. I'm just saying that people seem to get arrested more at shows with a heavy police presence. How many got in trouble at Big Cypress ? Very few, I bet. Whatever, sorry for the rambling, but The Man has been making himself present more often at the shows lately, or is it me ?? Take care of each other and when you're done find somebody else in need and do it again... Peace
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 09:35:40 EDT From: joshua martin To:, Subject: to be placed in the comments about summer 2000 section i know this isn't really a review at all, but i thought i might share an opinion about the current state of the phish scene. i am sure that a lot of you have read the article at about there being an onsite court at the pnc arts center this year. i'm also sure a lot of fans feel like, once again, they are being unfairly targeted by the police. perhaps there is some truth to this. but, if some 'fans' had not given them a reason to be there in that capacity, they wouldn't be. i know that a vast majority of people who come to shows come to enjoy the music and have a good time with their friends. but there seems to be an increasing element of people who follow the band around the country because it gives them something to do and an excuse to abuse (and i mean ABUSE, not use) drugs. in the past year i've seen numerous fights, gate jumpings, and thefts. in '98 in murfreesboro they had to hogtie some kid because he was so fucked up. in hampton this past year, some fool jumped off a hotel balcony into the windshield of a car. i heard kids were throwing beer bottles at cop cars, and i know there are worse stories out there. here's a tip, if you don't fuck with cops, and stay out of their way, a large percentage of the time, they'll walk right past you. the town council members had some terrible things to say about the band's followers, that they were criminals, groupies, etc. i, for one, am sad to say that in a growing number of instances, those accusations are completely correct. i can't think of anything more disrespectful to phish than getting so fucked up that you try to crash the gates, get in a fight, or pass out before the show even starts. the kind of people who do this shit don't give a damn about the music or the community. please people, when you go to a show, go with a ticket and don't imbibe more than you can handle. i hate to see this bullshit behavior associated with a band i love because in the end, it only reinforces the negative perceptions of the band and the fans, and makes it worse for those of us who just want to enjoy ourselves. have a safe summer, josh martin
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 11:13:59 -0500 From: "Robert.Hubanks (Exchange)" To: "''" Subject: In response to Josh's Article Below Well said Josh. Certainly we are all here to have fun...but it needs to be a community of RESPECT. If you want to see Phish get banned from your town, then by all means, getting completely wasted and belligerent, and be sure to 'stick it to the man'. During the Aames show last year, my pregnant wife and were enjoying the show, when some asshole comes up next to us, pushes me, pushes her, and starts flailing all over the place. Clearly having eaten too many shrooms, we tried to get him to calm down. No chance. He was ready to fight. We tried to get him to RockMed, but clearly he had other things on his mind. At the setbreak we saw him hog-tied in the lobby surrounded by cops. How sad. But maybe his parents will not take away his allowance and send him to rehab. Poor fratboy. Sorry for the longwinded story, but my message is this: lookout for your sister/brother. If they've been over-served, get them to RockMed and out of harms way. If you can't handle the shit, don't do it. Please please please, keep the scene safe and fun. I want to be able to take my kids some day and not have to deal with this crap. Peace, Robert
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 12:33:33 -0400 From: John Tringle To: Subject: In the middle of it all Taking a brief rest from Atlanta and NC.....We are all set for PNC and CT. We are having a wonderful time and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people who help make it a great experience for our son. The responses we get from all the people who recognize him from the tours help make the shows that much more special. At 2 1/2 years old he is ready for show #23 tonight at PNC. I notice other parents with their kids and I think everyone should bring them to at least one of the outdoor amphitheater shows because the lawns are ideal for kids. I'm glad when they let him in for free too (they should) because that means I got another ticket for someone who really needs it. But given the immense amount of traffic at these shows please stay back if you don't have tickets. At Atlanta we were shut out of parking a full three hours before the show. Come on guys, give my boy a meatstick and a simple..... For me? ESTHER!!!!!! I could see Esther, leave, die, and be very happy. thank you John and Margaret Tringle
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